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  1. Most Birdies in a Round? Post Yours (Poll)

    Yesterday I had 6 birdies and an eagle...and a double and three bogey's :( I think I have had more, but that's the most I have had recently.
  2. So I picked up the Cleveland Classic 2 for 65 dollars about 4 months ago and have been impressed. I have always loved their wedges and figured I would give their putter a try. Over the years I have owned five or six scotties and a couple pings. I really feel that these Cleveland Classics putt just as well if not better than any of the previous putters I have owned. I was just wondering if anyone has tried out these putters and if they think they can compete with Scotty Cameron?
  3. Pw 51* what other wedge?

    PW's usually have 47-48 degree's of loft, so I would almost consider your 51 a Gap Wedge. If I were you I would go for the CG15 58 degree with mid bounce (12 degrees. It sounds like you have varying conditions on your course and mid bounce will allow you to use it year round. The reason I like 58 for your situation is that it's between a sand wedge (56) and a lob wedge (60) and will give you the ability to make a variety of shots.
  4. Help me choose my wedges

    If I were you I would go with Cleveland CG 15 Satin Chrome wedges. Lob wedge 60 with 8 degrees low bounce. I once made the mistake of having a high bounce lob wedge...it made it very difficult to hit open face shots off of the fairway and tighter lies. Sand Wedge 56 with 14-16 degrees high bounce. The high bounce will easily get you out of bunkers and rough. Gap Wedge 52 with 10 degrees mid bounce. One of the most important things when dealing with wedges is having variation in bounce. Variation will give you the ability to hit different shots depending upon tight or fluffy lies. Pitching wedge 47-48 degrees...I don't think Cleveland offers different bounce on these lofts. You always have the option of choosing a greater or lesser loft and bending it to the appropriate amount of bounce.
  5. I lose too many balls!

    I know how you feel. I usually lose one to two Pro-V's a round and the additional cost hurts. I read the reviews on the new yellow Srixon Z-Star X and decided to give it a try. I was able to play the same balls for thirty three holes...It finally gave out on fifteen today when I pushed it into the water right. The yellow really stands out and the ball plays about the same as the ProV X.