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  1. Mac O'Grady Swings

    @mvmac I see Dana teaching one of his students who plays on the European tour (Daniel I think) what looks like some CP stuff. Does he change his pattern to hit up on the driver? I would imagine CP with the driver would not be optimum for today's drivers. Any insight you have?
  2. Just Finished My Backyard Putting Green!

    Looks great! How does it putt?
  3. Prior to the 2017 Newport Cup if someone had said lets go to Pinehurst North Carolina I would have only one thought on what to do. Google Pinehurst and look only for their hotel. Boy would that have been a complete miscalculation. Talamore and Mid South both are outstanding options when someone is looking for options to stay and play in Pinehurst. Let me start with the lodging. Our red team was put in what I would describe as the perfect three bedroom condo for the six of us. The best feature...it had three full bathrooms. I think everyone was surprised by this fact. It would have been nothing to have only two, but with six guys drinking beer and eating good meals, three was a bonus beyond compare. I don't think there were many times I was waiting for a bathroom. The bedroom had two twin beds with a small TV for us to watch the World Series as @Golfingdad and I fell asleep. We had a closet, but even with the two beds in the room there was still plenty of room in the bedroom, for us not to feel cramped. In fact that bedroom was larger than many a hotel I have stayed at in Japan, just that room alone. The main living room had ample seating for all of us, with a big 3 person couch and two smaller chairs. Next to the living room was a small dinette area for a quick bite. Just behind the living room was a full good size and fully stocked (with utensils) kitchen where had we wanted to cook we would have been very easy to do. Just about anything you needed for cooking was in there. Also in there was a big full dining room. The accommodations were top notch. If I were going to make some improvements I would have done away with the full fancy dining set and put in a foosball table. The dining room served mostly as a place to store our travel golf bags. Had we wanted to eat the dinette in the living room was plenty big for all of us to eat at. I guess you could also swap out the dinette and put the foosball table there, but you catch my drift, less dining more activities for us to participate in as a group. Lastly, let me touch on the food. Breakfast each morning was served in the dining area located next to the Talamore Pro Shop. Breakfast was serviceable with mostly importantly a hot cup of coffee. The eggs weren't the best, but they had a waffle machine to make yourself a decent waffle in the morning. If breakfast is your favorite meal this won't blow you over, but it was good enough for me, and I like a good breakfast to start the day. The coup de gras of the dining was the Pigskin Thursday night. Wow, a bar-b-que cookout where everyone staying at the villas could come down and get a mountain of pulled pork and fixings. I was in heaven because I love myself some pulled pork. They had bar-b-que sauces, potato salad, regular salad, and macaroni salad. Really a nice touch. The only thing missing was beer, as luck would have it @DaveP043 brought over some beer and was kind enough to share (thank you sir) and it was a perfect finish to our Thursday matches. I would be surprised if anyone didn't enjoy that. Alright, enough about the villas, lets get to the golf. I want to start with Mid South, because quite frankly it is an outstanding facility. You get there and the first thing you get are Titleist Pro V1 range balls, lovely. The range is within walking distance, everything is within 25 yards of where you parked your car. The course itself is wonderful and the job they did replacing their greens is truly second to none. Those greens are just about the best I have played on. They were occasionally hard and didn't accept my five irons very well, but the condition was downright unbelievable. Late, and I mean late into the afternoon they were just as smooth as first thing in the morning. The course itself is challenging but fair. If I have to pick a favorite hole it is probably the par 3 sixth. A medium length par 3 with water in front of it. As @DeadMan and I found out on day 1 best not to be short. The last two holes are really great finishing holes. A very long tough par 3, followed by a mid-length par 4 with water down the right side. I played 18 with mixed results. One day making a birdie to win the match and the last day shanking one in the water to lose the hole to the ever solid @DaveP043. Talamore is also an excellent course. It meanders its way through the pine trees and offers a very enjoyable round with a number of challenging holes. Like Mid South the 18th hole is another difficult challenge with water down the left and at Talamore you need to carry a good part of it to get to the fairway. If I was to pick a favorite hole I would go with the par 3 5th. It has a unique feature of 2 tees which make the hole play very differently on each day if the course choses to do so. We only played it from the right side tees, but from there it was a great hole. Downhill but the distance must be managed carefully because too short you risk ending up in the front bunkers and too long and you'll have a fast downhill putt. All in all both course are more than certainly worth playing if you are headed out that way. If I was forced to chose to play only one, I would pick Mid South but both are lovely. The lodging was fantastic and really wonderful for a group like ours. I would more than happily recommend you take a look at Talamore Villas for your trip to Pinehurst.
  4. I must have that same positive aura thingy going on because I have the same issue with both the bathroom and range. Sometimes on the range, I will have my tripod in the spot next to me and someone will still drop their bag and give me a look until I move it. When the whole range is empty. I don't get it.
  5. Reviews - Snell My Tour Ball

