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  1. I looked up the Mizuno mx-300 and really liked what i saw but then found out that they are right-hand only. Any irons out there similar to the MX-300?
  2. Short bio: I'm 18 years old and have gone from starting golf to shooting mid 80s in about 2 months of regular play (3-4 times a week). I hope to make my D1 college's team by the time I'm a senior (2 years). Team's not great, but not terrible, I think around 50th in the country. I know I have talent for the game and that I can accomplish this goal. Now, to the question at hand. I've been thinking about getting newer irons for a while (I currently have a set of Cleveland TA5s that I got used as my first set). Though I've regularly played for a couple of months, I bought my set a couple of year
  3. Today was a terrible golf day. Nothing worked, hopefully the next time is better.
  4. Tiger, in terms of golf. In life, most definitely Jack.
  5. I think Tiger will get back to it eventually. I still feel like he's playing for the tour and so people watch and not for himself. Once, if ever, he misses actually playing the sport, he'll get back to his best and will pass Jack.
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