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  1. HA! I'm actually convinced that its the crappiest website ever put together. It makes the course look nasty. That website is at least 5-7 years old. I'd say the course is probably in alot better shape than the looks on there. I don't have to pay but yeah I'd say the prices are reasonable.
  2. Geneva Hills Golf Course--Clinton, IN. I'd say its one of the nicer ones in the area. TH courses kinda suck for the most part.
  3. For a second I almost thought I was the one who posted this thread and didn't even realize it. :p Our distances are about the same, I just struggle so often to break that 83-85 threshold. I work on my short game several hours a week, and plan on amping it up even more when I'm done with school for the year here in a few weeks. I honestly think if I could improve my short game I would be consistently shooting par. I waste so many putts and chips per round its ridiculous.
  4. And the annoying part is oftentimes that its not your fault that you lost it. Its most frustrating when you have to take a penalty because the course was negligent in getting rid of the crazy weeds that all happen to be white.
  5. Nothing more frustrating than KNOWING the area where your ball went, and then spending 20 minutes trying to find it.
  6. Mapquest says we're about 3 hours away (TH, IN to Beechmont, KY). I would say I'm a little over an hr from Evansville.
  7. And my apologies for JUST now realizing this is a month-old thread.
  8. That's how I am. I would love to take a video of my golf swing and have someone analyze it or something, but honestly I'm scared to death to ever watch my own golf swing on tape.
  9. This is what makes golf. So. Freaking. Hard. When the putts are falling, the ball striking sucks. When the ball striking is kicking butt, the putts aren't falling. When you're making putts and hitting your irons well, your tee-shots and chips are bad. Same with me as far as trying to break 80. I did it once last year and haven't been able to put it all together to do it again. I started a new regimen today where I'm going to spend an hour in the morning on the range, an hour on the putting green, and then play 9 holes. Then I'll probably eat some lunch and then spend an hour or so on the c
  10. I'm lucky enough to work at a golf course and get free golf whenever I want. But sometimes I find myself waiting and yes I agree, its really annoying. My game sometimes gets thrown off by slow people in front of me who don't offer to let me play through.
  11. cardsfan92


    I was hoping to get some input on this. I've been using a Ram Fx3 putter for about 3 years now, just something I found cheap when I was like a 35 handicap who was playing mostly on executive courses. I've now improved my game to where I consistently shoot between 80-85 and I've been (slowly) saving some money for a Scotty Cameron. I've worked alot on putting, and plan on continuing to do so, but I find that I'm to a point where I'm not satisfied with the one I have. I just don't like the feel of it. If I find a Scotty on eBay for $150-$200, would you suggest it? Do you think it could provide
  12. Just wanted to introduce myself. I've done alot of looking through the forums but not much posting. At least, not yet. Anyways I'm 18 years old, live in Terre Haute, IN (if you guys know where that is). I work at a golf course about 15 miles from here, and I get free unlimited golf at what most people consider to be a nice course. I'll definitely use this forum for discussion (and tips, lots of them).
  13. 1. Be able to break 80 on a CONSISTENT basis by the end of the year. I've done it only once. 2. Be able to hit my driver straight more often (I currently hit about anywhere between 6-10 fairways per round). Tough to shoot good scores when I'm always playing from the rough. 3. Add to my bag. I've already picked up a set of Cobra FP irons as my new set, and a Nike Sq Dymo2 Str8-fit Driver. I hope to add a Titleist Scotty Cameron putter and some Cleveland or Titleist wedges to my bag.
  14. cardsfan92


    18 years old, started playing when I was about 7 or 8. I never really took it too seriously until I got my job at the golf course last summer and started playing for free every day. Now you could say I'm officially obsessed :D
  15. I'm new to the site. So I just wanted to say hey! :) I'm currently a full-time student. I'll be heading to college in the fall with a major in Legal Studies and a minor in PoliSci.
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