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  1. I'll humor you if the others won't. My favorites are Adam Scott, Schwartzel, and Jonathan Byrd.
  2. Beat my personal best again a week later, shooting an 88. As good as I've ever driven the ball, hit 12/14 fairways and missed another by a foot. Bogey golf is just so much more enjoyable than double bogey/triple bogey golf.
  3. Personal best of 91 today. That includes a 9 on a par 5...so I could've broken 90. Oh well, fun day of golf, including about a 30 foot birdie putt.
  4. When my drives start hooking, it's usually cause my lower body gets too quiet and my swing gets too armsy.
  5. Tiger Woods -10 Francesco Molinari -2 Peter Hanson +1
  6. They were talking about his latest swing changes he made. He kept saying he's been trying to stay more centered over the ball, not like stack n' tilt, but staying more centered over the ball. He repeated it, not like Stack n Tilt, cause I don't like that, but staying more centered over the ball. Just thought it was funny.
  7. Done. Would love a new putter, always loved the Ansers.
  8. Do you have a picture of this? I think I have it, but would be interested in seeing a visual.
  9. Very similar to my round Sunday. Shot 96, my 2nd ebst round ever, with 44 putts. I'm not a great putter, but I usually average 36-38, so was very frustrating. I had two holes in a row where I hit GIR in 2 and then 4 putt. I also drove the green in 2 on a par 5 for the first time ever, then proceeded to 3 putt. Encouraged by my ballstriking, but frustrating cause I could've possibly broken 90.
  10. Bumping an old thread...what are your backswing thoughts? Do you take it very inside? back on plane? I've returned to not having much bunker luck anymore...
  11. If I'm not mistaken he's not playing for breast cancer, he's playing for a children's cancer charity. If so, the pink is confusing.
  12. I'll let the vets way in, but it may hurt you that you have stiff shafts with that swing speed (if what you mentioned is accurate).
  13. That's the feeling that keeps all us hackers playing.
  14. It's funny, I posted in this thread a long time ago when I was just starting golf. Fast forward 2 years. I've been having a big overswinging problem that I can't seem to fix, cause I can't get the right feeling to stop my arms when my shoulder turn stops. Somebody bumps this thread and I start getting emails about it. I didn't remember it, so I clicked in and read through it earlier this week. Went to the range on Wednesday to try it out, and it was perfect. It started raining before I could try out my longer clubs but I was stroking 7 irons. Thanks for the tip, even if i took the advic
  15. 1) Luke Donald - 278 2) Rory McIlroy - 279 3) Bubba Watson - 280
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