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  1. Hello, I have a Callaway TerraFirma X Stand bag that I've had for a few years now. I like the bag, but I have always wondered how they designed it for my clubs to actually fit. There is a sleeve that is obviously for the putter, but other than that, I'm not sure where my clubs are supposed to go per their thought/design. Under the putter sleeve, its got three sleeves running down the left and two on the right. The two on the right are slightly larger than the three. Any ideas? Thanks
  2. I have three goals for this golf season: 1) Get to a single digit handicap 2) Finish in the top 4 of my flight in the Amateur Tour 3) enjoy being on the course
  3. Played one week ago at Raccoon Creek in Littleton, CO in awful weather. I live in Colorado and the weather over the last two months have been inconsistent at best. I shot an 89. I'm not too happy with that, but I'll take it considering the circumstances: 1) first round since thanksgiving 2) first round since tearing my MCl 3) the weather was awful
  4. Pitching Wedge (48 degree) Cleveland CG14 Sand Wedge (56 degree 14 bounce) Titleist Vokey Gap Wedge (52 degree) Ben Hogan Colonial Lob Wedge (60 degree) I used to carry another sandwedge with a smaller bounce for the fairways, but that put me at 15 clubs and had to take it out of the bag for tournaments