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  1. motteler621

    Should I consider trying to make it as a professional?

    just out of curiosity, who did you think was the best golfer out of the bunch? besides you,lol
  2. motteler621

    leaning the hands forward?

    Well you just told someone to do something too much. You told the guy "bunkerputt" a few posts up that he was wrong when telling the guy to not do what is in this picture below. You told him he should do it because it would help him draw it and hit it low. I consider that "too much". Just like this photo below of Tom Watson is too much
  3. motteler621

    Anyone Ever Win A HUGE Prize At A Golf Outing?

    i havent been in enough scrambles to have a chance to win anything yet but my dad won a Ping staff bag a couple years ago for longest putt. He had me sell it for him on ebay, ended up selling for a few hundred
  4. motteler621

    My Swing (dhanson)

    I see a little bit of a loop from backswing into downswing but its the inside to outside loop, probably why you pull it.
  5. motteler621

    Confirmed: Tiger and Stevie split

    it wasnt just that. Williams went ahead and caddied again at the AT&T; for scott. You just dont do that. Williams is kinda a hard nosed guy tho
  6. motteler621

    Confirmed: Tiger and Stevie split

    was watching the canadian open today and the tv announcer said that Stevie had asked Tiger if he could caddy for scott and Tiger said yes, then changed his mind later on and asked him not to but Stevie was already at the event and told him that. What really changed his mind was when Stevie went ahead and caddied again for scott at the AT&T;, then he fired him. Cant really blame Tiger, I wouldnt of caddied had he told me not to later on even if I was at the event let alone caddy for the player again after been told not
  7. motteler621

    Confirmed: Tiger and Stevie split

    guys it doesnt feel good to get fired, that's why Stevie is saying some of the stuff he is publicly. Stevie does have a point and its probably true what hes saying but hes hurt by Tiger right now.
  8. motteler621

    Confirmed: Tiger and Stevie split

    he didnt make any money working for Tiger the past 2 years? no way

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