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  1. So my clubs are nice & clean now. & as i leaned them against the wall i noticed my lw is longer than my sw & so on. So my pw is my shortest wedge, lengthwise, & my lw is my longest. My pw is almost a full inch shorter than my 9i. Gotta phone the company tomorrow & put in a WTF request. But, on the bright side that would explain why my gw wasn't covering the distance i was expecting.
  2. Driver-TM R7. Started the whole adjustable weight trend. Consider the drivers that were out at the same time & what that did for the whole driver paradigm. Now with FCT, movable heads & weights, why buy a standard driver when you can buy an R9 close to your specs & fiddle with it until it's right. Fairway wood-Tour edge exotics has to be mentioned. Just stupidly long. Innovation-the combo brazing process. The wishon 949 is right there too. Stupid long, & i believe wishon was after that .830 number with a fw wd. Hybrid-I'm going with Nickent. It was the frst hybrid that was workable & didn't go screaming dead left. Not just for me. I got my 8 cap fatherinlaw to carry it one round & he could have left out 5 clubs with the way he was hitting it. He gave it back because it made the game 'too easy.' I let my tour pro cousin inlaw hit it too & he just nuked it dead straight, or left, or right. Plus for what they accomplished with sales for being a small relatively unknown company was outstanding. Irons-Cally X series. Took forgiveness to a whole new level. Made sure that casual players would stick with the game by making good shots easier. Now with the amount of golfers we have a tonne of courses to choose from, which keeps green fees & equipment prices down as well. Reveloutionary(somebody's gonna love that one...). Wedges-588/900. You know. Putter-Scotty Cameron, not for tech innovation but for showing us what clever marketing can create. Bravo, Scotty. 500$ headcovers, nice goin' buddy. Ball-Bridgestone B330. Wasn't this the ball Titleist had to pay for? Laser rangefinders/GPS-becuase calling your loudmouthed golfing partner's 260yd(217 actual) has never been easier.
  3. Good deal on those. Peter Griffin HC too...frickin' sweet. I don't know about the loft designations. Seems like companies pull loft numbers out of the air sometimes. The 5wd has a longer shaft & is meant to be hit with a flatter swing. The hybrid, shorter shaft, not as flat, & way more versatile. Good buy.
  4. Heh...you have young kids. Accept the scores & enjoy the golf for what it is. I have a 2,4,& 6 year old. I played 5 rounds in 2010. Handicap oddly enough shot right up. Oh well. Now i play for fun.
  5. Lets look at a ball from the profile & assign top, bottom, right & left to it's 4 quadrants. You hit it top right & it starts turning over in a top spin right to left rotation. Could it rotate itself so far over that it actually ends up spinning facing a different direction & coming back to the right? With an unbalanced range ball(the only place i've ever seen this flight) that seems plausible, but i'm no scientist. One more-could somebody pull a shot so hard that it gives the appearance of drawing but is actually a glorified pull-slice & is coming back to the right no matter what? I've seen this shot too, only at the range, & repeatedly. So wonky range balls would probably be the culprit.
  6. Practice them. Nonstop. From that range & in a hurry has got to be one of the easiest putts to miss. I like to mark them, back off & then sink them. I know in the interest of playing speedier golf this may sound bad, but i rarely have a 4 hour round, & i don't want to give away 3-5 strokes a round by bungling something so easy. That's me, though. My putting ranges from really bad to really really bad. 'lipburner.'
  7. Want to have some fun with your short game practice?
  8. Same thing-arms up WTF?. Then i'd ask a followup when he was within earshot, on the next tee or whatever. I like to know whether it was an honest mistake or i'm going to be dealing with this all afternoon.
  9. I was happy with it. But i've got some time now so i'm overhauling it for the first time. My three keys-create width, get it on plane/club aimed at target at top, & eliminate the OTT move. Completely self taught. I'll wait until spring & if i'm really a mess then i'll take a lesson. Maybe. So far my practice swings in the yard & house have been good, albeit in slightly slower motion. By the looks of it when i get to the range i'm going to be pushing alot of balls for awhile.
  10. Wow. People i never want to live next door to for 1000$ Alex.
  11. Absolutely beautiful. Congratulations!
  12. R9. Solid feel, sound, good profile, long & adjustable.
  13. It'd be nice to have a list like that. I think the sheer volume of sellers & products makes it unlikely though. I just make sure i ask lots of questions & check feedback. I have a couple of powersellers that i deal with often & some smaller private ones. I've even emailed callaway canada before to ask their opinion on what turned out to be counterfeit.
  14. In Canada the big golf store is called Golf Town. I noticed that they only sell iron sets with the standard True Temper shafts. Wierd. Online they have different offerings. Does the shaft type matter less for irons? No, you need to fit your shafts to your ability & desired ballflight. I play flexier steel to help me get the ball up because of my spastic swing tendencies, while good players use TTDG S300s & such to keep the ballflight down & under control. Are any of you particular to the quality of the shafts on your irons? Yes, but only to a point. I'm not going to spend primo money if i'm not playing that much. Are most golf stores like this? I'm suprised to hear that. I've only been there once & it was to trade-in a driver. Even nevada bob's has different iron shafts selections. (At Golf Smith you can buy the gold TT shafts for $13 each... the Rifle shafts are $32 each )
  15. Whatever works for you. I have 5 wedges in the bag right now. My GW, PW & LW see regular action, i threw the 64* back in there to combat wet bunkers(& because it's fun to use sometimes), & my SW really only sees full swing action.
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