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  1. Can be easier said than done. I've found it hard to break old habits. For years we played with one mulligan per side, many times I never used the mulligan but every tee box I stood on I could tell myself "I still have my mulligan", it becomes a crutch you rely on. The game's much different when everything counts. People new to the game are better off never playing that way.
  2. I think the physical requirements make team sports like football and basketball have smaller talent pools. A seven-footer is competing against other seven-footers for that center position--the height requirement alone eliminates 99% of the population. Same with offensive and defensive lines in football where first priority is size and strengh.
  3. You do know he thanked Jesus on national tv after winning the Players Championship?
  4. That's the great thing about one game playoffs--anything can happen. You don't have to be 14-2 with a great QB to make a playoff run. I think a lot of teams are thinking "If Eli and the Giants, why not us?"
  5. Quote: Obviously a great playoff team, but I think Eli is a flip of the coin--could be 12-4 and win the division or he could throw 25 picks be 8-8 and miss the playoffs.
  6. Duval won 13 times including a major in a four year period. It took Fred Couples 15 years to get to that record--I use Couples because I'm sure he'll be voted in and Duval won't
  7. I'll play alone during the week or in the afternoon, but I never show up alone on Saturday or Sunday morning when tee times are booked looking to be paired with a threesome.
  8. I think our society values entertainment above all else. The reason not everyone can be a professional basketball player is because we demand that the athletes we watch be the absolute best in the world. We don't have that demand for any of the other professions listed--we want the best we can get within (in some cases) a modest dollar figure
  9. mck


    I think the only way they could get to seven is if they get rid of Wade and somehow sign Dwight Howard. I don't think Wade has many good years left
  10. Hard work and good instruction are great but the most important thing you need is freakish talent for the game. My guess is that if you had that natural talent you'd be shooting much lower scores after over a year of golf. It's not meant as an insult, but not everyone gets to be the best in the world
  11. The same thing was said in the early 90's prior to Tiger. It was beleived that Jack could never have won all thoses majors with the deep fields made up of such talented guys like Fred Couples and Davis Love III. Then Tiger came along and it was said he had no competition. Now were back to deep fields again--so deep that no one may ever dominate again--I don't buy it.
  12. I think it is a legitimate topic--the league owns the team and the fact that they have a lottery at all will always lead to these questions because a lottery "could" be controlled. The Tim Donaghy scandal really hurt the league's credibility and even today the officiating is so bizarre at times that things don't always appear on the up and up with the NBA. I have no idea what the truth is but Stern seems to think he is above reproach with these questions and I think its reasonable to be a little suspicious of the NBA
  13. mck


    I think the televised decision, the "big three smoke show" along with the promise of "not one...not seven" titles supplied enough material for most people
  14. Snedeker -8 Kuchar -6 Garcia -5
  15. Sabbatini's going to prison?
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