    When I first started playing golf the only ball anyone ever talked about was the Titleist Tour Balata. It was the only game in town. I always bought them and felt like they were SOOO expensive. I remember a couple of years after that Maxfli offered a balata ball that was exactly $1 cheaper than the Tour Balata for a sleeve. I immediately switched because I could save a little, after a while though the Titleist seemed to perform better so I would be forced to switch back. I also vividly remember when Titleist introduced the ProV1. They were also very expensive, but in the beginning they were the only game in town. Fast forward to today and there are numerous models that are very close in terms of the performance characteristics that matter. There are all these models but they are all still very expensive. Basically $4 a ball. So I have ALWAYS been on the lookout for a ball that can perform similarly to the ProV1 but at a better price. So a few years ago when Snell hit the market I was immediately on board. When I got the first model the performance was exactly what I was looking for. It performs almost identically to the ProV1. It launches of the driver, spins wonderfully from the fairway, and is most importantly very consistent around the greens. The downside of those early balls, was the logo was obnoxiously big. It was very gaudy. But over time Snell has thinned out the logo and now the ball is a pleasure to play. The biggest benefits of the Snell ball are all of the performance metrics are exactly where good players want them, but with two big improvements. One is the durability. I can play the Snell MTB ball and it can be hard to tell that I have played 18 holes. With many of the other premium balls on the market a 85 yard wedge usually leaves couple of gouges on the ball. Not with the Snell. The second benefit is painting the MTB arrow logo right on the seam of the dimples. This is a simple thing, but I like the symmetry it creates. It is also shows an attention to detail ala Steve Jobs and the iPhone where you when the get the details right it implies you did the big things right. For the Newport Cup we were lucky enough to get balls with the logo of the Newport Cup printed right on the ball. It is sort of big, but it is a great memento of the event. I get questions all the time from my playing partners about the ball. "What is a Snell?" is the common question. I tell them it is ProV1 performance at a budget price point. They are almost immediately interested. Who doesn't want that?
  6. Reviews - TRUE Linkswear Elements Pro

    My relationship with True shoes has spanned many years and many different models. To start True had what I still consider today the best shoe that has ever been sold the Proto. I have 4 pairs and all are already 3+ years and perform like new. Wide toe box, zero heel drop which gives the feel that you aren't even wearing shoes. Over the years I have purchased at least one of every model. Then starting in about 2014 something changed. The shoes that True was making where frankly subpar. The main issue was with the waterproofing. They were not only not protective of allowing water in but I would sweat like a madman in them. They didn't breath and leaked like a sieve. So when True introduced the Elements line I was extremely apprehensive. I had moved to the Pacific Northwest and need a shoe that is waterproof and need it to breath so that I don't get wet socks. Being out in 45 degree weather rain and wet socks turns golf into a death march. A few of the other guys on TST had purchased the Elements and were pretty happy. So I took to plunge. I bought the Elements without the spikes called the because I had enjoyed the spikeless models of the proto. I was intrigued to get the spiked version but opted not to get the "Pro" version. I was immediately happy with True again. The Elements was a move in the right direction for True. So far I have had no problems with waterproofing and they breathe extremely well. For the Newport Cup we received a pair of Elements Pro in white. It is nice compliment to the Hybrid black version I bought in the Spring this year. If I was to compare I would highly recommend the spiked Pro model. While I don't find that I am slipping with the spikeless model, it doesn't feel as "firm" underfoot as the spiked model. You can see from the pictures that there are a few differences between the Hybrid and the Pro versions. All are beneficial towards the Pro model. The Pro is extremely comfortable from the first wear. With any other shoe I would be extremely concerned about playing 90 holes of golf with a brand new shoe without a battery of bandaids. Not with True. Very comfortable right from the start. They cradle your feet and make them feel very comfortable. The fit is comfortable and easy to wear right out of the box. I only have two complaints about the Elements model. One is the toe box is not as big as the earlier models. This is not a major issue for me as I have a pretty narrow foot. But over time the older models were more comfortable than the Elements are. The second is the area where your foot bends, just behind the toes can wear excessively and even tear. The hybrid pair I have has a pretty sizable hole in that area, it doesn't seem to affect the performance of the shoe, like no water is getting in, but it doesn't look great. I am interested to see if the Pro's show any improvement in that area over time. Overall the Elements line from True is an enormous step in the right direction from where they were headed. I am extremely impressed with the improvement they have shown in this model. As True starts to introduce more models I will likely partake in those new models in the future.
  7. Reviews - Mission Canvas Belts

