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  1. Good LSW clinic on hole 4. Day and Rose lay up with 3-wood, then hit 6-irons over the green into the rough. Rose chips over the green, chips, back makes bogey. Day fluffs it, twice, triple-bogey. Rory takes driver to carry the fairway bunker, end up in the rough 130 out, just catches the front bunker. Bunker shot to 1' for par.
  2. He's made a 13ft birdie putt on #7. Don't count him out quite yet...
  3. This seems to be the twitter consensus re: Sergio And confirmed:
  4. Amen Corner commentator just acknowledged the discrepancy. and insisted -3 is (was) correct. Sergio now -2 after a bogey on #13.
  5. Look at the yardages on the Shot Tracker on: masters.com http://www.masters.com/en_US/scores/track/index.html Plenty of 325+ drives (check holes 7, 9 in particular for big tee shots)
  6. The most correct word is "flak" as in anti-aircraft artillery, actually. http://grammarist.com/spelling/flack-flak/
  7. An update here: After flirting briefly with the 5-wedge setup I'm down to three and I don't feel like I'm missing anything: 47 53 60 Part of this change may have been from reading LSW and realizing: 1. My longer clubs are my real scoring clubs. 2. I'm not doing as bad as I feel I am on my approach shots. Another part was me losing my 56, replacing it with a 53 and not really minding the 60-53 gap.
  8. Hey guys. It's been a while and the weather in Chicago has been warm so I'm thinking golf again. I didn't play a ton in 2016. Moved in April and my wife had another baby in June (three boys now). My game was off for pretty much the whole year but everything finally came together for the last round of the season in mid-September. Where I finally broke 80 (and with some amount of style). Front nine was solid, but without great excitement. Didn't hit a lot of greens, but I was almost always close and stayed out of trouble generally. Had a good look at birdie on #9 but just slid p
  9. A guy at work mentioned this week that this thread, which I had entirely forgotten about, is on the first page of results for "Top Golf Strategy" so I figured it is time for an update: Our team ended up winning the championship round this past week. The key to winning in this format pretty much came down to having depth, honestly. Our most recent opponents put up a single score of almost 280 (soundly beating our best of 210-ish) but their 2-5 scores were not as good so we still won by a comfortable margin. The winning strategy seems to be to hit to the farthest target you can hit >
  10. I have had good results buying microfiber towels and putting a metal grommet in one corner. They cost next to nothing (6pack for $13/on amazon) and come in a decent. selection of colors. I'm too cheap to pay $20-30 for the branded ones. One other general hint: never buy white golf towels. One use and they look dingy in perpetuity.
  11. Quick report: good food, fun game. After trying a few things I ended up just hitting pitches into the yellow target. As long as you get inside the outer circle the value of the next shot is doubled so i was able to get 8-16 points on most shots easily. I played three rounds and had a top score of 183. Next time we go out I might try shooting for the back wall (only brought a 6i and 8i) and see how that goes.
  12. Here is another twist on the game: Since this will be a team competition involving people of various abilities (top 5 scores count, max 1 per person) what is the best strategy for a player with little or no previous golf experience? My best guess is use a mid-length iron to try to bounce/roll the ball into the 50 or 90yd targets but maybe there is a better approach...
  13. The Largest circles appear to be 75ft across according to google maps, @disaster. Total width of ditch is 110ft. Medium circle is 45ft. Another thing I noticed reading the scoring sheet is if you land in the "shaded areas" (which is all of the back two targets and only the inner portions of the closer targets) your next shot counts double so if you can repeatedly hit any of the longer targets you get a 2x bonus on the every ball (like rolling strikes when bowling).
  14. Who has been to TopGolf before? What is the best strategy for high scoring? Here is their scoring sheet: http://topgolf.com/assets/uploads/pdf/topgolf-game-guide-02.pdf Eyeballing it I would think shooting for the 50 and 25 yard targets is not a good choice because the point values are low and the targets are small (my 25 and 50 yard shot zones are probably much larger than those targets). Likewise the 185 and back-wall are probably too long to reach reliably so it seems the choice is between the 90, 125 and 150 targets (all the same size but with different point values). At this poi
  15. @DaveP043 has my number here. Secret may be committing to my routine a little more and find a way break the "aggressiveness <-> attention" connection and commit equivalent mental energy to each shot.
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