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  1. I really just want the best course I can play for under $50, and probably even $40 or under. Because Im not the only one playing I have to worry about other guys' budgets too. $0 for Palm Springs golf is reasonable I think. Im looking at these 4 courses... Cimarron - $30ish Indian Springs - $40ish Tahquitz Creek - $40 Indian Canyons South - $30ish Any pros or cons for any of those courses that anyone knows would be great thanks!
  2. What is the difference between the Boulder course and Pebble course?
  3. Tahquitz Creek has two courses, Legends, or Resort.... Is one better than the other? Its around my price range at $40ish. I would love to play some of the others, but I know my wallet wont allow me. Thanks for the suggestions! Keep them coming!
  4. Thanks, but I have tried that and it doesn't help. Plus the further I set up away from the ball the more I slice.
  5. Hey guys, So a year ago I took a break from golf. It wasn't really by choice. I ran into some financial struggles and just couldn't afford to play. I just recently got back into it and I'm having some troubles with my driver. I have a driver with a black face, so Im able to see where my hits are. Im fading/slicing the ball again, and when I look at the driver face I'm seeing a lot of hits on the heel of the driver face. Even when I try to hit off the toe intentionally I can't seem to actually do it. Im losing major distance from my driver and although ive been trying to practice with it
  6. Hey guys, Ive been tasked with setting up a golf game for a mens retreat weekend in Palm Springs. Its last minute, I hadn't planned on being to organizer, but now IM stuck. I have only golfed in Palm Springs once (in a tournament I got invited to) so I dont know the area at all. Can someone, anyone, point me in the direction of a few good courses that are in the cheaper range. $30-$40 green fees. But that are also fun courses, and in good condition. I realize you gotta pay to get great golf out there, but its a bunch of guys who just want to play for fun and don't want to pay a bunch of
  7. I lost interest in this show a while ago. I don't even know who's still on the show anymore... This thread is more entertaining than the show is! Hahaha, if they did photos boots in teeny tiny bikinis I would watch again, but If I want to see terrible golf I can just go to my local course.
  8. Actually, I wound up going with the alpha stiff, however, after playing it for a while now, I'm starting to think its a little bit too stiff. I like the launch and low spIn, but I'm having a hard time keeping it from leaking to the right, even when I'm in the middle of a lesson and my swing is great it still leaks right about 10-15 yards. Now that's not a huge issue, at least that's dependable, but I just can't hit it straight like I can with my driver. So I'm wondering if it's because it's too stiff? I did not get a chance to hit one, but I wish I could have tried an alpha regular flex to co
  9. Only once that douche bag "Brandon" came in here telling people they weren't entitled to thier opinions... This thread is still on fire!! It's got what, 15 pages or so?
  10. The only flamer here is Brandon! LOL
  11. You forgot racist too….. Man, you sure do seem to know EVERYONE you dont like in here… What are you doing stalking us all? Hahaha, Or are you spying for the Obama government!? Just don't drone me bro! Hahahahaha You're pathetic man! Its a freakin online forum you douche bag. Dont take it so seriously. People are aloud to have opinions, even if you dont like them. Just so you can feel like an internet warrior, and continue your pathetic attempt to belittle me, here's some more things I dont like… I also dont like fat people, ghetto people, gangsters, errogant liberal politicians, "stage
  12. Besides that fact that your grammar doesn't even make sense... Why is that oh wise progressive one??? Because I think that a black chick is nasty? Why don't you add racist and biggot to your ignorant list? I have the right to say someone is disgusting just as much as the next person. Not because she's black, but because she dresses like a cheap puerto rican ***** and I find her & her cameltoe disgusting! If u don't like what I have to say, then don't read my posts! Contrary to liberal belief, I don't have to like everyone. I call it how I see it, because I'm not a whiny little politically cor
  13. "Strong" black women??? … More like "ANGRY" black women… Hahaha
  14. Thank GOD!!!! That nasty ass black chick is off the show!!!! Now its somewhat tolerable for me… Its still terrible golf, but who's watching this show for the golf, really?
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