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  1. Spokane is a pretty different weather pattern from Portland. They have a legitimate winter with snow and all that kinda stuff, they are much drier though. We can play all year but for much of the winter it ain't much fun, sloppy wet golf.
  2. Oh man! I wanted to win, however @Golf Grouch is probably a more deserving winner. Congrats.
  3. I think he was a professional golfer in the early 90's. At least I remember a golfer with that name. Not sure if they are related. That shaft looks like its aluminum which was a total failure as a golf shaft. If it works though, you should keep using it. I might putt with a shovel if I knew it was going to go in.
  4. I remember very clearly having this feeling about using my first Titanium driver. It was ENORMOUSLY larger than my previous driver and it felt like cheating. Interestingly since that point there haven't been many times I felt this way. Kinda with the Pro V1 when it first came out it also felt like a big technology jump.
  5. I read a tweet (can't remember who) saying Bones is interested in pursuing a career in television. I would be interested in what he has to say so I think that would be a good transition for him.
  6. Hi @Let it Fly , I don't want to derail what you are working on, but I thought I'd add some thoughts. 1. This looks MUCH better. You're A2 is miles better than it was. You are set up for success here. Trouble for me starts when you get to A4 and then A5. When you get to A4 your left wrist is cupped. This by itself is not bad, but then when you go to A5 you pull your hands straight down and you steepen the shaft with a cupped wrist. Bad, very bad. You now are going to have to make compensations to hit the ball straight. You can see in this shot your right wrist is cupped, like I said fine, but I rather it was flat, to slightly bowed. Here is where the trouble is. Wrist is still cupped, hand pulled the club head straight down and steepened the shaft with an open face. You have plenty of rotation so you are better off than most folks but by making some changes in your transition to flatten the lead wrist and flatten the shaft will help you quite a bit. Here is a thread to check out.
  7. So it depends. We get rain from mid October to mid June, during that period we will get about 40-50 inches of rain. If we get enough rainy days in a row, the range will close during a few months of the winter. Mostly because balls will plug in the mud and get lost. Gets expensive to lose all those balls. So we do close. One of the big projects for the next year is to put more drainage into the range area to keep it open even during those bad few months.
  8. I would love to win a Sun Mountain Speed Cart GT in Silver. I walk every round I play now and renting from random golf courses can get sketchy. Rickshaws were not meant to be used for golf. With the Speed Cart's small foldable size it can fit in my trunk and I can take it anywhere.
  9. I played this weekend and did my best to analyze my mistakes as best I could. I paid special attention to each bogey or worse and what happened. My unofficial analyze says that the graph in the OP gives too much credit to 5 handicappers being so close with strategic and execution mistakes. I would say I made maybe one strategic mistake and 6 maybe more execution mistakes.
  10. Hi there @hack2scratch. Have you checked out this thread? Lots of pictures and conversations on posture. I think you should check this out and maybe post your question there within that conversation.
  11. Looking forward to it.
  12. Mr. Reliable. We can count on you for immediate consumption. Where can we find a running "top 10" from you? I am interested in seeing what videos would make that list. Outstanding!
  13. You make a fair point about how an instructor doesn't have to have won a PGA Tour event to be a good instructor. It is not a prerequisite. The trouble everyone has, is folks claiming to have a secret. After a person spends x amount of dollars they will get the secret. It is like Chris Rock said "There is no sex in the Champagne room". The idea being there is no secret. Instructors shouldn't claim there is one. Improvement is a road, a very long one wrought with distractions, curves, bumps, all sorts of stuff. Many of us don't have the patience or athletic ability to do many of things that instructors ask us to do. You need to find your own road. If it is Mike Austin, great, do it. Post your progress weekly, monthly, whatever and enjoy the ride. Share it with us. For what its worth, what I look for in an instructor is someone who has taken regular joe's like me who sit in front of computers for most of the day and improves us. Taking a athletic kid and making him swing great is nice to see, but far from making a hack like me better. Show me videos of 45 year old men who are 15 handicappers making (and most importantly maintaining) improvements. That is the kind of thing that interest me.