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  1. Rocco is one of my favorite golfers. But a guy who came within a hairs breath of losing his card, and has battled back injuries his whole career, doesn't need to be giving one of the best golfers in history swing tips....
  2. The average man hits it farther than the average woman yes. But not farther than the average lady pro. At least not enough to have a tremendous advantage. A scratch Golfer can play a non championship course to even par or a little better. An LPGA player could play a non championship course to 6,7, or 8 under with no problem. A non pro male who plays to scratch would get eaten alive on the LPGA.
  3. Better Question: Can this forum go one full week without someone starting a Tiger will never win/Tiger Sucks thread?
  4. I passed a small group of ninjas on the street a few years ago. I gave them a nod of respect so subtle that it's possible they didn't see it, but hey it's me, they should have been paying attention. Not one to stand for this insult I simply stood arms crossed, they got my meaning this time and readied themselves for battle. I was planning on going hand for hand only until one ninja pulled out Kusari-Gama and I realized i needed something more substantial. I reached into my pocket and only had 8 inches of dental floss and a buffalo nickel. I quickly took out the Ninja with the kusari-gama w
  5. Off the top of my head Paddy Harrington, Sergio Garcia, Dustin Johnson, Adam Scott, I'm sure there have been more. They've all been billed at some point or another as "The Next Tiger" after a good finish or a win. Until the next young kid wins then it's their turn.... I hope Rory becomes the next Rory, not the next Tiger...
  6. How many "The New Tigers" have their been the last ten years? Every person that has won a tournament in their early 20's seems to get called that....
  7. To Phil's credit, he does have the most incredible recovery/short game that the PGA has ever seen...
  8. Was hoping Rage Kage (KJ Choi) would come out of the gate a little better. Hope he makes the cut. LOL @ Jeebus...I mean Phil Mickelson
  9. Yeah, you could probably find some GREAT deals for a set of Blades at Pawn Shops or Garage Sales...
  10. Have you had any lessons? I went from total Hack to breaking 100 with just 2 lessons. 2 more lessons and I was breaking 90. I'm now a pretty solid Bogey Golfer. Haven't played as much this year though, but Bogey Golf makes you better than most casual players and can make for some fun rounds....
  11. Bunkerputt- I will try to give them a listen and get back to you, probably by PM as I imagine this thread will be dead by the time I can get through most of them. I will end with this, from [url=http://info.bahai.org/article-1-3-2-17.html]here[/url]. Take Care!! The Independent Investigation of Truth Baha'u'llah emphasizes the fundamental obligation of human beings to acquire knowledge with their "own eyes and not through the eyes of others." One of the main sources of conflict in the world today is the fact that many people blindly and uncritically follow various traditions,
  12. While I think my GX922's are great, I would go with TRX V11. They are a new model updated this spring, while the GX922's are several years old, newer must be better and all that. Also with the debut of several All-new and ALL ORIGINAL designs using their very own R&D; I don't know it calling GigaGolf a clone club maker is an accurate statement anymore...
  13. It's been my experience more often than not. You can tell pretty quick between the smart guys who care and the fakers who just want to tell you you're going to hell. When things stop being polite I generally stop participating. It's not worth it, and I probably don't have anything I'd want to learn from them anyway. Bunkerputt- I posed your question about Islam and Christianity to a few of the Baha'is I know. They are really smart guys and know their stuff a lot better than I do. Here are their responses: Basically Baha'i Faith teaches that, in the Quran, Bible or other
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