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  1. I am going to be be disappointed in the game of golf if Foley doesnt bring Tiger back. And I am going to give up on ever watching the game again and Tiger Woods if Foley doent finally cme on and say, yes, I teach tack and tilt, or I learn to stack and tilt etc. He is a liar and a cheat if he doesnt..and a fraud for holding out to be anything else. And, that being said I am going to work against him, and Tiger if Foley doesnt fess up. good lord. Everyone on the tour knows..the fans in the stands know..it is a horrible whispering deal going on and Tiger doesnt need to be involved. Tiger is too
  2. Oh come on. Haney has to be a big boy. Credit for the good times, and blame for the bad. I see in sports- toss out the coach during times as this-golf is no different. Cant have it both ways-credit and no blame.
  3. Come on...no question about itTiger,Tiger,Tiger.
  4. A rose is a rose, is a rose, and if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck-then it must be-yes, a duck. And, Foley cant take the heat from the press that he isnt teaching what he is---there is Karma guys..it is real and he will see and my man cant have that .
  5. Sean is SnT. Several on here are in a position to know, for first hand fact. Might be some-- even taped some teaching of P&B; at several events for Sean.Regardless, he admits he is SnT. Now, being SnT doesnt guarentee u to be a good teacher. This is the style he teaches-he believes. Congratulations to SnT though and congratulations to Sean!!! The years are going to bring other great teachers of the SnT swing. Tiger-my man...will be back in rare form! Some stories are hard to tell especially after podcasts, blogs and whispers on the range, in the gallery. whew..wearning me out. Maybe th
  6. I am not a pro but merely a good player and a Tiger fan. I understand the game though. You notice my posts generally center around the Man..Tiger! First, I will say he is gonna come out of his funk..loss of his head game, but also clean up his swing-we've seen him all over the board this summer. I noticed about a month ago he was looking darn good-not sure if Sean helped him or what, but probably so. Just wanted everyone to know, that everyone that plays golf on a regular basis, which means everyone that watches and cares about the game on TV,& understands the swing ,knows Tiger has moved to S
  7. Tiger's game went to the cellar under Haney's care and in Haney's hands. That is the bottom line. Not sure what that means, but that is the fact. Give Haney the credit when Tiger won, but not the responsibility when he hit low tide? dont think we can give Haney anything, unless we give Haney all of it..
  8. Tiger is in the hometown favorite swing coach, Plumber's or Plummer(sp) territory. Even this guy's enemy's say nice things about him as a gentleman and his great knowledge. Regardless of the stories they try to pin on Tiger that he thinks he is bigger than golf, that he cant take a coach his equal. I dont buy any of it..Havent seen anything from him that would even suggest that. The guy is my hero. I predict, Tiger will team up with Plumber and the press will go wild with wire stories. Plumber will say something like, what a great tribute this man is to golf, and to sports, and it is alway
  9. You know what they say, "A Dr. that treats himself has a fool for a patient". That being said, I am not so sure Tiger would score much better if he were hitting the fairways. The guy has such a great get out of the "ruff" play, (previously) didnt let the bad drive "shake"him. His mental game is far superior, or was. Confidence is a major part of the game. If he can find a coach he has confidence in, will he be back or are we to the place where Tiger wont win them all? There comes a time for all great players? Tiger needs a coach. Just like a horse needs a trainer. If he could fix it, he wo
  10. I'm still the Tiger fan. I think the Karma is there for him to move on to the only guys serious enough about HIM Plumber and Bennette. You watch the Charlie rose video with them talking about their passion and you feel it. I know always, things happen for a reason and with one tuff lesson after the other, until you learn it. To move him to those guys with such humble passion and a warehouse of knowledge is what I see in the karma for Tiger. If he doesnt move that route-a major mistake. But then, I dont know if those guys would want Tiger. I wouldnt touch him. Very little to gain with someone
  11. back injury? Swing hurt the back?
  12. Tiger needs to go stack and tilt with the experts and not mess around--he is too great. I understand those guys know his swing better than he does and that that collect swing pictures and have studied him for years? He needs to get the right help and stop messing around. Lets go Tiger!!!! Tim Clark is a SnT isnt he? Well, I know he was as I saw him with them. He played great! agreed. I believe he should try it for a month with these guys and see how he feels. On the Charlie Rose show they made a fan of me. I am a Tiger fan all the way and the passion I saw from those guys is what T
  13. Nick Faldo? of the golf channel? He cuts all the players swings at one time or another..I understand now if he has his owns schools! I get it.
  14. what a round for the guy! Great golf Rory!
  15. Is there such a thing as a golf intervention? We might need your help!
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