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  1. I didn't see this myself, so it's a technical violation, but it belongs here. My current home course has a historic and beautiful clubhouse that does a thriving wedding trade. At one recent reception, a guest (also a longstanding member) became severely over-refreshed. His "friends" stripped him buck naked and left him asleep under the snooker table in the games room, then departed. Upon arising in the early hours, with the premises locked up tight, our man's stagger towards the bathroom sets off the alarm system, which also alarms him considerably in his befuddled state. Attempting to escape, he throws a chair through the glass panel of the front door and takes off up the ninth hole into the night, only to be met by the responding Surrey Constabulary -- who open negotiations by macing him in the face. (This is traditional in England instead of simply shooting people dead, which I understand is the US default.) Anyway, blinded and enraged (and still naked), he manages to punch out one officer at which point the other plods -- assuming they are unobserved -- proceed to give him a proper kicking, breaking several ribs in the process. However, due to the scale of the ruckus, one of the resident groundskeepers has now come to see what the fuss is all about and become a rather inconvenient witness, so the upshot is that no one will be prosecuted and no coppers will be referred to the complaints board and if one were to want to remain a member then one would probably have to pay for the damn door and keep one's head down from now on.
  2. Have had both the driver and hybrid in my bag since, I think, 2011. They are still as good as anything else out there, in my opinion.
  3. Pitching practice. Camera also says time to diet!
  4. Think Sunningdale (Old) belongs on any UK and Ireland bucket list, although probably a bit biased as I live nearby. Royal St. George's is a gem, too.
  5. Just remember that the better you get, the harder it is to improve. 100 to 90 and 80 to 70 might both be 10 shots, but would be very different journeys.
  6. How is the RX-10 II, Erik? A nice bonus of the Sonys hitting the market has been a collapse in prices of stockpiled Casios. I picked up an EX-F1 from a local pro for £250 last week, where not long ago they were fetching over £1,000 on Ebay.
  7. Practice swing is now fairly well nailed, challenge is to move it forward a few inches into the ball ...
  8. Keep an eye on Branden Grace if the wind gets up. Hits it super low and pretty far, averaged 315 today. One bogey, guess which hole?
  9. I got money on Louis O at 35/1 for The Open yesterday versus 4/1 Rory and 6/1 Spieth. Couldn't pass that up.
  10. Also a nice crack from Butch on Sky: "Would you change anything about Jordan?" "Maybe the route he takes to the bank each week so he doesn't get robbed."
  11. What a bunker shot from Colt Hammerhead! America's sweetheart ...
  12. Stream is rock solid here across the pond. There's a lot of really awkward high-fiving in all the USGA promos though.
  13. Tiger-level F bomb from the English kid after hitting it miles right on 12.
  14. Not going to lie, I have absolutely no awareness of that happening, it just does. In fact, most of my my time is spent trying to put more steepening elements into my swing, so I'll trade you for some OTT! Proving, I guess, the proposition that every golfer is uniquely frustrated in his own special way.
  15. Ugly, ugly stuff. He talks about needing to play more, but I wonder how much more he can stand to play like this?
  16. Wedge, continuing hinging of wrists from A2 to A4 to get right elbow folding better and hands and left arm higher at top.
  17. Thanks gents. Have wasted a lot of time stuffing around trying to dig it out of the dirt, when I should have known better. Only quite recently started to make progress again by: Committing to getting everything on camera, lots of slow-motion work, lots of deliberate exaggeration of key pieces (changing the picture). Nothing that isn't preached here by Erik and Mike almost daily! Intention above was to get to A2 by the time the hands were in the middle of the right thigh and then to have the shaft hinged at 90 degrees or better by A3. Not quite making it and the later downswing is messy, but baby steps ...
  18. Starting to see some decent differences from last year in the travel of the club head at the top of the backswing and the wrist conditions after the transition. Ball is going higher and further. Wow those are big pictures -- is there any way to size down the JPG that Analyzer exports or to scale the upload to TST?
  19. Don't worry, you have plenty of both up and around. You need to get film from the proper angles,though, or it's of very little use. See here: http://thesandtrap.com/b/playing_tips/filming_your_swing
  20. Hennie Otto with an 86 today, I hope none of the spectators understand Afrikaans!
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