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  1. Great tip. This is the site I was looking for. Lots of reviews and recent reviews too. I'll have to try hard to not forget the url though, couldn't they have come up with something easier to remember? Thanks.
  2. Is there a good website where people rate golf courses? There are so many with maybe 2-3 comments, some years old. Best one I've seen is probably golfreview.com, but I have to think there's a more active site our there. Thanks.
  3. Doesn't look like anyone can recommend an instructor in the DC area... how about recommending an instructional golf video? Anyone have a golf video that worked well for them? The "Ultimate Golf Learning Experience Set" with Wally Armstrong is one of the more popular videos at Amazon.com - it comes with 5 DVD's and costs only $15, so I'm tempted to try this one... has anyone tried this video? Thanks for your help.
  4. I am looking for an instructor in the Northern Virginia/Washington DC area. Anyone have any recommendations for a beginner/intermediate golfer? I took a set of introductory lessons last summer at a local golf school and was disappointed by my instructor, who seemed to be on auto-pilot half the time, pointed out a few things each lesson specific to my swing at that moment (as opposed to teaching me fundamentals that I could carry with me beyond the lesson) and didn't seem all that invested into whether I improved my swing. He was a good guy, but maybe just a little burnt out. I'm not look
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