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  1. Line on Ball

    I just got a tool for putting lines on my ball. I am anxious to get on the course and see if it really helps. I am hoping it does, something has to
  2. Is this book worth buying? That article gave me some decent information, and I was wondering if anyone had read the entire book and found it worth while.
  3. Hello, my name is Eric. I have been playing golf for a while, but VERY sporadically (under 5 times a year). I have just recently had the funds and time to take the game more seriously. I love golf, and hate shooting the way I do. Golf is the most fun pain in the ass I have ever tried, and I am really hooked. I look forward to posting, and have enjoyed reading all of your posts for a couple of weeks now. I just wanted to introduce myself, and say thanks for all the great threads I have read thus far and that I look forward to joining them in the future. At the moment I shoot around a 95, but I am working hard to bring that down.