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  1. Insurance Agent..... not one of the bad ones!
  2. i suck too but... without knowing whast really going on, in my humble opinion, i would have to say... for someone athletic, its gonna be weight transfer, swing tempo and swinging too hard. but yea what do i know.
  3. IM back in the golf world after about 6-8 years of never playing. I bought some FJ Reelfits from SpringBokVol. They look cool but they are heavy as heck. when did golf shoes get so dang heavy?!
  4. I just started in the insurance world in CA. I hope to combine some real estate and insurance in the future. that why i have plenty of time for golf!
  5. ugh. yea i just got some MX300s and a R9 both in regular flex. i hope i don thave to reshaft to a stiff shaft. then it wasnt worth what i paid for both =\ but yea i suppose i should get out on the range and try them out asap.
  6. i use some oakley radar paths with black iridium for softball. i wonder if thats okay for hte golf course too. most golfers seem to use the flak/half jacket style.
  7. Hi everyone, just wanted to say hello. i couldnt make my own post so im just posting here. after not playing for over 5 years, im back! bought some used mizuno MX300s and a R9 driver. still have my odyssey 2 ball blade putter and my RAC 56 and my Cleveland 60.
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