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  1. Simple Shaft Stiffness Question

    Sorry I see that I kind of miss spoke, I tend to hit a draw or a slight push fade on a given day. it doenst alternate from shot to shot. I was just wondering how a stiff shaft lowers ball flight without changing distance travelled I guess
  2. Hello Guys, I am not as big of an equipment junkie as most of you so I am sure this is a simple question. Currently I have stiff shafts on my clubs. My shot alternates between a draw and a fade (with the occasional case of yips and pull hooks ) I hit a 5-iron 190-200 I hit an 8 or 9 from the 150 yard marker. I drive 270-300 to the left or right of the fairway I guess I have a more powerful shot than the average guy at the range, but I notice that my shot is really really high compared to others, but it has been several years since I have played with scratch golfers that hit the ball long and straight everytime. I guess my question is. How does a stiff shaft change ball flight. I know there are other factors such as kickpoint also. I currenlty have stock shafts. I forget the name but they are pretty common Dynamic Gold S-300 I think. On windy days my ball justs hangs in the air forever. Thanks!
  3. Golfers Elbow Pain???? Help????

    Thanks for the replies guys. Just to reiterate, I played through the pain for about 2 months straight before I quit playing golf completely to heal it up. It has already been 3 months since I have played. I have been wearing an elbow brace off and on the last 3 months, but today I went and bought the actual "elbow band" that you put below the elbow. I guess I am asking if anyone else has cured the problem after dealing with it for more than 5 months. I am worried that there may be a buildup of scar tissue on the tendon, and I don't have health insurance. I hit about two dozen balls at the range the other day, and the pain was significant for 2-3 days after, but it felt more like "post workout pain",. I feel like if I hit some balls every few weeks, (along with the specific exercises) I should be able to strengthen the muscle and tendon. Does that make sense? I guess I should slow my swing down when I do start playing again, and stay away from courses with short Par 4s LOL.
  4. Golfers Elbow Pain???? Help????

    Can anyone who has experienced "Golfers Elbow" aka tendonitis/tendinosis, give some tips or information based on their experience. I caused the injury by playing golf and/or hitting balls at the range almost daily on a quest to break 80. I strained a muscle in my upper back region and strained my elbow. I quit playing golf completely for 4-5 months and the pain hasn't really gone away. I have read that tendinosis can last several months as tendons take a long time to heal. I don't have health insurance so I can't afford to go to a doctor and go through the myriad of tests and xrays. So what are my options. Cortisone Shot? (has benefits but can also cause damage) Acupuncture? Massage Therapy? (It has helped alot with my back pain) Specific Exercises? Sit on the couch for 6 more months? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hi, Does anyone know any decent course's that are not overcrowded on Weekends? I live in the Northwest side of the city. I have only lived here a year, and unfortunately I missed alot of the season this year do to a back injury (chronic muscle strain from playing golf everyday ) Anyways, I haven't had too much success finding a course to play with my wife. Most courses are backed up with 60-70 year old hackers. I am looking for a nice course ($50-$75) that is not more than an hour drive from O'hare airport, where I can get a round finished in under 3 hours. Anyone know of any gems in the suburbs or up in Kenosha, WI, etc. that I should check out. Thanks.
  6. The Taylormade TP Black. They are $30 a dozen, and I can hit anything from a wedge to a 7 iron and the ball stops, drops and rolls back on the green. These are really good golf-balls, and for a guy like me who either hits his driver straight or 280 yards into the woods it is very economical. They have a urethane cover that lasts as long as the Pro V-1s Anyone else try these balls? I found out about them in the recent Golf Digest Hot List, but haven't seen too much talk about them.
  7. Is there any point getting custom fitted?

    Well it depends. Are your parents willing to pay for you to get fitted. If so then do it. If not, then wait a couple of years.
  8. Pulled the 60 degree wedge.

    I have read several magazine articles that have stated unless you are a tour pro you don't need to carry a 60 degree wedge. I playec with some guys yesterday that kept hitting flop shots with a 60 when a simple pitch and run or chip would have done the trick. Unless you only have a couple of feet of green to work with, you don't need a 60 degree wedge.
  9. Fighting a fade and can't stop it...

    I was struggling with a push/fade/slice for a couple of weeks so maybe my opinion can help. First off, few golfers hit a perfectly straight shot. a small curve left or right is normal. A slight fade also stops quicker than a draw so it is a more "controlled" shot. I usually hit a draw with the occasional pull hook or big push. Lately, I couldn't hit anything but push fades and nasty slices. I went too a big 3-story driving range, and went to the tee directly in front of the sliding glass entrance doors. So basically, it was like using a mirror at your local range. Anyways, my swing got a little to vertical, once I flattened out my plane a little, I was back to hitting straight shots and draws. Also check your body alingment and grip. I often open my shoulders when I set up for a driver or fairway wood. The result is either a slice or a big fade. One good tip to use with longer clubs, is too make sure your left arm is perpendicular to your spine at the top of your swing. Your left arm and spine should form the letter "T" at the top of the backswing. Hope that helps.
  10. Has anyone ever tried to use one of these tools on their wedges. I only see them in the back of golf magazines, so I assume they don't really work. My wedges have slapped alot of rocks at the driving range, and I was wondering if sharpening will add more spin. Thanks?
  11. 2010 College Football talk!

    Bong Crosby, I am an ACC'er, but I agree with you that Boise is good. They will smash Va Tech on Nat. TV. It will be yet another ACC embarrassment, The worst thing about college football now, is ESPN and the SEC have a huge television contract. It is now the FoxNews/MSNBC of Sports. They even show SEC Softball on ESPN 2. BTW How many hot softballer players are there, other than the olmypic chick from the US team? Best shot of Today: 3 wood to the green on a very short Par 4 (279) Worst shot of Today: The third putt I made on that same hole.
  12. $100+ Wedges???

    So, lol, you are giving me permission to buy some new CG-15s right? I don't get too much backspin, but I can hit up to a 5-iron with a short hop on the green, 3 and 4 roll forward though. My clubs are beat to S%*, does anyone know if those wedge groove sharpeners work?