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  1. I think S&T was the first to say a few things that most instruction did not. They were the first (that I saw anyways) to change what we think of as fundamentals. Forever before everyone considered fundamentals to be grip, stance, grip pressure, etc and they were the first to say no, there isn't a strong commonality among good players. They were the first to refer to extension and flexion so that we were discussing human movement properly. Another was, popular instruction for my childhood was keeping the flex in your trail knee. They showed that was nonsense and I think that has been adopte
  2. I do remember for a period of time, this forum, and many others were discussing S&T. I believe that @iacas like most smart instructors studied it, found the good pieces and continued to evolve what he teaches. Most smart people do this. I also feel that S&T was so popular on the forums because the hype at the time was very strong, but there was really only the Golf Digest article telling people about the "new" swing on the PGA Tour. With so little information we all went to forums to find out more. Then the schools started, then the book, and it has more or less reached a steady s
  3. I voted to ban it, although I don't think it is essential to do so right away. I did not understand the original ban of anchoring to the body versus anchoring to your arm. Yes I know the argument that it is not fixed, but why not have just done away with any type of anchoring. I feel this would have been a cleaner break rather than let this unique case run on only to get banned later.
  4. What about: 18. You have strange desire to find a bathtub in nature.
  5. Love this. This now becomes #11. 11. Prefers to just prattle on, without actual discourse
  6. Without a face on, we are guessing, but counter to your point is both JT and Rose have very different right elbow positions than @IU426. Both are much more inside their shirt seem. To be fair @IU426 is also wearing a black shirt in a darkish room so I can't be sure. But JT's right elbow is in a much better position.
  7. Some additional point gathering metrics are: (in no particular order) 1. Creation of new accounts to say you are a student of said crazy theory as a "testimonial" 2. After being banned returning as a new account only slip back into your old ways and get outed. 3. (Recently added) Blur portions of your swing pictures to hide the fact that you have already posted them in the past 4. Be a poor speller (why are they so often poor spellers?) 5. Garage videos 6. Complain that aren't being treated by the forum fairly 7. Move around forums thinking the other one will
  8. Leave it to @GolfLug to have the most fancy fan I have ever seen. But what I really wanted to ask is how is the piano going?
  9. I have nothing to add about your swing, but what is going on with that fan?
  10. Hmm, this is an interesting scale, the GSGC. I am now so interested in your rating of such gems as Jeff Mann or the closed shoulder swing guy. If anyone can be a 10 on such a scale it must be Jeff Mann.
  11. Typically I would ask you for a face on video also. Just allows people to confirm things they see down the line. For starters I agree with @Yossarian that you need to read @mvmac's thread on posture. The other big thing I see is you get to about here in your backswing. And from here on you have stopped turning and you begin letting your arms raise and go farther than you should. This causes you sequencing issues down the road. For example here we are a few frames later and you haven't turned your body much more, but your lead arm is higher. And here we are at the top, but i
  12. What is funny is the mountains are the only thing I remember about him. He has some great views from his range, no idea why he spends so much time on our forum posting nonsense. I can't remember where I left my keys, but a beautiful range from 2012, can't forget it.
  13. mchepp

    2021 Masters

    Be fair, some years he started on the front.
  14. I respect the desire for privacy with the face, but why the mountains in the background of the down the line shot?
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