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  1. Hey, just wanted to get your opinion on this set in my area thats selling for $150 used. I've been playing with my dad's old-school set for a year and a half now and am looking to upgrade. I'm a bogey shooter. Here is whats included: Adams Tight Lies GT Irons: 3 - Lob wedge; steel shafts Adams RedLine 9.5 degree Driver (Quad with adjustable weights, fujikara G60 ultralite shaft Adams Redline 3 wood fujikara G75 ultralite shaft Adams Tight Lies GT 19 degree 5 wood Graphite Shaft Taylor Made 21 degree rescue tool, bubble shaft Ogio Stand bag (red and black)
  2. What'd You Shoot Today?

    I shot a 92 at some course in Smyrna, GA when I was on vacation but that was the first time I played this year seeing as I'm from the NE
  3. Best Shot of the Week

    I crushed my buddies hybrid from about 250 to land on the green in 2 on a par 5
  4. What Do You Do for a Living?

    I'm a student pursuing my MS in cancer biology