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  1. Durants been a bit of a dissapointment so far... I know its still early but Thunders aren't really doing much too exciting. now...CP3 and Rondo on the other hand...talk about MVP material right there.
  2. good post. anytime this distance debate comes about, everybody flocks to the safe saying "i'd rather have accuracy than distance". Sure, accuracys important but if you're neglective the importance of distance, you're lieing to yourself. on a 425 yard hole, a short hitter hits his driver 220 yards...which leaves him with 200 yards to go. He hits a 3 wood (which is also not the easiest club to hit), whos to say it doesn't end up in the rough? Long iron/wood approach shot adds for less accurate shots, just as a tee shot is.
  3. did we watch the same video? because the clinic video i watched, AK was great. He explained a lot of his ideas on "feel". Sure he had a hard time explaining some thigns because he relies so much on his feel, but overall, I thought that clinic was actually great. Likewise, the eipsode of Playiong Lessons With the Pro's with AK was a great one.
  4. i know its been only 2 nights but damn, my fantasy team is looking ugly right now. so.many.to's.
  5. maybe in the playoffs but posting up 5 3pters in the season opener was exciting to see. :)
  6. been watching since season 1! been one of my favorite shows all 3 seasons. I'm not quite hooked on seaosn 3 yet...watching a long but season 2 was just awesome.
  7. What a great game. Sadly the Heat Trio didn't live up to the hype. Hope to see some better performance from them.
  8. more than likely, you're hitting the ball thin with the leading edge of the driver, causing the ball to swing forward instead of backspin. Could be a number of things but my guess is that you're trying too hard to swing up at the ball, causing your driver to hti the ball on the way up, hitting the ball with the leading edge. what is your driver stance like? Where is the ball located in relation to your left and right foot?
  9. if my grooves look dirty during a round, spit on club face + wipe with towel. Kinda gross. :) Once in awhile, if the clubs are looking gross with dirt and such, a little dish washing soap + nylon brush and dry.
  10. well for discussion sake, we're talking about SC's here, not other brands. SC's of all putters have the most fan-boy-esq following. You find it in any staple fan boy's golf bag. the Newport 2 specifically. again, i'm not saying everyone who uses the Newport 2 is a fan boy... but i'm saying there is a huge following of people who use the Newport 2, not because of its "feel" and "performance" but because they're so popular.
  11. read the whole thread, i already said i exagerated for point sake.
  12. thats because most people (not accusing you specifically) who use SC Newport2's don't actually favor the "feel" of it over any other putter...they use it because its "cool"