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  1. Well done simon Khan, great win
  2. Golf Guru

    World Cup

    ill be rooting for spain, because ireland is not in it(cheating french):(
  3. I agree, you should be able to beat your opponent fair and square
  4. tell him he looks great in those shorts, or he has great legs. Paranoia will def set in
  5. Yeah i never really got to see Jack in action, but no matter what Tiger has done outside the game he is an outstanding golfer and im sure will definitely be the best of all time.
  6. Make sure you keep the head down all the way through, there is no major flaws to say, oh and i know (Ole_Tom_Morris) has already said, but in your practice swing try and do the proper swing. Try and get a drive with a Driver up to so we can have a look.
  7. I thought this thread was about Tiger lol
  8. Hi, I fancy a change of club, i have been using Callaways for years and recently i played a few holes with my buddies mizuno's and i actually liked them. Has anyone got any advise for clubs i could try?
  9. Hi Slimberry, I would have to agree with ChiefBoom, you should play more than practice. You may not have the time to get in 18, but at least try and get 9 in. You just need to relax on the course, like you are doing in practice. The more you play the better you can develop mentally and the more relaxed you the more fluent your technique is, which means less bad scores.
  10. I had never had lessons starting out, well later on i wish i did though, ill explain that later. I started out when i was quite young with all my mates and we would just go to the local course and with not a care in the world and basically taught ourselves. Now i know you don't really notice it much when you are a kid slicing,hooking, fresh air shot, horrible technique etc.. But we just kept going at it and never gave up until we were gradually getting better all the time. Although it wasnt untill i was in my late teens i decided to go and get my swing sorted because i had developed a nasty s
  11. Golf Guru

    World Cup

    Just a quick note on the soccer world cup coming up, anybody interested in this, if so who do you think will win?
  12. Hi, Im from Ireland and just wanted to drop a line and say hi. Im 28years old and have been playing golf all my life as well as many other sports. I am a full time athlete so i get loads of time for golf. Im glad to have joined this forum and hope i can give some advice and learn from all my fellow members.
  13. Driving was never my strongest point, i would say i average between 250 and 270 depending on conditions of course. Just as well my short game is decent. I have had to work on swing alot to get some extra yards.
  14. Well done, it's such a great feeling to get that first birdie out of the way, here's hoping there's plenty more on the way soon enough for you.
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