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  1. Which do you guys prefer? Have heard that the wrap gets pretty slick when sweaty, is this true? Thanks.
  2. I went to the local shop to get a new shaft put in my driver and the Guy asked if i wanted the shaft pured? Is this really necessary or is he trying to get an extra 20 bucks from me? Thanks.
  3. Do you switch to a different ball when it gets colder? I have heard that people switch to lower compression balls in the winter. Does it make a difference in performance or just feel? What ball do you like to play when its cold outside? Thanks.
  4. I am looking to get a new driver. I have always been a fan of Ping clubs and was wondering which driver to buy. The Rapture V2 or the G15. Which do you think is best? Also, is the new K15 okay for a single digit handicapper? Thanks?
  5. I was wondering what you guys thought about which type of sahft to play in your hybrids and fariway woods. I currently play steel shafts in both my hybrid and fairway woods. Do you think it would make sense to switch to graphite shafts in both of these. I have a graphite shaft in my driver. Thanks.
  6. I think you walk farther when you use a pull cart(around greens and tees and such), while when you carry your bag you can walk right over them.
  7. Ten bucks a grip sounds pretty expensive to me. I'll stick with the tour velvet.
  8. Are the multi-compund worth twice as much as the tour velvet? Some guys i know said they weren't worth the extra money. I think i will stick with the tour velvet.
  9. You immediately went out and hit it a fraction of an inch to the heel. I don't know if i believe that.
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