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  1. I just finished my work on day 5. Sorry I am slow. Here is my video from my session. These videos are great @iacas.
  2. Capitalism at work. I am surprised that the designer left it on his "projects" page considering it was so awful. Maybe it was his first job, and then he got better.
  3. I have played it a few times, but I always feel it is tough format for me. When you hit a bad shot playing your own ball you accept that your are gonna have to punch out and take your medicine. For example, I am decent half wedge player. So I feel very comfortable taking my medicine after a bad drive and hitting it to 75 yards. With alternate shot someone else has to take your medicine. Your partner may not like the 75 yard wedge and so when I punch out to that distance the team struggles. So I feel a game mismatch can make the format stressful.
  4. Sadly this probably won't even cover his wine bill. He doesn't even bother with a glass for a $650 bottle of wine.
  5. I think this decision is a net loss for Phil. Sure, he may get a check for some millions of dollars (for his family as you say) but Phil's best asset at the moment is his brand. I think this is a negative brand decision and will end up costing him more than that big check. So I have no "holy" view as you say, I am looking at it from a business decision, and I think this hurts more than it helps. It is a PR fail, plain and simple. There has a been a backlash for the companies who took money from the Vision Fund. I think it has hurt their brands. I also think all of the players doing this are making a mistake. However, I don't think any of them have as big of a brand as Phil does. Phil has the most brand value to lose with this decision.
  6. I think this is PR fail for Phil. For the record I like Phil, but this was a mistake. Endorsement or not, he should apologize and skip it.
  7. I find this to be such a subjective assessment. For example, the golf guru site that this sits on ranks Bandon Dunes as #11, but I have played it and Pasatiempo (#151) multiple times, and I find Pasatiempo to be a much more enjoyable course. More history, more memorable holes, etc. Heck I even like Trails more than Dunes. I have played a 0. The Ranch Golf Club in San Jose. Ugh, I get nightmares thinking about it.
  8. This push cart does look really stylish. Sturdy and well designed. It is missing a key function for me, an umbrella holder. I play nearly 40% of my rounds with the threat of rain or in rain so an umbrella holder is a critical function. Still, if I was in the market this would be near the top of the list.
  9. He probably should have gone to college, but maybe school isn't his gig. Meaning why struggle through classes you hate just to get out and play golf which is what you want to do anyways. I mean the odds of him play golf for a living are probably relatively high considering how good an amateur he was. Plus he can always go back to school if golf isn't his future.
  10. I find this debate similar to the discussion on buying or leasing a car. If you want to buy new clubs you are the car buyer. Meaning you are making a long term investment (unless you have a great deal of disposable income to spend) in a set of clubs. You will use them for 3-5 years and be extremely satisfied with your investment. If you like to try new things then you are like me and you like leasing cars. I find buying a set of used clubs is a great way to save money and get to try new stuff all the time. I can find some outstanding deals on 2-3 generations old set of clubs and I can either change up the shafts, add new grips, or spiff up the heads. In conclusion you should decide if you are the long term investor or the guy who likes to short stocks. This will help you decide.
  11. Congrats on the promotion! You are a gamer so I am sure by the time the event rolled around you'd have had your game in shape. I am certain @iacas would have picked you because he can't leave the MVP on the bench.
  12. I have subscribed to a number of instructors video libraries and my conclusion is it is data overload and not a good use of your golf dollars. The best is to to get videos where the instructor is analyzing your swing and telling you what to work on.
  13. I really like my planemate. I am not sure I need or can use the red band. But the shorter green and longer green are excellent.
  14. If true, we may need to contact the New York Times for the earth shattering news this represents for the red team. This means we have a fighting chance! It's like if Tom Brady was injured before Super Bowl Sunday. Now all we need is a family member in @jsgolfers family to get married and we might win one of these darn things.
  15. I have rounds where I want one more than another. I would say for casual rounds, like the average weekend, I would like to strike it better. As @Golfingdad mentioned a well struck shot is excellent. However, when playing in a tournament I would like to score better because what I will remember is where I finished more than how it hit it for a tournament. So I need a "Both, but not in the same round" button. If I am forced to pick, because I play more casual rounds I would rather strike it better.
  16. Very poor form on the part of the golf course. I'd highly recommend you write the General Manager of the golf course an email and tell them what happened to you. Your story has you being a reasonable person, I doubt they want people feeling like the course doesn't care about you. I have found that I am very skeptical if they won't take a tee time for 1. I often won't go. It is just too risky to have what you described happen. I can only very rarely wait around for an hour and wait for a opening for a single. I find if I call and the place has a 3 some already set for 9am (as an example) the person will just put me in the open spot. Problem solved. If they won't do this I probably won't play there.
  17. The whole series was pretty good. Some of the details like Craig Perry holing out the bunker shot I had forgotten. Plus his attitude even today is really great.
  18. I threw my hat in the ring. If I am honest I would rather see some of the other folks on here get to play in it. It is such a blast that everyone who wants a shot should absolutely get one. I'll do the work to get my submission in, but I'm hopeful there are tons of worthy candidates and I can enjoy seeing some of the other great members on here get a chance to play. That said, I may still go for a day to watch. It is such a great competition that I may come just to watch, take photos, post what's happening on the site. Like @RandallT did in 2017. Vegas is an easy flight.
  19. Yes, and temperature dings your range in 2 ways. One, the total range drops for me about 20-30 miles on a full charge. Second, I need to run the heater which lowers your range also. Double whammy. My gas backup will need to run in the coldest months. @Pretzel got it right, cold is best for storing, in fact I've read articles recommending storing your iPhone in your refrigerator overnight for best long term performance. Hot is best for operation but not too hot.
  20. If I didn't play when it was muddy I'd only be able to play about 4 months a year. If I get used to the wet I can play 10-11 months a year. I am from Southern California originally so I was not a mudder to start. However after all these many years I have developed a game that can withstand the muddy conditions.
  21. Like @DaveP043 already outlined if you have the chance you should definitely play. Lots of golf and even better friendships. Las Vegas has tons of good golf and food, the location choice is fabulous, although I am very partial to Pinehurst, Las Vegas has the potential to hang out a few days ahead or behind the event just like Pinehurst did. I have played in the last two therefore like @DaveP043 I will keep a close eye on the applications. Some of you young guys should be all over this.
  22. When I lived in California I had a net similar to this outside in the elements. It began to disintegrate and would let balls through it. Luckily there was a fence behind it which caught the loose ball but it only take one to do some damage. So if this were a poll I'd vote don't keep it in the elements outside.
  23. Question for you @phillyk, are you worried about your right knee kicking in too much at A7? I feel that when my right knee kicks in I am sort of "faking" rotation. Please don't take this as a criticism, as you hit the ball much harder than me, but just wondering your thoughts.
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