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  1. If your willing to spend $300 on a set of Irons I would suggest buying a new set, but buy a prior year model that's on clearance. i.e I picked up a brand new set of Calloway x-22 tours for $315. Most places will fit them for you for free and like other people have said, that will make a huge difference!!
  2. Age: 38 Height: 5'11" Where are you from: Michigan How Long have you been Playing: 23 years Best Score: 70 Favorite club in the bag: Any wedge Golf Books / DVD's that have helped you: Golf my way, Mickelson's secrets of the short game, Golf Digest. Where do you play: West Michigan area Best courses you've played so far: Thousand Oaks, Pilgrims Run, St. Ives. Things you enjoy most about golf: The Challenge that the game presents. Goals for 2K10: Play in a tournament, check. Make the cut, missed by one stroke! Shoot under 40 every week in my league, missed that by 1 round, shot a 41.
  3. The hole that I used does have a slant to it, so about half of the balls have break to them.
  4. Been chunking a lot of approach shots lately and tried this drill out. Seems to be helping! http://www.thegolfchannel.com/golf-v...rer=vgpresults
  5. That's a great drill too! Take 10 balls and try to chip them into a 3 foot circle. Keep doing it until you score 8 points out of 10 balls. 1 pt inside circle and 2 pts in the cup.
  6. Been doing this drill now at least once a week and up until today my best was 63 without a miss. This afternoon I finally rattled off 100 in a row without a miss. The last ten seemed like 10 footers!! Great drill!!
  7. I often play a par 3 course by my mother-in-laws house that has no rating or slope. Does anyone know what the average rating/slope of a par 3 course is, or is there a way to somehow get a rough estimate? The course is not that long, meaning there are 2 holes under 80 yards, but the greens are horribly long and almost impossible to putt on, but I finally shot par on the stupid course this weekend and want to log my round for handicap purpose. Most of the time I just practice my iron play on it, but I started out with a birdie on the hardest hole and thought I would give it a run at shooting par.
  8. I think this would cover it, but not sure?? 25-1b/8 Player's Options When Bunker Completely Covered by Casual Water Q. If a player's ball lies in a bunker completely covered by casual water, what are his options? A. The player may play the ball as it lies or: (1) drop the ball in the bunker without penalty at the nearest point, not nearer the hole, where the depth of the casual water is least — Rule 25-1b(ii)(a); or (2) drop the ball behind the bunker under penalty of one stroke — Rule 25-1b(ii)(b); or (3) deem the ball unplayable and proceed in accordance with Rule 28.
  9. martytilma

    Pet Peeves

    1. People who tell me that they haven't played golf in 3 years and rarely ever play, yet went out the other day and shot a 75. Really? Do I have gullible tattooed on my forehead?? 2. I play a lot by myself, so I hate foursomes who refuse to let me play through!! Come on!!
  10. No way your hcp should drop that much with 8 rounds being calculated. I would ask what formula they are using? Everyone in the league that I play in knows the formula so there are no questions!
  11. How many rounds have you played in your league?
  12. Where in this post does it say that I was totally blaming my partner for my colapse?? But some of you can go ahead and assume that and rip me new one about how weak minded I am. It must be nice to have ice in your viens like the majority of the people who commented seem to have! The post was supposed to be kind of funny so "Lighten up Francis!" (I'm quoting the movie "Stripes" there.)
  13. Couldn't agree more! Name the time and place!!
  14. I'm not blaming him, that would be stupid. If your as funny in person as you are on this forum, I would play a round with you any day! Couldn't have said it better myself. I'm glad I have someone on my side. That hot chick analogy is some funny stuff!!!
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