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  1. What is a good golf news site to follow? Used to follow golf.com but that is somehow not as good with notifications and news about upcoming events etc. Wondering what other favorites exist for golf news
  2. It's fun to see it spin back. Also, it's so tough to get it when you are still learning it. Also, I feel ball fitting comes into play only after one has enough control over the ball/spin around the greens. In my experience, if your pursue the backspin and learn how to get it, the process would have improved your swing, ball impact, and your short game scoring !!
  3. Very cool, envy the opportunity to be able to do this. My "big" plan/wish is to hit the Links courses in UK.... waiting for planets to align....!
  4. !! What's this!? How do I participate?
  5. Have a prize for the" most honest team" ,I.e: team that came last, and give them each a ball retriever!
  6. Nice idea. Golf balls with some limits, like the tires in racing. Getting pure strength out of equation and more ball flight control into it would be great to watch. Some of Tigers insane ball trajectories were a treat to watch!
  7. I used to use GN quite a bit earlier, but now with the booking fees and the courses offering the same rates as Golf Now (at least for a few twilight rounds I have booked), we check the rate and call the course directly. I dont play as much these days, but other golf memberships like JC golf etc seems to be more promising for the $ you put in.
  8. Few things I learnt as I overcame the slice phase. Invest time in understanding swing mechanics and what results in the ball trajectory. Tons of videos talk about this, tough to isolate the good ones in youtube - but try. Dont waste too many range sessions repeating same swing and expecting different results. Read books, ask instructors and try specific fixes to specific swing flaws. Usually its because the arms are first to take off and body is last. Reverse the order. Take high FPS videos on your smart phones (with a tripod) and analyze them and compare with videos of the pros. You are bound to find your faults. Do this to save a ton of $ that instructors charge. This is easier for high handicappers, tough without instructors as your game improves.
  9. Missing 80, but not missing playing with family - might just make the 80+ score to be OK Got myself a rangefinder and a newer 3 wood. Looking forward to using both!
  10. Looking forward to the 8th! British open is my favorite! Not the lush green carpet that the other majors are setup on.
  11. Thanks for the recap. i too dint feel the US open aura. I think its because of these: * No big names in the final strech * No major collapse * No close challenger in the final stretch. * The bombers were too long for the attempted stretched out holes. They even made a 'fescue' video since fescue wasn't a prominent factor in the game when compared to British open! That video was super lame btw.
  12. Missed the whole JM thing, what did he do or not do...?!
  13. (Im late to the thread) Looks like long hitters are the only contenders for US open.
  14. Hit the range for 1 hour and 15 mins of putting. Focussed in accuracy of iron's. Focussed on not letting hands take over in down swing.
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