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  1. I wonder even if the Am driver was the first one hit or the best of a grouping. I used to play fairly regularly with a few Web Tour pros and they would routinely hit their 6 iron past me. My best drive would get even with their 5 iron. Best though, not even average.
  2. For me it was growing up watching Greg Norman. Loved watching his style.
  3. mchepp

    Who is on Golf's Mount Rushmore?

    For mine I want to find the best of each of the important categories in golf. Architecture, Teaching, Playing, popularizing. Yeah, the last one is loose so it'll be debatable, but nonetheless this is my list. 1. Architecture - Alister MacKenzie . Has Augusta and Cypress Point in the portfolio. This could be debated but he is my pick as the most influential designer. 2. Teaching - Harvey Penick. Yes, there are better teachers, in fact many of the really good ones come from my generation, but if we have to pick a father of teaching I was torn between Davis Love Jr and Penick, and went with Penick. 3. Playing - Tiger. Jack is close but there is little true argument that Tiger is better 4. Popularizing - Arnie. Did the most to popularize the game.
  4. mchepp

    Golf Myths Running Topic

    I am eagerly awaiting the all putts break towards Rae's Creek myth.
  5. Jeff Mann returns again from out of the wilderness.
  6. @iacas, I am interested in your opinion on "when" you think instruction has gotten better. I do agree it has gotten better, smarter people are much more recognized now as being worth listening to. Also the the ubiquity of slow motion cameras. But I think it is a recent trend, I am wondering your opinion?
  7. mchepp

    Mike's Improvement

    Welcome @michaels333. You have shown some outstanding progress. You should be very proud. The good news is that with your swing speed you still have a good amount of improvement room left. My only suggestion is to recommend "Lowest Score Wins". You can find plenty of detail here on the site about the book but it will help you to decide where to spend that limited time you have to practice. I think this is going to be extremely important for you. Here is the website for the book. Lowest Score Wins - Shoot Lower Scores on the Golf Course NOW Shoot lower scores on the golf course… NOW! It would also be great if you created a journal on here on the forum for your progress. Initially many people might not comment but the more information you put up the more people will engage with you. Good luck and I look forward to reading about your progress.
  8. While at the Newport Cup the Blue team was so wonderfully managed by @iacas, however, since that win they have horribly mismanaged the handling of the Cup tour.
  9. Thank you. This is wild rule to have to figure out. Do we as a group decide if we are going to play this before we tee off? How is everyone thinking they are going to handle this?
  10. Sorry for the stupid question, but which one is this?
  11. mchepp

    My Swing (phillyk)

  12. I voted about the same but in reality I had spend so much effort to learn the rules as they are now, any change is going to mean relearning those details again. The major feeling for me is how depressed I am they kept the flagstick in on the green rule. Why they needed to change this confounds me.
  13. mchepp

    Downswing Rule #1 - Don't Hit Your Instructor

    That is on the instructor. He should be more aware of what he is asking the student to do.
  14. I was very late to this thread because I was a slow Netflix adopter. I am in now. About 2 weeks ago I finished the first season. After watching the first season and reading information available on the web I was 98% sure he was guilty. And was content to walk away. My wife convinced me to start the second season. I have not finished it yet, but after 2 episodes I am less sure of my position. His new lawyer, while made for TV, and probably 50% full of bullshit is at the very least a really good investigator. In the second episode she talks about dogs that were never mentioned in anything I had seen before, and they spent a great deal of time in the neighboring quarry. Where coincidentally the pelvis was found but that was a detail sort of slipped over as well. Much of what she has done is nonsense, like the brain testing or whatever, just really hard to know what the hell that was about, but some has drawn some questions. Like the DNA from sweat and how the amount of signal that came from his DNA more or less means he would have had to lick the hood opening. Or if his DNA was on the latch why no fingerprints. Or the introduction of the dogs. I am still in the 90% he did it camp. But I will say the new lawyer is a pretty good storyteller and therefore worth watching for her entertainment value.
  15. @dennyjones is right, a video is going to give us way more input to start helping you. Any advice someone gives based on feels is most likely wrong. The amazing thing for me is how much I have learned about my swing since taking video close to 15 years ago. Really eye opening and to be honest my camera is nearest thing I have to a 15th club (my rangefinder often fights hard for that 15th spot as well). I have gotten to a point where I won’t hit balls on the range (for practice, not warming up) where I won’t have my camera with me to record to see if I am making proper progress. If you want to be a serious golfer a camera and some sort of tripod (or camera holding apparatus) is one of the best investments you can make in your game. It is the only way to verify you are doing what you think you are. Bonus for you, all the latest smartphones have cameras even better than the dedicated cameras I had 15 years ago. The resolution is higher, the frame rate better, we have it SOOOO much better now than we did back then. So there’s no excuse. The only investment is a camera holding apparatus and you are on your way.

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