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  1. I watched the first half and I felt like @DeadMan It was well done. The high school girlfriend was a bit strange at times but otherwise it was a nice view into his life. I am very skeptical of part 2. They intro’d with the supposed madam. That can’t be a good sign. Either way, I’ll watch it.
  2. I agree that this news isn't great. He came in at a pretty unstable time and not only stabilized but moved things in a positive direction.
  3. I have played some really enjoyable rounds with strangers. I am a people watcher by nature and you can learn so much about someone after 4 hours of golf. Plus now with COVID they give you your own cart making the least pleasant part (trying to figure out what kind of cart partner you have) much better. I would say 90% of the things that bug me about pairing up come from riding (or driving) with someone else in the cart.
  4. So many dang things to think about over the ball. No wonder golf takes so long!
  5. Here is the view from Sheep Ranch. Not as stunning in my opinion but one of the many ocean views. I think the first hole has the best view though. So many possibilities from this spot. this is the view from the fairway on 1. really nice.
  6. Wow, if this thread doesn't make you feel a bit better about the world not sure what would. Thank you for sharing your recovery plan @Greg 504 and also a hardy (virtual COVID approved) high five to @StuM for checking in.
  7. I have been watching lately because they are touring Oregon in the recent season. Interesting to see how they position each course. I think this is because of the links style Bandon goes for.
  8. Hmm, lots of theories that aren't that different than what he is stating. Martin Ayers called his "bow and crossbow". Martin also loved long hard to stay focused on youtube videos. (I admit to skipping around on this one) He is wrong when he says it is on plane here That clubface is WIDE open and unless he compensates, a slice, push, mostly bad things will happen. His lead wrist is in cupped. Yuck! The golf swing has so many things going on. Much of what he is saying is good stuff, however, I think other instructors do a better job simplifying it. Shorter videos that taken
  9. If you stay with Footjoy stay with the medium. It will likely be a bit long, but the elastic is so bad better to go with the proper sizing.
  10. As someone who plays roughly 6 month of the year with rain gear I feel qualified to say, most, if not all rain gear is an enormous struggle to fit. Let’s start with pants. They are ALWAYS too long with a waist that is not matching, usually too small. Foot-Joys pants are lousy elastic in the waist and I have to wear a clip at the bottom to avoid dragging my pants all over the golf course. Nike has the best in my opinion. Sizing is easier and not ridiculously long length. Jackets rarely offer much “give”. Most are hard to swing in. I have purchased the $250 top of the line, s
  11. Augusta National giving patrons rare chance to purchase merchandise online For the first time, Augusta National is offering online shopping -- but only to patrons who are on... Seems like all of us could find someone with tickets and get Masters gear. I had a friend go in 2010 and my hat could use an upgrade.
  12. Sounds very interesting. Thank you for sharing the opportunity @cipher Particularly your accommodations, that is awesome. Similar to @DaveP043 I am in interested but undecided camp. I would like to keep an eye on it as it gets a little closer.
  13. I saw this when I was searching for Monarch Bay. Looks really cool.
  14. Lincoln Park is a fun track. Have you tried Presidio? If your willing to drive a little Monarch Bay in San Leandro is decent.
  15. Pebble is a wonderful course, however I doubt you'll remember much about the green conditions. Maybe how small they are. Hmm. Seems you should do some reading on the forum here about green reading info from the smart guys like @iacas if you feel grain is affecting your putts. The only time Poa is really bad is sometimes in the spring when it tries to flower. Now though most greenkeepers know how to keep that at bay. I feel you'll learn to like it. Where exactly in the Bay are you living? I left 5 years ago, but still know many of the good spots.
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