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  1. Here are things that helped me a lot: Analyzing the game hole by hole after every round. Identify where you are losing strokes, what errors you are making, identify patterns and weaknesses. Identify top 3 reasons for lost shots. All these are not about swing mechanics but how the round was played, decisions made etc. This should give you things to practice in the range and fix. Go after it one by one. Play with better golfers than you, learn and observe how they play and how they manage the game. What their choices are around the course A good instructor - tough to find a mat
  2. Does anyone know if fans are allowed for Wednesday practice round? Were there tickets sold for this?
  3. I recorded my swing in face on and down the line and have uploaded it here. Please critique and provide feedback. Appreciate your time on this! Thanks! 11 HCP. 8 Iron. Looking to optimize swing and learn to score in Golf.
  4. Hello, I recently broke 80 a few times in the Torrey Pines North course. Can you please update my awards in my signature to reflect 'Breaking 80'? Thanks!
  5. Hello, Update for 2021. Its been a little over a year since my last post. Spent a lot of time during lock downs in analyzing/reading/practicing/playing and have improved (i think). HCP is now 11. Was able to break 80's on three occasions (in wide open golf course only) and am hopeful for more. Please share any thoughts you have on the below swing. 8 Iron.
  6. Tried attaching the animated gif with initial post but did not work. Uploaded my vid here: Thanks!
  7. I've been Playing Golf for: 12+ years My current handicap index or average score is: 13 My typical ball flight is: Draw The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Driver push/fade Issue: Struggling to get control/confidence the driver. Not consistent Good drives can go 270-300, but only 3/10 are like that. Looking for help from community to hear about tips/experiences that can help this swing. Also, requesting details of issues you faced before getting confident/getting-control of the Driver. Thanks for your time. Videos:
  8. In the down time, I’m definitely missing the sports on tv, esp golf. Starting to read the long Putting and Short Game Bible by Pelz. Hoping it will improve the scoring. Any feedback on these books?
  9. I’ve attached my swing. It was a good result, 270+yards in the simulator. I had very few instances of this and most of them were going right on this day and I did not have much control. I’m told to work on the path, to come from the inside. This happens easily now for me for Irons. Seems very tough for the driver. 😞 Looking to hear from the community about the swing and other experiences that gave people confidence and control with the driver. thanks for your time!
  10. After years of trying to learn to hit the stock driver (TM M1) and failing, finally got fit with XS, low spin. HUGE difference and I'm way better now with ball flight. Doesn't spray when I have a bad swing. And many more good flights during a round. Very happy with the new shaft. But the striking is very inconsistent. Too many off center shots. So looking for help and trying to fix this part of my game. I'll record n post the video sometime with trackman stats the next time I get it.
  11. I’ve always struggled with my driver. 12HCP now. Have a decent swing with the irons, am comfortable with the all irons. My 7I is about 165-170yrds. Driver is another story. I’m just not able to get confident with the driver. Some rounds are very good, some of them are bad. On good days, drives can be from 270-300Yards. Drives are quite inconsistent, drives on some holes can be good nice draws, but some can be a wild shot left, or topping it for 100yrd wormburner. The ball doesn’t strike in the center of the driver club face, its all over and affects scoring. But with irons, its quite cons
  12. Are we allowed to pack golf shoes and a set of clothes along with the clubs during travel? I once checked in a set of clubs in a travel case and during check-in (to London), I was asked what other things are packed in the case. I had nothing else other than clubs. He told me that i'm not allowed to pack clothes etc with it. Any advise/experiences on this topic?
  13. Hi All, Looking for advice and experiences of golfing in Singapore. Any recommendations on the courses? It looks like Marina Bay Golf course is the only public course and rest are private and is expensive. Any tips/dos-donts is appreciated. Thanks!
  14. I plan to visit and golf in/around St Andrews as well. I plan to be there during last week of July (around 26th). Will be going solo as well, would be good to golf with company. I'm a 12 handicap.
  15. Getting back to the forums after a while. Goal for 2020: Break 80. Play enough and practice enough to have a shot at the goal. Issues: Approach shots is missing the green and the round becomes a bogey train with a double or two. Driver: Unable to tap into the distance due to penalties with errant tee shots. Focus: Figure out swing to improve distance control and better GIR. Also: Hoping to play in the UK this summer. Starting my research about the affordable Links courses mentioned in this forums.
  16. What is a good golf news site to follow? Used to follow golf.com but that is somehow not as good with notifications and news about upcoming events etc. Wondering what other favorites exist for golf news
  17. It's fun to see it spin back. Also, it's so tough to get it when you are still learning it. Also, I feel ball fitting comes into play only after one has enough control over the ball/spin around the greens. In my experience, if your pursue the backspin and learn how to get it, the process would have improved your swing, ball impact, and your short game scoring !!
  18. Very cool, envy the opportunity to be able to do this. My "big" plan/wish is to hit the Links courses in UK.... waiting for planets to align....!
  19. !! What's this!? How do I participate?
  20. Have a prize for the" most honest team" ,I.e: team that came last, and give them each a ball retriever!
  21. Nice idea. Golf balls with some limits, like the tires in racing. Getting pure strength out of equation and more ball flight control into it would be great to watch. Some of Tigers insane ball trajectories were a treat to watch!
  22. I used to use GN quite a bit earlier, but now with the booking fees and the courses offering the same rates as Golf Now (at least for a few twilight rounds I have booked), we check the rate and call the course directly. I dont play as much these days, but other golf memberships like JC golf etc seems to be more promising for the $ you put in.
  23. Few things I learnt as I overcame the slice phase. Invest time in understanding swing mechanics and what results in the ball trajectory. Tons of videos talk about this, tough to isolate the good ones in youtube - but try. Dont waste too many range sessions repeating same swing and expecting different results. Read books, ask instructors and try specific fixes to specific swing flaws. Usually its because the arms are first to take off and body is last. Reverse the order. Take high FPS videos on your smart phones (with a tripod) and analyze them and compare with videos of
  24. Missing 80, but not missing playing with family - might just make the 80+ score to be OK Got myself a rangefinder and a newer 3 wood. Looking forward to using both!
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