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  1. What golfers do you root against?

    Lee Westwood Ian Poulter Shooter McGavin Sergio Garcia seewhatididthere?
  2. Martin Kaymer's 'scarf'

    I cant believe that scarf is going over so well in here. I thought it was hideous. There are some much better options for keeping your neck warm. He looked ridiculous.

    No, they lost out. Post from another forum I frequent "A friend who works in a pro shop told me this price was about $30 under the wholesale price on them. In other words, they were being taken to the cleaners on this deal. It's no wonder it was added as an exclusion."......I am pumped for mine to get here.

    Got my shippin info as well. Glad I helped some people out here. Felt like I hadn't contributed much to the forum. Modell lost their ass on this. I feel slightly bad.....only slightly
  5. My Dilemma

    I called the proshop today to see how long the promotion was going to run. I ask him how long and he says "be glad you called because it ends today and I'm leaving in 15 minutes". Talk about last minute. I locked it up. Too good of a course at too good of a price to not lock up. Thanks for your help boys.

    I'll let you know. I'm not worried about getting it, I agree that it make take a tad longer but shouldn't be to bad.

    I have received my shipping info and some guys on another forum I frequent have already got theirs. This is the second time they ran this promotion. Someone said this one ended already though because they were getting killed. I don't know if it's allowed for me to post another forum so I'll refrain.
  8. My Dilemma

    Just copped a Clicgear 3.0 for 119.99 to make this deal sound even sweeter.
  9. Didn't know where to post this. Coupon applies for select other gear. Got my black one ordered. Deal ends tomorrow. UPDATE 2/23 - We are back again for more cheaper-than-dirt Clicgear s! Modell's has the Clicgear 3.0 for $119.99 shipped with a 40% off coupon http://www.modells.com/product/index.jsp?productId=4066134 coupon code is MOD40ASI223
  10. My Dilemma

    Mship - It's nice to hear from someone who has done this exact deal. Mind if I ask a few questions? How hard is it to walk on (tee times a must)? What is the staff like?
  11. My Dilemma

    Thanks for all the responses! The putting green is a huge +. The only downfall is this track is huge and really tough to walk but you guys are doing a great job of convincing me. I forgot to mention it gives me full access to another course I've never played that is about 30minutes away. This course got 4 1/2 stars from Golf Digest and was on thier "Good Value", "Good Service" and "Good Condition" awards list.
  12. My Dilemma

    Ok so here it is. The nicest course in my area is offering a killer deal (Piper Glen). $999 for a 2 year pass/membership which includes unlimited golf, unlimited range, and an indoor putting facility. Here are the downfalls: the pass is walking only and this course is a bear to walk, most of my golf buddies play the munys, and if I get a membership here it would eat the rest of my golf budget so I would not be able to play much elsewhere. In the end it would save me money, but I would also probably not be able to play with my friends although I rarely play with them as is. This course also has a mens league I would likely join. Help me out folks. Feel free to ask any questions.
  13. Golf Shoes

    I can dig it..
  14. bracelet Magnents

    They do nothing...but placebo is some of the strongest medicine.
  15. Temporarily addicted to

    Sriracha Hot Sauce.....mmmmm

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