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  1. I play better when I carry, it's more convenient to have everything with you, and it's good exercise. The only exception is when the hotter months roll around here in Phoenix/Scottsdale -- then you almost can't take in enough water to justify it.
  2. Dnew

    Settle a bet please

    hmmm... interesting. I thought I would have everybody on one side or the other. This was the first time (clearly) we've played this game -- seemed like fun at the time, but we should avoid it in the future or not carry over bets. Thanks for all the feedback guys -- fair warning, don't play Acey Duecey with carryovers!
  3. Dnew

    Settle a bet please

    MRT, I'm simply asking for an opinion, not a way to calculate the math. And, based on the feedback, it appears there are different ways of addressing holes that are carried over. This is a forum, and if you aren't aware, they are a 'forum' for opinions. If you can't understand the question, I think it's clear who isn't smart enough here.
  4. Dnew

    Settle a bet please

    Thanks for the response. I'm not arguing-- just trying to understand... what is the logic of me having to pay (assuming I lost the putt-off) for 15-17? When entering into the 18th hole, the amount rolled over becomes one lump sum including 18 for the loser (or duecey), right? And, if I did pay, that would mean I would have both won and lost the last hole? How is that possible? When you have a playoff, the winners or losers that are tied compete. Why are all players required to compete? Because they all had the potential of winning/losing the prior holes that rolled over? By the way, this really isn't a big deal-- we're talking about less than $20 here, but it's just the principle of the thing... Thanks in advance for the clarification.
  5. Long story short, we're playing Acey Duecey (winner gets $2 from everyone else, loser pays $1 to everyone else - each hole) - threesome - I win #18 - the two losers push (the push has been carried over for four holes) - they want to have a put-off to decide the 'duecey' or loser Here's the catch, one guy says I have to be in the put-off because a bet has been carried over. My position is that I won 18, so why would I have to be in a contest to see who the loser is? What's your opinion?
  6. Creative Director at a design/advertising agency.
  7. 85 with two penalty strokes and two chips that lipped out of the cup. 69% fairways hit too, which was a record for me since my driver has a mind of its own.
  8. I'm not used to being able to work the ball, but I've joined a Country Club recently that has heavily tree-lined fairways, so I'm getting more an more practice every week. Last week, I was playing a late round of 9 after work and, sure enough, hit my drive into the trees to the left about 140 yards from the green. There was a tree right in front of my sightline with a limb hanging about 10 feet up. I hooked a low punch shot with a 5 iron under the branch and onto the green. One of the best shots I've ever hit... unfortunately the sprinkler heads came on as soon as the ball hit the green.
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