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  1. well a rangefinder wont get your swing in shape but certainly takes the guess work out of it and maybe distance control can be improved after a while. the leupold seems pretty good and the bushnell you guys that use rangefinders which model would you suggest I also found this one www.rangefindergolf.com.au its australian though but good price and have all the features of a bushnell, any suggestions???
  2. I have been thinking of buying a rangefinder for awhile but have been fiddling around with my iPhone and using an app. Problem is that is never accurate and i always have to double check distance on sprinklers and stuff so its not really working. Can anyone recommend a good cheap one? Bushnell seem to be number one but expensive... i am not keen on gps devices tehy are never correct anyway appreciate some feedback
  3. Best Shot of the Week

    well first drive was a perfect 300m long draw down the first hole at the Glades then it all went sour... shanks and the rest just unfolded:)
  4. Jack or Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?

    Well poser fade has always been my stockshot inspired by Jack.... until nw its gone and could not slice a ball even if I had the most open stance ever.... crap hooks delight!!
  5. What Do You Do for a Living?

    Hi guys just finishing my MBA in a month and am very keen to start playing again!!! look forward to read your posts especially about equipment!!