    Because of my connections (mainly @iacas) I was able to get my hands one some of the early versions of the Mission Belts that came out. They became an immediate part of my wardrobe. In fact until I got my first one I rarely, if ever, wore a belt. I hated them, mainly because I would struggle to find one that fit because the holes would be spaced either too far apart or even worst begin to wear and then tear the hole that the belt loop would go into. With the Mission Belts there are no holes and the belts fit perfectly. The "teeth" are spaced very near to each other making fine adjustments very easily, especially after a big meal, if you know what I mean. Additionally because there are no holes the belts last forever. I have two that I got from @iacas nearly 3 years ago and they perform like new, and I use them at least 1-2 times a week. That means over 200 days of service and they are like new. At the Newport Cup we received the new model which adds canvas into the fold. I really liked the leather so I probably wouldn't have bought the canvas unless well they had been given to us at the Newport Cup and that was a major miscalculation on my part. Now I'm not sure I would buy a leather one again. The canvas are AWESOME. They have the structure of the leather versions I've had before but still look very stylish and a slightly but professionally more casual than the leather counterparts. This image shows the contrast of the red belt the West Coast team got that really looks great with jeans. The buckle is bright but not overwhelming. The way that the buckle works is the same as the previous models. On the bottom there is a lever that must be pulled back to release the lever which catches on the teeth which are sewn into the belt itself. I will say this process does take some time to figure out when you first get your Mission Belt. But now after a couple of years of having them I can get them off and in place in a few seconds. The ease of the lever system really starts to grow on you. With the Mission Belt you can cut the belt itself to fit you. The excellent Talamore suites that we stayed in did not have a pair of scissors but because of the canvas material we could cut the belt with a kitchen knife. You then plug the cut end into the bottom of the buckle and lock it into place. The biggest change I noticed on the canvas version was the fitting guide on the backside of the belt. With the leather you could size it yourself and then cut, but the measuring guide on the canvas made it easy know know what size you were cutting the belt too. You can see an image of the sizing guide here. The things that I will be looking for with the canvas will be the durability of the stitching and also the canvas material itself. The leather is extremely durable but one would likely expect that with leather. The stitching has also been durable but that is stitched into leather so I will be interested to see how the belt holds to the beating I am likely to give it because of how much I like it. My red and grey belts are likely to get a enormous amount of use so it will be interesting to see how they hold up over time.
  8. On most weekends my standard repair tool for the few greens I hit is a tee. The challenge I face with using a tee, is my standard driving tee is really long and when occasionally when I stick the tee in ground I break the tee. Bad for me. So at the Newport Cup when I received two brand new divot repair tools from PitchFix I was very excited to give them. The first thing you'll notice when you pick them up is how well they fit your hand. This plus the switchblade nature of the design. My generation grew up with somewhat of a fascination with switchblades. I remember as a kid wanting one because of the utility of carrying the knife without having the blade. My parents would never get me one so I was stuck using the "switchblade comb". It was really popular with my generation. We were given two different models along with a very handy hat clip for the ballmarker. I used all of these extensively because of how useful each of them is. The first model the Fusion 2.5 is the coolest looking of the bunch, it is more of a switchblade pitchfork, what an awesome concept. For the harder greens at Talamore and Mid-South this was the perfect tool. You could slip it under and simply pull up and the grass would be as though your ball never hit it. Very handy. I carried it for each of the rounds that we played in North Carolina. I have found since coming home to the softer Poa Annua greens of the Pacific Northwest that the Fusion 2.5 isn't the ideal tool for the job. Our greens leave gaping holes. Like this one. For pitch marks like this I find that the Fusion 2.5 is not the ideal tool. The good news for this is we also received a Hybrid 2.0. This is the perfect tool for these kinds of marks. The Hybrid 2.0 is very solid construction and still keeps the switchblade coolness intact. I can easily pull out the Hybrid 2.0 and get the green looking like new again. It also has a benefit function which I love for a place to rest clubs when I am on the green. And both include a ball marker which comes in handy when I don't want to lay my club down in the wet grass. The hat clip is something I can say I thought I would never like. But I can say after using it at the Newport Cup I really started to like it. It has a pretty self explanatory use case so I won't go too into it, but basically you always have a mark nearby without digging in your pockets and pulling out 6 tees while trying to find a mark. The hat clip is easy to add to your hat and makes a nice gift for corporate outings with logos and the like. These 3 items were great to use and thank you to PitchFix for being a sponsor of the Newport Cup.
  9. Reviews - Headcovers by Delilah

