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  1. Counterfeit is no doubt an issue, but because you can return for essentially any reason you can get the clubs, call the manufacturer and check the serial numbers in the first couple of days. If they don't check out you can send them back free of charge. They have definitely skewed things to the buyers benefit. eBay has gone from buyer beware to seller beware. So I think counterfeit is less of an issue than in the past.
  2. To me, fees are an issue, but the main issue is eBay's onerous return policy. The person can return for just about any reason and you have to pay for shipping. I am fine with a return policy where the buyer pays the return shipping but they force you to take the return for whatever reason the person feels like, even they are lying, and you have to pay the posting fee, and the shipping charges. Basically I didn't make any money on the sale of my last set after having it returned. I am definitely interested in seeing if there are other better ways to sell clubs.
  3. By visiting a knowledgeable* local teaching professional or visiting http://evolvr.thegolfevolution.com/ *Not all teaching professionals are knowledgeable. You need to first make sure they understand the idea @iacas told you that the path was the problem. Otherwise you might spend many months going the wrong direction.
  4. Your argument isn't that good either. Does a Rolex tell time 1,000 times better than a Casio? No. Does it fit your wrist better than a $10 Casio. No. I guess you are running around telling people on the street wearing a Rolex that they made a vanity purchase? Or maybe you are running down folks who drive BMW's or Harley's to convince them they have a vanity problem also? People buy what suits them. Just because you think it is a vanity purchase doesn't make it so. Fundamentally your are right, people buying these clubs are mostly those with ALOT of disposable income, but to be fair when PXG came out Parsons was very clear about who his market was for the clubs. Rich folks. However, as in my example I can see someone who is upgrading to new clubs every 3 years justifying a purchase for these clubs if they kept them for 10 years. That's all.
  5. In my mind this a lease versus buy type of argument. The idea being if you plan to use the car for 10 years you are better off buying it, but if you want to get the latest model you are better off leasing. This all goes out the window however if you have the disposable income to buy every 3 years. I don't have that disposable income so I think the best way to consider it is more like an investment. If you buy the PXG irons and use them for 10 years while the initial investment is high, if you use them for 10 years and not buy any of the newer models on the market it really that bad of a deal. We golfers tend to upgrade every few years to the latest model so if after 10 years if the regular club costs $100 per club and you upgrade every 3 years it roughly equals the $300 per club of the PXG iron. I think one could justify it but you just need to be disciplined to no longer upgrade for roughly 10 years. For me, I like getting the new models too much to consider the PXG irons. But, one day that could change.
  6. mchepp

    Home course flyover

    All of these are really great to see.
  7. mchepp

    Graphite Shaft Irons

    I have dabbled with some graphite shafts recently. I have noticed that there is virtually no increase in club head speed, but I do notice that I am able to hit the ball MUCH higher which does help with stopping the ball on the green.
  8. For me it is no worse than what Kenny Perry did in 2009 at the FBR (Phoenix). In fact I'd argue that what Perry did was much worse. The ball when from invisible to visible. In 2009, the feedback from most everyone was that what Perry did was typical for most golfers and not a penalty. To me, if what Perry did was not a penalty then Spieth did not cross the line either. https://www.golfdigest.com/story/kenny-perry-did-he-or-didnt-he This is just one of those things that is going to be hard to police.
  9. mchepp

    Yardages Throughout the Bag

    Somehow I missed this the first go around. I am firmly in the purple and the iron distances are not right. I hit my 7 iron about 155 this has something like 144. So it is about one club short in the irons. I hit my 4 wood about 210 so a bit longer than in the purple chart.
  10. Well, 2 thoughts. Since you are looking for thoughts. 1. Post the number from the GC2 so we can see more what you are talking about. There are experts here who when the see can help to decipher some suggestions. 2. This one is my recommendation, post your swing in a swing thread. Best way to get good advice around here.
  11. mchepp

    Why Don't More Clubs Paint The Holes?

    But wait...it should be helpful because it says "Par Aide" on the bottle. It must then aid me in making par, no?
  12. mchepp

    My 2018 Masters Trip

    Sounds fantastic. Be sure to include some photos of the courses and the trip.
  13. mchepp

    Miura Story

    Very cool.
  14. Boy this brings back some memories. This was my first full set of clubs. I played them all the way through high school. They were fantastic irons. If you want to sell them eBay is going to be the place to do so. I recommend you start them at a price you feel is comfortable for you and let the market see if it is higher than that, or if they don't sell if they are lower than that. There are a number of guys who search eBay looking for older clubs that are brand new. A few guys at my club play a tournament series where they can having nothing in their bag newer than 1990 and they are always on the lookout for older clubs that are in new condition. I will say though, they aren't looking to pay $1,000 for them, you'll need a collector for that but if the collector is out there they'll be searching eBay when your clubs are there.
  15. mchepp

    Quest from 6 handicap to plus golf in a year

    Glad to see you have a goal and a plan. I will be following you closely as I am about a 6 or so now but with limited practice capabilities (a wife and a kiddo) so I will interested to see if you are able to breakthrough to the plus side.

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