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  1. I didn't see this myself, so it's a technical violation, but it belongs here. My current home course has a historic and beautiful clubhouse that does a thriving wedding trade. At one recent reception, a guest (also a longstanding member) became severely over-refreshed. His "friends" stripped him buck naked and left him asleep under the snooker table in the games room, then departed. Upon arising in the early hours, with the premises locked up tight, our man's stagger towards the bathroom sets off the alarm system, which also alarms him considerably in his befuddled state. Attempting to
  2. Have had both the driver and hybrid in my bag since, I think, 2011. They are still as good as anything else out there, in my opinion.
  3. Pitching practice. Camera also says time to diet!
  4. Think Sunningdale (Old) belongs on any UK and Ireland bucket list, although probably a bit biased as I live nearby. Royal St. George's is a gem, too.
  5. Just remember that the better you get, the harder it is to improve. 100 to 90 and 80 to 70 might both be 10 shots, but would be very different journeys.
  6. How is the RX-10 II, Erik? A nice bonus of the Sonys hitting the market has been a collapse in prices of stockpiled Casios. I picked up an EX-F1 from a local pro for £250 last week, where not long ago they were fetching over £1,000 on Ebay.
  7. Practice swing is now fairly well nailed, challenge is to move it forward a few inches into the ball ...
  8. Keep an eye on Branden Grace if the wind gets up. Hits it super low and pretty far, averaged 315 today. One bogey, guess which hole?
  9. I got money on Louis O at 35/1 for The Open yesterday versus 4/1 Rory and 6/1 Spieth. Couldn't pass that up.
  10. Also a nice crack from Butch on Sky: "Would you change anything about Jordan?" "Maybe the route he takes to the bank each week so he doesn't get robbed."
  11. What a bunker shot from Colt Hammerhead! America's sweetheart ...
  12. Stream is rock solid here across the pond. There's a lot of really awkward high-fiving in all the USGA promos though.
  13. Tiger-level F bomb from the English kid after hitting it miles right on 12.
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