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  1. My Swing (kpaulhus)

    Great work @kpaulhus
  2. I find many of GG's videos interesting. His style for me isn't the best. He is all over the place, but @mvmac has said his stuff comes from Como, so at a base level it is pretty good. I don't think a golfer has to exaggerate the Snead squat move that he does. For example when I watch Dana's videos I don't see him emphasizing that move nearly as much. They both talk in great detail about shaft flattening but Dana does not seem to have his students squatting quite as much as GG's.
  3. Ice Skating Redux - Tonya Harding

    I really enjoyed it. They maybe went a bit overboard with the mother character but I liked the style in which they decided to tell the story.
  4. Ice Skating Redux - Tonya Harding

    I know this thread isn't about the movie, but you should see the movie. That topic is addressed. I don't know for sure, but if I was guessing I would say it has something to do with the MONEY.
  5. Mark Crossfield vs. Taylormade

    To me your example of him saying this is worst and the other one is best is taking a viewpoint that is too black and white. If he did that he'd never get to review anything ever again, plus he'd lose all his viewers because everyone would know his reviews are meaningless. What he can do is hide certain inadequacies of one product and highlight (gently) deficiencies of the other product. These differences are minor but might sway a buyer. I don't think it is unfair for TaylorMade to want the impression of impartiality from the person doing reviews of their product. I mean I would certainly wonder about a review of the new iPhone from a Samsung employee, would you not? By taking the "sponsorship" he is basically a Titleist employee. I think the perception of impartiality is hard for most people to accept from one person working at a competitor of the other.
  6. Ice Skating Redux - Tonya Harding

    She frequents the skating arena that my daughter goes to. So I have spoken to her a couple of times. Not detailed and of course not about the incident or anything to do with it. In my opinion, she's been through a lot and has had zero training or coping mechanism to deal with it. She made a mistake and quite frankly she has paid her debt to society for that mistake. It is time for everyone to move on, including her.
  7. Mark Crossfield vs. Taylormade

    I watch Crossfield from time to time because I like how he integrates parts of his life into the videos. Like we occasionally see his daughters and son and a mix of golf instruction to boot. I first saw the video where he is being sponsored by Titleist but I didn't really watch it, I just skipped through to the announcement and I thought when I first saw it that he would stop some of the reviews once he made this decision. I guess naively. Then I watched the full TaylorMade video and I don't completely agree with Mark. For one, he should not expect if he is going to take sponsorship money from someone that he should get to continue to get equipment from other manufacturers. Although he does tend to be fair in his reviews, it is just hard for me to completely believe he is being impartial knowing he has a lean towards one manufacturer. If I was head of TaylorMade I'd probably do the same thing. The one thing I would not do, is send a letter saying it was because he was sponsored by Titleist. I would have rather sent a letter saying something like sorry we don't have any more to give you. Just to avoid letting him act like a martyr as he is now. "TaylorMade hate me" is probably a highly watched video just because of the name. By sending the letter they let him capitalize on what he claims is their bad will. I think this was a marketing miss on TaylorMade's part.
  8. My Swing (virtuoso)

    I have discovered the problem....you are practicing in winter in short sleeves! You need to get a large winter jacket which will restrict your backswing. It'll fix everything.
  9. So is an Apple Watch worth it?

    Yeah, this was my concern. I will sometimes leave the bag quite a distance from the tee and it would be better to utilize the GPS from the watch itself.
  10. So is an Apple Watch worth it?

    I was asking for golf specific ones. Sorry for the lack of clarity. I use SwingxSwing. It's decent but wonder if anyone else used something that utilized the GPS in the watch itself. I think the SwingxSwing is still using the GPS in the phone.
  11. So is an Apple Watch worth it?

    Does anyone know if there is a GPS app that works with the phone? Would be another use that I could find useful.
  12. Mac O'Grady Swings

    Well said here @mvmac
  13. Mac O'Grady Swings

    Excellent post @mvmac. I would like to know about these often misunderstood additional pressure points. One near the armpit and one in the right ankle? I've heard about them but not seen any details. Are they imaginary? Do they actually mean anything? Last question (for now) was or is there any component of counterfall (or named something else by him) that is a part of a CP swing?
  14. Mac O'Grady Swings

    Show me a swing anywhere on the interwebs where you know what he is trying to with the ball. I have not seen one where someone says Mac is demonstrating high fade, or high draw. I just see swings without knowing what he is demonstrating. By closing his stance he could simply be shifting a baseline to demonstrate something to a student he was teaching. The closest I saw anyone demonstrate something was David Orr back when he taught full swings (he is an excellent putting coach now). But even then it was cryptic and once we found out even a little detail from it he brought it down.
  15. Mac O'Grady Swings

    I see that you are pretty new @TTGolf77 so you might not know that we have discussed this only about 50 times. An instructors playing ability or swing quality (whatever that means) has no bearing on their capability to teach. Butch Harmon is a great teacher (determined mostly by Golf Digest or whatever) and his swing is fine but isn't that great compared to his star students. Foley, swings decently enough but not that great compared to Justin Rose. There's just no correlation. So this means the conversation needs to be about the information that is being discussed here. If you disagree with one of @iacas points, great point it out. Don't like something @mvmac pointed out regarding some of the great things Mac learned early on again have a go, but no conversations about their swings. There is tons of information already in this thread worth debating we don't need to debate someone's swing.

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