    Prior to coming to the Newport Cup I had not seen or heard about a head cover for alignment sticks. Simply the thought never crossed my mind. But once I saw them my immediate thought was "wow, that is exactly what I need". Alignment sticks are now very common in most serious golfers bags. You can use them when warming up to work on target work, or stick them in the ground to help you avoid something in your swing. But these alignment sticks can often be really ugly colors or not match the colors in the rest of your bag. Especially if you buy the cheapy driveway markers from Home Depot. Now with the the Delilah alignment head covers you can find a color that matches your bag and makes those ugly alignment sticks look beautiful. The material of the alignment covers is sturdy and well built. The outside looks like leather although I am pretty sure it is not but it still feels very high end. The inside is a soft felt that might be found as a liner of a warm winter jacket. Not that your alignment sticks need to be warm but if they did the covers would work wonderfully. Mine was red for our west coast team colors and it matches my bag wonderfully, specifically my red head cover for my TaylorMade Spyder putter. The head cover also has a image of the Newport Cup in white along with the year of the Newport Cup I participated in. This is an outstanding giveaway to memorialize a tournament like the Newport Cup or any other tournament you might be playing in. This for me is the biggest benefit that these alignment covers offer. If I was running a tournament and wanted to provide a giveaway for the event this would be one of the first items I would consider. It is a great memento of the event. I can say that before receiving this alignment cover I would have never thought about this kind of solution. I think it is a great giveaway for playing in any kind of tournament or even to make sure your bag looks good even you have those pesky alignment sticks.
  10. Unless you have a set with aluminum shafts (which you should throw away immediately) I have never run into a problem with buying today's shafts and plugging them into older irons. I don't think shaft diameters for irons have changed much over time. There are some old Hogan clubs I had that had a pin in the hosel but I have become really good at removing them now. It takes some work but a punch will do the job. You don't even need to replace the punch just stick the new shaft in.
  11. Couple of thoughts here. 1. Lofts. They are going to be way off modern clubs. 1-1.5 clubs, sometimes 2 full clubs different than today's clubs. This means you need to be prepared to drop any gap wedges you might have and fill the top half with hybrids. Also you have to put your pride away because you'll be hitting 1-2, sometimes 3 clubs more than your buddies. You can tell them they are older, blah blah, but still. I tried putting the lofts to normal clubs of today, but the trouble with that is you have to bend them so far you start to play with the bounce even giving some of the clubs a negative bounce. Which is okay if your a really good player, but not so good if your a weekend warrior like myself. They could be very unforgiving. 2. Shafts. You should definitely replace them. I have found that most shafts in older clubs like you are talking about are very far away from today's shafts. That is a must. My club has a few tournaments a year where you can't play any clubs newer than 1985 and it is a blast. The persimmon heads and older irons are fun. We even occasionally bust out balata balls. But I wouldn't play anything that old today in my bag regularly.
  12. nc2017-033.jpg

    Yup, that looks like me.
  13. mchepp

  14. If I played from DJ's drives.... Golf would be really really fun. I'd only need to take about 7 full swings a round, the rest would be half wedges. Oh...and this wedge whisper guy can bugger off. He is a poor man's Dave Pelz.
  15. When does the PGA Tour season start for you?

    I'll watch a few of the events leading to the Masters, but the season definitely starts at Augusta.

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