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  1. Definitely breaking 80. First time I did, I didn't even realize what my exact score was as I was playing. I try not to keep the number in my head during the round so I avoid the "Just shoot one over here on out and you have an 80." but I have a good idea of how many over I am most of the time. First time it happened we were coming up to 16 and I just birdied back to back par 5's and my buddy told me I made something like 8 4's in a row, then I realized the number and finished at 76. Worst part about shooting your best score is that you compare every score thereafter to that one. I've neve
  2. That's a good deal for Pease. I should be around. PM me with what time you're thinking and such.
  3. There's Pease International right down the street in Portsmouth. They have a really nice grass driving range and practice area, 27 holes (although the "extra" 9 are kind of crap). The other 18 thought are pretty nice. Links style, lots of adjacent fairways and such, good greens, it's a fair challenge. Down the road there's Sagamore in Greenland. Kind of short course, a lot cheaper, usually in pretty good condition but one hole is right on 95 which is kind of strange. If you aimed towards the highway you could drive it. There's also a Golf and Ski Warehouse in Greenland if you're l
  4. I think it's semi-private. Non-members can go out after 10 or 11 am, something like that. I've played there before but I didn't book the tee time so I'm not 100% sure how it works. The International is private but you can get tee times by staying there or via BoxGroove. I've played there and that's just an amazing course. Best conditions you'll probably ever see, stupid long and difficult.
  5. Portsmouth Country Club is nice, you pass it on the way to Ledges pretty much. Atinkson Country Club in Atinkson NH, right off 495, barely over the MA/NH border. It's a little west and not quite north, but Wachusett Country Club is really nice and worth the drive.
  6. If you guys read the blog it says he started before sunrise and played until after sunet. After collecting pledges from golfers across North America – many of which hinged on how many holes he could play – Colton played from before sunrise until after sunset. When it was done, he had played 155 holes in one day. Between the pledges and an online raffle of great golf prizes, Colton raised more than $110,000 for Cox.
  7. I've skipped stuff for golf. Plenty of meetings and family functions that I didn't feel like going to, but I'm a horribly punctual person so I always leave a ton of time between rounds and afterwards. Pretty sure if I missed my wedding rehearsal my father in law would have shot me right on the spot.
  8. I think with all the different iPhone and Droid GPS apps out there you can make the one time purchase of $30 (whatever it is) and get a lot of good info for almost any course you'll play. I was down in Pinehurst last week and besides asking the starter about any trouble holes I spent some time looking online at the layout and checking my Golfshot app for distance to certain hazards and such. There's always something that will sneak by you but that's part of the fun of playing a new course.
  9. I think he had to stay in Florida for some amount of time due to the adoption process and the baby being born in Florida?
  10. http://www.golf.com/tour-and-news/bubba-watson-skip-players-championship-spend-more-time-family He tweeted a bunch about it, stating that he wants to stay home with his (new) family. As a dad I can see where he's coming from, wanting to be at home with his new boy because every moment with a child that young is amazing. I couldn't imagine spending that much time away from my son right after he was born (adopted, whatever). However it does say something about his career and possibly his drive to be the best player out there. Maybe he doesn't want to be the absolute best. He won a
  11. When you keep score, put the order on the scorecard the same order as people tee off. Then you can easily remember if someone is out of turn. For score, put a dot, or dots, next to the score for that hole for the person/people that win.
  12. This is my groups typical fallback game just because it's fun to play hole to hole. Play it just like Carrx stated, even with the 3/1 points on lone wolf before the tee shot. I always tend to do well in the game, so I like it.
  13. Hunter Mahan - 275 Lee Westwood - 277 Rory - 278
  14. I've played down in Florida a few times and every time I see one of those guys I make it a point to stay the hell away. Why even mess with it? I'm amazed at how a lot of courses down in Florida have the cart paths through swamps and wet areas that are about 2" above the water line. I've seen that gator show. It's amazing that their jaws can bite down with hundreds and hundreds of pound force but they have next to no strength to open their mouths.
  15. Just go ahead and join up. Search for "The Sand Trap CC". No password or anything. I haven't played in about a week, I was down at Pinehurst playing actual golf. Once you join I can make you admin or whatever and you can set up tournaments and such.
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