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  1. Most of the times a longer club and try to abbreviate the follow through. Always something I take time to practice at the range though.
  2. My two cents on recent customer support: nothing but positive. Had an issue with their mapping of a new course that I played (tagged fairway shots weren't recorded as fairways hits, mapping seemed skewed to the right). Was able to contact their support using the live chat feature and instantly was paired up with a rep, who managed to fix the issue in about 20 mins. Easy!
  3. Par 5, 535 yards downhill dogleg left with water all along the left side and tree-lined on the right, green also protected by water on the left. Placed myself at the centre of the bend with a nice drive, 206 yards to the hole. Managed to hit a 3W perfect, over the water, and got it to land pin high, about 25 feet away. Unfortunately three-putted for a disappointing par.
  4. Cobra Bio Cell Had it for a few years now, love it's overall looks especially when I'm standing over it. Has some loft adjustability too, which I plan to use once I start hitting it better.
  5. End of October is usually the norm, but it's really weather dependent. (For example, a few courses were opened on Christmas Day a few years ago, because there was a warm patch!) On the other hand, we've had a warmer than usual summer, so this may continue into the fall. I'd say bring the clubs, worst case there's a few good year-round ranges here as well.
  6. I mostly play whites. I'll occasionally play from the blues on certain courses so that I can practice some longer, tougher shots. For example, I recently added a 3 iron to my set and played a round from the blues just so I could hit that particular club more often.
  7. Uncle Peter

    Uncle Peter

  8. 203 yard par 3 from the tips, downhill and surrounded by bunkers. Hit a 3H with a nice draw to 5 foot. Missed the birdie putt but was happy with par nonetheless.
  9. 41 on the front nine of my home course from the white tees. No doubles, made excellent contact with all my irons, was one of my best!
  10. Going out for the first time this season, figured it's a good time to post my goals: 1) Make better contact with my iron shots (i.e. those shots where you don't even feel yourself hitting the ball) 2) Play courses in my area that I haven't played before/play more rounds overall 3) Get my chipping and putting back to what it used to be
  11. 1) Sort've. Halfway through the season, I decided to go ahead and just play my natural fade and forgo fixing my swing to fix it. It worked out, as I had a fair idea of where the ball would be going. 2) Yes, mainly with the driver due to #1 3) I had a couple, but I just didn't get to play enough. 4) I didn't play more rounds overall, but I did play courses that I'd only played once or twice before, as opposed to my regular courses.
  12. I played a "course" in my area called Parkshore Golf Club. It's interesting to say the least. The course is dead centre in the middle of an industrial zone. Large industrial warehouses on most sides and a railway line on the other side. Awhile back it was a pretty nice course, one of the longest 9-hole courses in Ontario. Recently however they changed owners and the place has gone downhill. Bad greens, flooded fairways, debris and dead birds all over the course. Rumor has it that the new owner doesn't care about the course and just wants to sell the land to developers.
  13. Mid par 3 for me. I'm always interested in how each course I play at designed their par 3's. It's cool to see all the different things they think of to make the hole difficult since they can't rely on distance to do that.
  14. I've played about 30, all in Ontario (actually, all within about an hour of me). There's a ton of great courses near me that I haven't played and I'm making an effort this year to play a lot more of them. I like collecting the little pencils with the course's name on them and if I really like the course I'll buy a ball marker or something.
  15. Came back from seven shots behind to beat a friend.
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