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  1. Offset on a club

    thanks for the replies, and the reason why i have asked is that I tend to hit the ball better with a less offset club than the ones with the big offsets which I have a tendency to shank it or hook the ball way to the left and right, on the other hand if I use a club that have a less offset I can hit it consistently and a lot straighter. As for my handicap I do not have one yet, that's just a number i posted there since I started playing in the course for the first time which was 2 months ago, at the moment I average about a Bogey a Hole, im still learning.. going 4 months now on and off playing every two weeks.
  2. Is there a way for the offset of the irons adjusted? i was thinking of reducing the offset on my TM OS RAC 2 and lowering the offset on my Mizuno MX-25 is this possible or am I just dreaming?
  3. Balls Lost!

    I bought mine on Craigslist, saw an AD for 200+ for $25 90% are STRATA Practice Balls and a few Titliest 1's and 4's needless to say they were over 300 balls in total! Since I am a beginner only been hacking for about a good two months now. Can't go wrong with Craigslis for them, which I ussually loose about 5 Per round of golf.
  4. I just recently purchased the Said driver before fathers day as a gift from my wife, purchased the product at GolfGalaxy Used. It has a diamana blue 63 g4"t Regular Flex Shaft, and just have noticed yesterday that about an inch on the top end of the Handle it was broken, I for sure have not broken it since I just started playing with them yesterday. Question would be do you think I should do? Can I go back to Golf Galaxy and get the Shaft replaced for free? or would they charge me for it? or contact callaway? Also for my swing I would think a more Firm Flex is best suited for my swing. Any input would be helpful and greatly appreciated.
  5. Mizuno MX-25's Irons

    Yes I can get to that point just that I lack the HIP movement as what others were telling me regarding my swing which I barely move my hips when hitting those shots, I am still trying to learn the tempo on how to swing at the same time use my hips. I am not sure if those were true on improving the distance on my irons and shots. At the moment I could not hit my Driver to save my life so I stick around with my irons at the moment. Went to play for the first time shot a 58 on my first 9 holes.
  6. Hello I just started playing/practicing for about 2 months now and I have been through a Callaway x12 graphite irons which I started out with, and upon reading reviews after reviews about Mizuno Clubs I was convinced that they were the best fit for me or so I have thought, was actually looking for the MP-32's at that point where I getting really consistent in hitting the ball and getting a fair distance on them 5 Iron would go about 150 to say the least. When I went into the local golf shop, the guy have advised me to stay away from the Mizuno's since they are harder to hit and they are difficult to deal with, his analogy was that if I was starting out (if I were a race car driver) I would not be driving the F1 cars and it would be very difficult for me to learn the game of golf, needless to say I was a bit disappointed since Mizuno's meant they were not for me no matter how often I practice. To make the story short went to GolfGalaxy one day and they have a trade in special since the guy gave me also a good piece of advice since I am 30 I would be better off playing with a Steel Iron. While there Traded my x12's for $97 (4-pw) and then in return looked at their used clubs and saw the MX-25's used with little to no blemishes on all the clubs priced at $240 (4-pw-gw) took it home and off to practice again, took me about good 3 days to adjust my swing with the new clubs, and what a difference it made I felt a lot more comfortable and getting used to how the clubs were performing. Now after reading all the reviews regarding the clubs I have just bought, more and more people say that you would be loosing distance in favor of having good trajectory and they shoot straight. I just went to the range the other day with my 4 iron and the GW with my 4 Iron I can get up to 205 including the roll and GW around 105 yrds.... So technically if the reviews were true, how much of distance am I loosing with these clubs? I was just wondering if I have made a mistake on purchasing the clubs since most golfers told me you needed to be fitted for your clubs to get maximum performance out of your clubs. Any help or advice would be appreciated.
  7. thanks for the replies, i have tried them on and wow a big difference from hitting an iron with a steel shaft vs a graphite shaft... my next question would be, can I get the shafts replaced to steel? if that may be all possible?
  8. any advice guys? just looking to see if it is worth spending the $140 on the x12's i am fairly new to the game and have been reading good reviews about them.
  9. Hello I am new to this thread and I have come across the Callaway x12's which is going for $140 3-PW iron set. I was just wondering if I am getting a good bargain here or maybe go and look for a much newer set of clubs on the same price range. Clubs are in Good condition. Any inputs or opinions would be greatly appreciated so far reading about the clubs have good reviews.
  10. Hello from sunny So. Fla

    hey matt, do you know any stores near by that sells used clubs? or sets? for beginners i live in plantation also.
  11. Hello from sunny So. Fla

    hello ed.. im new here and i am new to playing.. wondering if you have any tips on what's best shops around where they sell used club sets for beginners like me.. or maybe find a bargain on some of the top brands..
  12. What Do You Do for a Living?

    Hello Everyone I work as an IT Analyst. I am a newbie, just started trying to learn the game of golf in about 2 weeks now, i have been to the range and so far i have no clue to where to begin regarding clubs, i have been reading and reading a lot about different drivers golf clubs and how to get started, a few people have given me ideas, so far so good. Golf is in my head now 24/7. Looking towards learning some more, just purchased my first set a dunlop set, and looking towards upgrading in the near future regarding the drivers and clubs, terminology to me is bit of a stretch, but getting accustomed to the lingo by now.