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  1. I would rank this way as well for your reasons and the bottom should have an * next to there names. Exactly! We will put a roid man in but not allow Pete Rose back in. In my opinion the steroid guys hurt the intergrity of the sport more than Rose.
  2. It was real windy today on the couse (25 mph sustained out of the north). Put my 2 iron 18.5* in my bag. I have trouble with my long irons getting up in the air. Well today it worked great! I have 2 holes going into the wind and brought this club out. It was good for about 225 straight as an arrow and pierced the wind. Maybe it will stay in there for the rest of the season to fight the north wind. More than anything just glad to get out for the second time after a 2 month IR rest. I am looking at some project flight shafts for this reason. I dont have any problem from 6 iron (32*) dow
  3. This exactly what worked for me. There is a video about it somewhere out there on the interweb thingy. If you do this right the tee will go bye-bye to.
  4. Sorry man didn't think I was hijacking the thread was just kind if asking the same question.
  5. I may be speaking out of turn here but I think this right a 6.0 is slightly stiffer than the S300. I am anxious to here some responses to this to because I am in the same boat as you. My short irons are a little high and my long irons are a little low.
  6. Look around on the internet John Daly has a game coming out by a much lesser know name than EA but the reviews are throught the roof. Plus unlike Tiger Wood's where the camera doesn't change angle's (third person) on Daly's when you want to actually hit the ball the camera changes and you actually look down on the ball (first person). It comes out Oct 7th, and I my man am waiting for Daly's!!
  7. I read somewhere and it makes since to me I am sure this will start a feud but, If you are more than 20 ft away just aim to get within 3 ft. Imagine the hole 3 ft around and aim for the middle of that. Just my $.02
  8. I would pay more to have a club by club fitting as opposed to a 1 fits all fitting. There is no way that you would swing your 3 and impact the ball the same as your 9. Yes your swing speed should be the same probably but lie would be a little different. Just my $.02 If I was going to order a new set and could find a place that would do this I would.
  9. Anyone on here ever played anything from KZG. I am seriously interested in building a set of irons this winter as a project and have looked at several component heads and these are some of the nicest looking . But looks aren't everything. I tried to search them on here but the whole PITA thing of not enough letters . So sorry if this is a repost.
  10. I have seriously considered some sort of product to get the clubs off my back. I am 32 first year back from a 7 year break. I have NEVER had a problem with my back until this year. I have had to have a mri and found out I have 2 pinched nerves and have had to get 2 shots in my back. From having a week back I have also had a couple of non displaced fractured ribs. I am not saying it was carrying the clubs for 3 rounds a week but I don't think it has not helped any. I am in construction and carry around a tool belt that weigh's around 20 lbs for 8-10 hours a day but there is something abou
  11. You said you where there after your round. You should have took him back to your car (tell him that is where your money is) and when you get there proceed to smack him as hard as you can with a club and save all of us that work for a living one less piece of ?*&$ to support. But why take the chance of hurting a club. Sorry now I am ranting!!
  12. I would agree that through out the years that is the one thing that Daly has been pretty good at. However Daly has a swing that works for him but I don't think it would fit in Tiger's bag. Just my $.02. I am a John Daly fan let this be known. You have to respect a guy that has dug himself out of what he was in. Granted he dug that hole but has done a good job getting out and resurecting his career.
  13. I kind of like them. It has a nice classic look.
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