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  1. Alright... I have completed my vlog portion and completed my full application. I did the video about 3 weeks ago but have had some audio problem along the way. Enjoy! Shoe size(s) 11.5 FJ, 12 Puma, 11 Trues Shirt size(s) XL Pant size 34x30
  2. Great job Mike
  3. I am in the Portland area and would be up to drive to Chambers Bay for a round. It's on my list to play this year.
  4. I don't get why they are doing this. All the other major sports using replay all do so because things "cannot" be seen by the naked eye. So they are going to ignore the exact reason why other sports chose to use replay. All sports utilize replay to get the call right. All of these videos rulings were made "correctly" because of the use of video. Feels like a weak attempt to fix something that didn't need fixing.
  5. I am a little surprised to hear this. What I hear from many instructors today is to "match up" your pieces of your golf swing. Like matching up how shallow you are with the amount of rotation you have. I think this part of instruction has improved quite a bit. Instruction as a whole is still bad, but I think the dissemination of information from the smart people out there is better than it was 10 years ago. Still a bunch of garbage like keep your head down, putt for dough crap, but good information is easier to find now.
  6. I have two thoughts on this. One, she might not have liked the guy. If she wasn't getting along then she is within her rights to drop him. Yeah, she has ran through a few, but this guy saying she needs to change something smells like sour grapes. He should move on. She didn't like him. I also pretty much completely disregard what Leadpoison says. He has been whining about players parents for years. After forcing the A swing on her, and moving her away from a really good swing, he wants to blame the parents. When he met her family to decide if he was going to be her coach he should well understand the dynamic he was walking into. Yet, he spent her money, got fired, and now want to blame the parents. Hogwash.
  7. Hi there @hack2scratch, I noticed a couple of easy things for you to work on. First is posture. I would like to see your eyes more on the ball with more arch in your upper back. Your upper back is too straight causing your eyes to drift up and you are looking at the ball from the bottom of you eyelids. Here is a good thread on this. Second is how you start your hands in the backswing. You pull the club inside and don't move your hands in. You move the clubhead in but not the hands. This causes you to open the face. Once you open that face and get the clubhead behind you, you are gonna have to make multiple compensations to get it back into a square position. The most common of these compensations is flipping. You need to work the hands in and keep the club in front of you on the backswing. A good resource for this is this thread. Keep updating with videos and post around. Lots to learn here.
  8. I have one. I use it on the putting green at home. I find it useful. I will start out practicing with no ball. Then graduate to putting a ball there then go without it. I video each one to see my progress. I like it.
  9. Half o'Hepp all you'll get until it stops raining every time I try to do my vlog. This winter we are approaching 50 inches since October so it has been a wet one. Hopefully soon.
  10. Lots of good golfers bend their left arm. Post a swing for yourself and we can determine if it is hurting your swing.
  11. What's all this practicing going on here? None of this is good for us who wear red in October. Our only hope is you tire yourself out with all this practicing.
  12. I do think that a certain amount of forearm strength is required to do this. I recommend finding some exercises for your forearms if you want to strengthen this move. That said, you really aren't listening to @iacas, he is saying this is not something you need to worry about today. There are other things more critical that will help you straighten out your ballflight before worrying about twisting the shaft.
  13. In today's news world being right has far less importance that it did before the explosion of social media. Seems he might have figured out the social media thing pretty well. Nobody really cares if its real or right just if its juicy. Sad comment on our society. And if your wondering, yes, I am an old guy complaining.
  14. I hit foam balls in my living room down the entry corridor.
  15. This weekend has potential for the completion of the vLog. Crossing my fingers.