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  1. Mine came today. Seems good enough. Good weight. I just bought one to get used to blade putters since I've never used a blade before.
  2. Every time I see a price drop or sale on an item it always for only right handers. You can't test anything in stores because chances are they won't have it. I literally drool with envy at all the right handed putters in row upon row at stores, then go over and test the 3 left handers they have sitting in the corner. What if, for example, I want to test the Ping G5, G10 and G15 to see if I can go with a cheaper model? Nope, can't do that. Especially not now that the g10s are on sale (right handed only apparently). Same thing with burner irons I wanted to go try. Even after going to multiple stores, good luck getting more than one model from each brand. How nice it would be if your main priority when looking around to buy something wasn't checking the club head to see if it is lefthanded (they never are).
  3. Ugh, S&T; was doing wonders for my game for about a week and now I'm slicing everything again. What should my shoulder movement be like? Keep in mind I'm trying to get rid of an outside in swing that is slicing the ball.
  4. http://sellout.woot.com/?ts=12827576...ecff884ec2db32 I'm thinking of ordering one of these just for the hell of it. Thoughts?
  5. I'm no expert, but I think this just means you need to practice more to consistently hit it hard enough.
  6. But when I am playing with my irons I definitely go shorter when I place it back farther, and it goes higher. I'm pretty sure this is the same for my wedges, although I have no really ever tried putting it forward in my stance.
  7. I always thought the higher you wanted it to go, the further back you put the ball in your stance. But I was watching some videos from pros and they seemed to say that you should put the ball forward more. I feel like this would make me blade it more often though. What is the correct placement here? The main problem I have with chips is when I get inconsistent with getting under the ball and I can't get it up in the air. Also, they seemed to stress opening the club face to get the ball in the air. How does this work without slicing it? Are you closing it back up when you actually swing your club?
  8. Do you think it would be weird to bring your regular putter to putt putt? I so want to do this with my big mallet putter.
  9. but damn did I destroy all my non-golfing friends in minigolf last night. It's the little things.
  10. Hm, I thought the G15s were 600, but I just looked again and they are 700. Any chance that they would go on sale soon since the season is winding down? Originally I only wanted to spend 500, then grudgingly upped my limit to 600. 700 is REALLY a stretch. I would buy used but I would be nervous spending hundreds of dollars for used clubs on an ebay auction. Plus, its really hard to find left handed stuff used.
  11. I guess I'll just have to practice. Its hard to practice of those terrible mats at the driving range without a tee though. I do feel like my game is missing something big, like right after my drive on par fives or long par fours. If I could just hit it with a wood instead of resorting to my 3 or 4 iron I could probably take a stroke off that hole every now and then. Every par 5 I have to sink it in one putt to par, since after my drive (like 250 yards on a good hit) I still have to go another 250, which for me is 3 more hits unless I get lucky and hit the green on my third stroke. Usaually its drive, get closer, get really close, and then chip on.
  12. I don't know my handicap! 25 seemed too low so I upped it. I wouldn't put too much stock in that handicap number I have, as I am still rapidly improving. When I get to my limit and am not improving a couple strokes each time I go out, I'll let you guys know. Just from buying my new driver and changing my swing to stack and tilt (or what I think stack and tilt is from watching videos) I have changed my drives from going 130 yards out and 40 yards to the left to hammering them straight out easily more than 200 yards fairly consistently. Which is why I really want new irons because I definitely feel like it would improve my game over the scrap metal I am playing with now.
  13. Try as I might, I find it nearly impossible to get under the ball with a wood in order to get the distance that I would be using it for. My irons always go farther because I can actually get them in the air. I think this is a common problem too as the few guys I golf with also hardly ever use their woods, and some of them don't even include them in their bag. So, tips?
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