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    I bought the DUO chargriller that was talked about in the 1st post. Ive only had it for a few weeks, but t I love it. My budy has one of their only charcoal/smoker grills for a couple years now and it looks and works fine. I dont have the smoker attachment yet, but cant wait till i get it. I just like the fact that i can use gas during the week for quick grillin and if i wanna smoke someting i can do that on the weekend, and its all in the same package. Not to mention it looks badass too. I would deffinately recomend it to anyone that wants the convenience of both. Also to keep it from rusting you just wipe vegetable on the outside while its warm from cooking, thats what has kept my buddies so nice.
  2. Computer Programmer, VB, ASP, C#++, PHP, JS. Also know SQL, MySQL and working on Oracle. I own my own consulting business and work for a VOIP company.
  3. Its always the caddies fault. I did that last week, was excited about getting a birdy shot once i got on the green and grabbed my 60 instead of my 56, came up about 50 yds short, rookie mistake. gotta stay in the moment
  4. Gotta wear my visor and my oakleys. Wouldnt wear neither if i could, but i have to wear contacts and the sun kills my eyes with them in.
  5. my response would have been the same just instead of referring to the poster board being so large i would have said if YOU wernt so large and maybe walked instead of riding it wouldnt of touched you.
  6. I know how ya feel. I had the worst round sunday since i started playing. I did have a new driver and didnt hit it until the range before i teed off. Sad thing is i hit it great at range and then first tee shot sliced into the water. just couldnt bounce back at all, to get my swing right after that. only thing i did good was 100 yds in. But i think you just have to forget that bad round and keep playin and practicin, you cant get better if your already defeated before you start. Wish i could have taken that advice sunday. Good luck gettin your swing back
  7. Im still waiting for someone to show up to the course with their kids floaties on. Thatd be awesome. but for us high handicappers he does offer good advice, but like all golf advice you have to decide what to take and what to ignore.
  8. I havent been playing for too long, but overswing is whats keeping me from getting my handicap into the teens. The club just wants to keep going back, you really have to make an effort to shorten your backswing. When I shorten it and get my hips in front of my arms its a beautiful thing, but if my arms lead the way they take me in the woods or driveways etc. My coach just says slow it down an shorten the backswing. Its amazing that is all it takes.
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