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  1. The brilliant Jon Orchin and Brian Creghan of TourSwagSolutions have been putting it together for me, and I'd also obviously highly recommend Erik Barzeski!
  2. Hi All, Very excited to say (and bitter sweet also) that I am currently, and for the foreseeable future, back in the UK and want to bring the highest level golf instruction to your door at real, affordable prices!!! For those that don't know who I am, I have been fortunate to spend much of my time with Erik J. Barzeski, Dave Wedzik and Michael McLoughlin. My background info is extensive, though I won't go into it here too much, I have been around MORAD , Leadbetter , S&T; , 5 Simple Keys , as well as using the latest technology such as Track
  3. Hey guys. Thanks for the kind words A little background on me, I'm 28 years old, played college golf and have been studying the golf swing, the biomechanics, geometry and everything else golf related for a good while now. I eat healthy, live clean and believe in a holistic lifestyle If you would like to chat, feel free to give me a call anytime at 814-464-3446. Good luck on your journey and maybe will see you along your path. (Pun intended) James
  4. Another quick picture demonstrating some of the correct principals golf swings should abide by.... For more pictures, I post many on my Facebook page Facebook.com/MoradMan or find me on twitter.com/hirshfield
  5. I'd like to reiterate what Mike said. Club slipping (unless extreme circumstances) is a biproduct of a poorly structured grip. If you "shot" a nail directly through the top of your wrist (in that little indentation underneath your thumb - the anatomical snuffbox ) the nail should come out directly through the bottom of your wrist and into the GRIP. Most poor grips would have the nail come out the bottom of the wrist and miss the grip on the left side. This would indicate the wrist joint not sitting ON the grip. This would assist in early club head throw away as when the club is accelerating
  6. Here's some quick stuff Constantine (jetfan83) and I did yesterday Some mapping work to produce results. Changes take time, dedication, work and enjoyment. Having a conceptual understanding doesn't mean you have a physical command of the movement pattern. Procedures take time, but old moves can and WILL go away, just like some of the changes seen here! Well done Constantine and what a blast getting to see ya
  7. Id like to see video obviously, but chances are your extending too early with your weight back. So. In downswing, move all your weight forwards and open fast. Key piece here is to actually try n feel like you INCREASE your forward bend like Tiger. Hit a couple of balls actually LOWERING your upper center as you shift forward and open Let me know how it goes. Lots of other variables and you might not hit the shot SHAPE you want but contact should improve.
  8. A lot of this is dependent on your setup alignments and position of your elbows. Even if you "choose" a stroke that makes the putter head move on an arc, if u had a laser pointing out the bottom of the shaft, it should trace a straight line. even MORE important that any of these principles is understanding absolute and relative rotation. In otherwords the head moving independently to the path, or the putter head "opening and closing" because it's on an arc. These are super important concepts to become a great putter.
  9. Hi Everyone, First off Happy Thanksgiving, I wanted to share with you all my updated and new brochure which has updated prices as well as new packages and deals for those who come and see me more regularly! As a special offer to the community here at The Sand Trap, I want to offer everyone an additional 10% OFF ALL prices for 1 week from today (until 5th December) Feel free to call me 814 464 3446, email me, jameshirshfield@gmail.com or tweet me @hirshfield to get started! (I don't get to check the inbox on this forum often so get
  10. This would be slightly too much for a 6 iron. I would ever want to see more than 110* even max with a driver. It will shift the baseline more to the right and complicate the sequencing into the downswing for an inline patter.
  11. For a half day school, the agenda would look like this. 8:45 – 9:00: Quick Video Capture of your swing. 9:00 – 9:45: Discussion and introduction to 5 Simple Keys: the Proven things that ALL great ball strikers have in common...Q&A.; 9:45 – 12:45: Hitting balls to incorporate your priority piece. 12:45 – 1:00: Wrap up, Short game, Q/A For the 1/2 day school, I ideally limit it to 3 people for MAXIMUM personal instruction time .
  12. Hi Guys, As we keep getting closer to June, start to mention some dates that could be potentially suitable for you both. I'd also like to say, I can teach clinics/schools ANYDAY if that is more convenient for you. Our "retail" price is $495 for a full 1-day school, including lunch; and $295 for a 1/2 day, from 9-1, or 2-6.... For SandTrap members, I'm excited to give a special rate $395 for full 1-day; and $245 for 1/2 day. Remember!!!! I'm more than happy and able to teach half days either in the morning, or afternoon, so if you want to bring a buddy, or
  13. Very kind words guys You've been doing brilliant work with Brian, and I'm proud to be part of such a great team. If you're not able to get to see a qualified 5SK instructor, I would highly recommend evolvr to start to build the foundation of a repeatable swing. Just remember.... what we say, is going to often feel COMPLETELY alien to you, and that is GOOD, that means you are building awareness of where your body and club is in space around you (proprioception.) If you can go in front of a mirror and perform BOTH extremes of whatever you are working on, that is truly the ar
  14. Hi Everyone! Looking to put together a golf school / clinic sometime towards end of June. If you can all decide when would be the best date to fit the majority of golfers here at TST I can set something up. I'll let you guys figure out the best potential date or even dateS. The format will be close to as follows: 9:00 – 9:30: Quick Video Capture of your swing. 9:30 – 10:30: Discussion and education about the PureStrike 5 Simple Keys: the Proven things that ALL great ball strikers have in common...Q&A.; 10:30 – 12:30: Hitting balls to incorpor
  15. This is where the hip slants get really important and how it relates to the wrist angles and ultimately face issues and SD. If the hips flatten too fast and tuck, the left arm trajectory gets shifted out too much at 6. As a golfer, to shallow the AOA and have a rightward SD, the wrist angles need to dump early causing contact issues. The handle can then start lowering through the hit causing two way misses, and retards the speed the golfer can thrust inhibiting speed. Great work Mike, keep it up. Everyone should also take note of the SPEED he is practicing to ingrain the m
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