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  1. Funny, being the biggest Hogan Fan ever, I always think Ernie Els when I'm playing. I try to emulate his swing tempo.
  2. Are you serious? The train goes right through the middle of your course! I've never seen anything like that! Does the train still run??
  3. Moutainhip, love those flyovers! I like # 15 elavated tee box, nice!
  4. By far the Masters is my favorite followed by the British then the US Open. Is there a fourth? I think the Memorial should be the fourth.
  5. I made the playoffs again, won my first round match then lost my second playoff game by 3 points. This is my 8th year and I have yet to make the superbowl. Last year I lost by 1 point of making the bowl. My 11 yr old son made the superbowl in his second year and lost thanks to LT and Bulger sitting out the second half. There is always next year!
  6. Original Post http://thesandtrap.com/forum/showpos...8&postcount;=21 I failed big time! Failed to play 25 rounds - played a lot of nine hole rounds and joined a golf league at church. Had fun but missed this goal. No handicap - Did not get this done again. Payed for a year at scorecard.com and didn't post one round. Tempo - Worked on this during the rounds I played except for the league, it was a scramble format and I swung for the green! Memorial - Had a great time at the tournament. Attended five days. followed Adam Scott for his 62 on Friday. Got a lot of autographs
  7. Two years in St Andrews is my all time favorite! I loved it so much I read it every year!I've read almost every book mentioned here. Nice to know there are golf book freaks out there like me.
  8. For me it was an eagle during a scramble I played in with over a hundred golfers. Big par 5 dogleg right, I hit a huge drive, crushed a 4 iron 10 feet below the hole and sank the eagle putt.
  9. Hey, Congrats! I'll get there some day. When the little league season ends I'll be back on full time!
  10. The Daly Train comes off track again. Check out this story on ESPN http://sports.espn.go.com/golf/news/story?id=2898127 The one thing he does best is get cut! I don't think any of us Daly fans wanted to see John play the Open with the rough this course will have. He could have gone Postal!
  11. Hogan Fan

    Yardage Book

    I just tried the link for golfwits and it didn't come up. They might be out of business. here is the link if you want to try www.golfwits.com it is golf wits with one t not two. goflwitts with two t's is a different site than the one I bought the books from.
  12. Hogan Fan

    Yardage Book

    Try golfwits.com they sale blank yardage books. I just made one for Murifield Village so I can take it along this week while watching the Memorial. (I have two badges for the week.) You buy the books you want (they have thousands of courses to choose from) and I print them on card stock and make like a flip chart. They print out pocket size - four holes to a sheet of paper. When I'm done adding my note I laminate them. The one I printed for Murifield I printed on photo paper because I don't plan on writing on it. I really like their books but it takes me forever to get all my notes on them.
  13. This is my second year with Scorecard.com and I love it. Unfortunately I haven't played 10 rounds of 18 holes yet to get my handicap. Great site though!
  14. See my post on page 7, I think you missed some of Jacks competition... Lets take a moment to compare Jacks competitors to Tigers... Jack played against .... (Player and number of Majors) Gary Player 9, Tom Watson 8, Arnold Palmer 7, Lee Trevino 6, Seve Ballesteros 5, Raymond Floyd 4, Billy Casper 3, Johnny Miller 2, Ben Crenshaw 2, Tom Kite 1. all the while Jack was winning 18. (player and number of tour wins) Palmer 62, Casper 51, Watson 39, Littler 29, Trevino 29, Miller 25, Player 24, Floyd 22, Irwin 20, Norman 20, Sanders 20, Crenshaw 19, Kite 19. Jack had 73 wins Tiger pla
  15. I miss the days when BIG John would walk off the course during the round. At least he didn't post an 87! Put down the smokes and the guitar and play some golf!
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