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  1. Taylor Made had the Tour Preferred and Tour Preferred X. I think the latter is a good wound ball as it spins less.
  2. Yeah, plus the fact there has been no contamination here. Just a bunch of crap created by media and fed on by a misinformed public.
  3. Cigars, fly fishing, watches and spending time worth friends and family.
  4. I am a member of a couple of cigar forums and a watch and fly fishing board.
  5. I worked at the 1986 PGA Championship at Cherry Hills. In a practice round he was playing with Charles. We were watching this group all day. On a hole late in the round Mac hit it to a couple of feet. Someone in the crowd yelled, "Let's see you do that left handed." He turns to Charles, borrows a club and proceeds to hit it closer to the pin. The crowd erupted. One of the first true memories of me being in awe on the golf course. I was a standard bearer for all 4 days. Great experience for my 18 year old self.
  6. I have too many to post in this forum. But, I will give a recent encounter. I went to Seattle in September for the Denver/Seattle game. I looked up a college friend to play some golf. We show up to play at Tacoma Country Club, and we are warming up and I go to putt. He says he doesn't putt. I knew he hated that part of the game from college and just laugh at him. We get to the first green and he is putting with his sand wedge. I ask him where his putter is and his friend who is playing with us tells me it is in the lake on #16. I couldn't believe it. He putted with the wedge t
  7. If you are for social programs, you would not be a libertarian. And since when is it your money? Just because you like the money spent on one thing and not another doesn't hold merit. Have a special needs child and you will see what I am talking about. Go fight for the very rights everyone is crying about, then try to come back to this society. I suppose we would be best of work no taxation.
  8. Yeah, and I remember the Pats won all theirs by 3 as well. Far from dominant and anybody that says the video taping didn't help them doesn't understand football. Just typical Boston antics. You guys think you ate the Yankees and you aren't even in the same planet.
  9. Manning has never played for the defenses brady had. And he had never used a video camera either.
  10. It is called a Centrist. I too have a motto I try to live by. "Wallet to the right, heart to the left."
  11. The best advice I can give is when at address, try to keep the club off the ground. This will allow you to take the club away in a single motion and will ensure you keep your timing.
  12. I would say based on his receptions he is pretty high on the list. Kid is always open, and is working to get the ball. Show me someone else that has laid his body on the line more this year. He is earning his contact. The same can't be said for Decker.
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