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  1. I also read something about them saying it was only a matter of time before they had Cliff Lee AND Elvis Andrus. Quintessential Yankee attitude.
  2. Yup at my local course there were tire tracks on the green... Damn weather.
  3. That's because you practice what you NEED to, and don't care what people like the OP think because you're doing what helps you get your scores lower. I could use to hit a bucket of balls with just my driver because I'm shooting pretty low scores with some bad mishits off the teebox. But I will NEVER do it because I care what the OP thinks and there's also the guy who said anyone who hits more than 7-10 with the driver doesn't belong in the game or something along those lines... Get off your high horse you bunch of snobs. I'm sure y'all have gotten ripped fairly good but 6 pages later I'm just here to remind you =]
  4. KD Epic

    Go Cowboys

    You're right winning in New Orleans wasn't a big deal or anything... People are so ridiculous. Something is really difficult and really extraordinary if Romo can't do it, but as soon as he does it's "Oh that was no big deal now [X] is the REAL test"
  5. KD Epic


    I don't have it yet, but I do intend on getting it soon - will try to remember to come back to this thread and hit you up -- My XBox has been off for awhile in favor of a certain RTS game that came out recently...
  6. You'd look that way too if you just shot the worst round of your life and realized "wow I haven't hit rockbottom yet?" I'd be numb in his shoes, because how else could you deal with everything?
  7. Cleveland's owner PAID for all of those things when he drafted and PAID LeBron. We do all have the right to go work for who we want. If I can't get a promotion at work because I'm not good enough - no one should fault me for working at a company where there is less competition among coworkers (thus, easier) but it doesn't mean I'm not less of a man for doing it. Bron couldn't get it done. It's not just Cleveland's fault. I'm a big Mavs fan. Dirk can't get it done, hasn't gotten it done. Doesn't mean he's not awesome, and it doesn't mean it's the Mavs fault - He just hasn't gotten it done. And Dirk (I hope) will get his pay day, and he should - more people would like to see a loyal guy like Dirk win a ring than a guy like LeBron (who clearly can't) Dirk is older too, so had he left if the mavs were out of it I'd cheer hard for him to get a ring. 7 years? Dirk doesn't even think 12 is enough. Dirk's got unfinished business, Bron swept his under the doormat. No one says he's a worse player because he left Cleveland, but you're a fool to think he'll be a better one for winning it elsewhere, as opposed to at home. And you're a fool to think getting one with 2 other "stars" (Bosh isn't a star, in my opinion, no star misses the playoffs 5 out of 7 times, on a decent team, in the East) is going to make him a better legacy.
  8. So do you play with a glove or without one? Gloves don't "fit like a glove" for my hand, I'm not sure why. I think the majority of "rubs" and the occasional blister are caused by the glove. I really liked Golf Pride's Tour Wrap 2g grips (have stock grips right now) and was thinking if I were to put those on I might be able to just go gloveless.
  9. My mom was adopted when she was 16. She "never had a chance." She's become very successful - has been in many press releases - and loves "daddy" every day, even though she didn't know her own. She was brought over from Germany with her parents when she was 6 and in a children's home by 7. Adoption allows you to touch someone's life - and it will certainly touch your own. Best of wishes to you, God has a plan.
  10. Being the "media darling" makes you a favorite to repeat, it doesn't really help you to actually do it.... I'm not a huge Tebow fan because he just wasn't that great -- he had a lot of good players and was a great leader but you have to have the great skills to go with it. None of that changes that he was, in fact, the media darling. But that hardly makes him more likely, just because the media loves him, to repeat. In fact it makes it less likely. So you're argument that "Because Tim couldn't do it - after all, he was the media darling - no body will" ridiculous and fallible. I'd like a repeat champ so everyone will stop getting all hard about Texas.
  11. Who would have foreseen "Elite Free Agents" going to Miami? Or to Orlando? Or, at one point, Phoenix? Where the Free Agents go changes based on a number of circumstances - unless you're Boston or LA. LeBron didn't tip those circumstances in his favor. If, after yet another exit (largely at his doing) from the playoffs he would have said "I'm staying here in Cleveland and I know some of these guys are going to want some of this action because we can taste it here. He didn't, though. He didn't market his team at all. And it was his fault they didn't win the championship because he played terribly. Had they won, it would have been only because of him. In Miami IF they win it's going to be tough to deal out that MVP trophy. Hopefully one of those guys gets MVP for the regular season and you can give one the MVP of the Finals. And more than likely Chris "I ain't nobody's Robin" is going to be butt-hurt left out in the cold. Gonna make for an interesting off-season.
  12. I'm not sure why a 300-yard drive raises eyebrows. To say you do it with any kind of consistency or to say it carries 300 might be silly but I'm not very big and not all that great and I've hit a couple 300 yarders. I do have a fast swing speed but if I hit 250 usually I feel like I "got all of it" But despite my disbelief I've ended up around the 300 mark a few times so I'm not going to doubt guys. In Tiger Woods '11 I hit over 420 a few times so THERE.
  13. Does this make it ok to lie and cheat and steal? If you don't do any of those three things then I commend you and wholly appreciate your work - as it is needed for our country to run. And I hope it's not as hard as you say because the way things are going there is going to be a need for a whole lot more of you in the years to come.
  14. You mean the same AG that dropped charges of voter intimidation on the two members of the Black Panthers (after they were already found guilty and convicted, just not sentenced yet) or is this a different one? Yeah, like HE cares about corruption. They're all puppets, the DoJ tells him "Drop these charges" and he does. Can't blame him, I guess - he's doing his job and respecting the chain of command but I wish one of these politicians would grow a pair. I mean we've seen you can win a campaign on promising an end to "more of the same" but it'd be nice to see one of them actually follow through with it.
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