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  1. Oh, I don't know... Perhaps we'll see 600cc, 750cc or even 1,000cc drivers. The current materials are, indeed, light enough to allow an eggplant sized head to be put on a shaft. LOL Of course, the rest of the "weaponry" will increase exponentially in size. The ball? Maybe the size of a tennis ball, as we must have everyone shooting par or better. "It's only fair" Maybe the course itself will grow to 9, 10, 12,000 yards. A round will take 8 hours. Just like a job.
  2. If you have a BURTON bag, their service center can probably get it done. I sent one of mine, (circa 1986) in for zipper replacement, which involved disassembly of the bag. Had ALL the zips replaced. $40 + S&H.; Burton quality, they aren't kidding. Give 'em a call. 800.633.4630
  3. Walk and carry for me. I will certainly use a caddie, if any show up. On w/e (cart required) my clubs ride. I still walk...
  4. BB69: My point, exactly...
  5. That is what they said. I really don't see it helpful unless every putt one ever plans to make is on a dead flat green... A laser can point to the hole, but will it help with a very subtle break? Reading the green is almost an art form.
  6. Same here, in fact, my rule book has pictures in it. Really! p. 115-123.
  7. Bill H.

    Line on Ball

    Nothing - I just hit it
  8. Happy Birthday! (Belated, as it is)
  9. Just watched an infomercial on GTV. Hooo Boy...
  10. Play is pretty much year round here, except, when there is actually snow on the ground. Snow normally only lasts for a day or two, so an odd weekend may be missed from time to time. Sure, the temps are chilly, but that's why we have sweaters, jackets and such. Right? BTW: We do see rain in late winter, but not 24/7 like the Northwest. LOL
  11. In my youth, I was a caddy at Pleasant Valley in Sutton, Ma. Played it a few times while in HS, (1960's) Fond memories. Left the area 1966. Visited the area in 2001, and played the course again. Have made a point of getting up there at least once a season since. Were I forced to choose only one place to play, this would be it.
  12. Nashville is certainly worth a look... http://www.gaylordhotels.com/gaylord...d/springhouse/ http://www.gaylordhotels.com/gaylord...imitedGolf.cfm
  13. Absolutely correct! Regardless of "state of the art" equipment, it's the player who must move a little white ball a little hole, many yards away. To put it another way, a scalpel in one's hand does not make one a surgeon.
  14. Hmmmm... I was just wondering about this recently. Leaves. Wouldn't Rule 25, Abnormal Ground Condition apply? To be precise, Rule 25-1-c. Additionally, Local Rules could also be applied to such conditions. IMHO.
  15. First post, and am wondering... Is listing one's bag contents, the right thing to do? I see some do , and some don't . Just curious.
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