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  1. I have seen instructors give the head looking forward advice to golfers like me who hang back. It can help get the weight forward. In looking at your swing thread I don't think you need to worry much about this. You get plenty forward and don't hang back much. I agree with @saevel25 that it isn't dominance related.
  2. I know I've said this a lot in this thread and the articles but Dan is not like most people in this regard. For starters his passion for golf is not even in the same solar system as yours. While I think he likes the game and the friendships it forms, I don't think he has spent anywhere near the amount of time practicing and obsessing as you or any of us who frequent this forum. I have spoken to golfers who play 1/10 as much as he did when he was at his peak and they have more passion for the game than he does. This lack of passion is why he went the route he did. I think I better understand his passion now, it was the academic part. He got a high from speaking to professors and watching them listen to him. My bet is prior to this a professor at a university wouldn't have given him the time of day. He got to travel around telling everyone about the Plan. Golf was simply a vehicle. This, in my opinion, is what has driven everyone here mad. I think it gets viewed as a lack of respect for the game that we are all so passionate about. In many ways it is. This cannot be said enough, Dan does not love golf. I doubt he could become a professional because the minute it got hard he would have quit. I think once I accepted that he really didn't care about golf I took the approach of substituting golf for throwing darts in every blog post or article where it said golf that was written. It helps. It takes my passion out of it. By not caring about golf like we do, I can see how he doesn't care about a conclusion. Because he didn't finish he cannot be seen by the academics as anything but an abandoned experiment. The part he was passionate about is gone. So there is no conclusion. And as I said long ago, there never will be.
  3. Was this Poor Etiquette?

    Not only appropriate but the right thing to do. Why would you let them gain an advantage? I also don't buy the "it wasn't that competitive angle". So both sides didn't care who won? You are playing for something, maybe not money or fame or much of anything other than pride but you played which means it meant something. Otherwise why even play. Just call it a tie and go to the bar. Or just play golf and don't worry about who won. Somebody won, which means you should play by some rules. Those competitive rules would not have you giving your opponent an advantage.
  4. My bet is that Bob has lawyers on staff who he is already paying already so this isn't costing him much more than he is already paying those guys. The more interesting situation is is PXG sues retailers who are selling TM clubs. There are rumors PXG will do this and I think this is a mistake. Retailers are much more likely to carry TM clubs because of the broad appeal.
  5. Hello from SF Bay Area

    Monterey Peninsula CC Shore Course is my guess
  6. Your Final 10 Rounds

    1. Pebble Beach - Don't think this one needs much introduction or belabored comments. It is just an outstanding day. 2. Pasatiempo - I love the history of the place place plus the MacKenzie history there is palpable. 3. La Purisima - Great test of golf that most people will never hear of. The best hidden gem I have ever played. 4. Pacific Dunes - Best among the Bandon Dunes courses and a wonderful place to play 5. Portland Golf Club - Awesome old time course with a ton of history. I love it every time I get to play here. 6. PGA West Stadium - Another outstanding test of golf. 7. English Turn CC - A great golf course 8. Taconic Golf Club - Fun to play and a great course on a college campus 9. Pinehurst #2 - Played with a caddy, just how golf was meant to be. 10. CordeValle - Beautiful golf course in an outstanding setting.
  7. My Swing (NatalieB)

  8. Seattle is about 90 miles north of me so the only area I'm familiar with is Chambers Bay which is quite a bit south of Seattle. Closer to the Tacoma area. I found this thread which might help.
  9. Great news. I for one have fallen out of favor with them after a few really bad models, but through it all I still love (and wear) some of their original shoes. I am very hopeful of a revival.
  10. Airplane geek thread

    Some things never change.
  11. Airplane geek thread

    It is still there. Tons of cool planes and memorabilia. They have a water park also for the kids which is really popular.
  12. Is your Summer slipping away?

    Spokane is a pretty different weather pattern from Portland. They have a legitimate winter with snow and all that kinda stuff, they are much drier though. We can play all year but for much of the winter it ain't much fun, sloppy wet golf.
  13. Win a New Cart from Sun Mountain!

    Oh man! I wanted to win, however @Golf Grouch is probably a more deserving winner. Congrats.
  14. I think he was a professional golfer in the early 90's. At least I remember a golfer with that name. Not sure if they are related. That shaft looks like its aluminum which was a total failure as a golf shaft. If it works though, you should keep using it. I might putt with a shovel if I knew it was going to go in.