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  1. Lots of good golfers bend their left arm. Post a swing for yourself and we can determine if it is hurting your swing.
  2. What's all this practicing going on here? None of this is good for us who wear red in October. Our only hope is you tire yourself out with all this practicing.
  3. I do think that a certain amount of forearm strength is required to do this. I recommend finding some exercises for your forearms if you want to strengthen this move. That said, you really aren't listening to @iacas, he is saying this is not something you need to worry about today. There are other things more critical that will help you straighten out your ballflight before worrying about twisting the shaft.
  4. In today's news world being right has far less importance that it did before the explosion of social media. Seems he might have figured out the social media thing pretty well. Nobody really cares if its real or right just if its juicy. Sad comment on our society. And if your wondering, yes, I am an old guy complaining.
  5. I hit foam balls in my living room down the entry corridor.
  6. This weekend has potential for the completion of the vLog. Crossing my fingers.
  7. I have lived in both places and it is DEFINITELY NOT a Bay Area thing.
  8. Ah, the Dan Plan. I wouldn't change anything I said in my article roughly a year ago. I feel that was the best post mortem we were going to get. I mentioned in that article that we were not going to hear anything more about this from him. I get the inspiration part the new article is speaking too, but in reality that sound an awful lot like people looking for a silver lining. If I called Dan I would not be surprised to have him put a positive spin on things, like saying the inspirational part was the best part. I find that Portland business and folks who live here do that, it is definitely part of the culture here. I think it was wrong to ask for money and then just leave the game. Hopefully those that donated got something they wanted out of it. But to be fair to Dan, I have seen this happen with podcasts, other gofundme professional golfers, and many other things were people ask for money and the abruptly quit whatever it was they are doing. Seems to be a little bit of a thing these days. It doesn't make it right, but it is happening. The saying "Invest at your own risk" is even more important in this day and age. Dan is not the only one. The nagging thing about the Dan Plan for me, is this had so much potential. The opportunity to test something that is argued about until this day. Oh well, guess we'll have to carry on arguing about it.
  9. I remember stories where they have damned the creek to allow players to hit out of it. I can remember if they did that recently or back then. If it didn't have any water in it, one might call it a ditch.
  10. I like Rory being honest. Please keep it up Rory. (I know how he loves to lurk here on TST so for sure he's gonna read this ) The golfing powers that be keep talking about growing the game of golf, and I feel that one of the main areas that needs to improve is allowing everyone access to the game. It should not look and feel like an old mans game, but be inclusive and allow anyone who wants to play a chance to do so.
  11. I really want to blame LeadPoison for this, but I don't think even he would recommend this. I think she is off the reservation with this swing.
  12. I'd say sometimes. It sounds to me like you are trying to make a correlation of a really good round your shot to the people you played with and I doubt there is a strong correlation.
  13. I have argued against bifurcation for a while now. There were cries for different rules for professionals during the "anchoring" discussion. My reasons for not bifurcating is that the game played by professionals is already very different than the game us amateurs play. The idea that amateurs will enjoy the game more if there are different rules has yet to materialize. If golf wants to be friendlier it needs to make 2 changes. There needs to be MORE enforcement of policies on slow play. Touring professionals need to be the first to speed up. More, many more 2 stroke penalties need to be handed out...I am looking at you Jason Day and Jordan Speith. The second is better instruction so that people get better faster. An enormous amount of professionals hand out crap information and people get frustrated and quit sooner than they should. There needs to be an overhaul of the ways professionals are taught. Figuring out how to sell shirts at the pro shop will not generate any more new golfers, give those golfers proper information to get better faster. Some of the rules are good suggestions. Some are not, but whatever is agreed the pros should embrace also.
  14. Both are excellent choices.
  15. Watching the transition I start saying "oh god, this is going to be awful..." Then he starts doing many good things and it ends up pretty good from A4.5 on.