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  1. If he is as bad as you say then I bet he enjoys the 6 dollar sleeve of balls:)
  2. This may sound nutty, but I read it and it hear and it worked for me with hitting down on a ball to get some backspin. For me I had to have the ball back in my stance and needed to take address of the ball focusing my eyes on an imaginary ball 6 or so inches in front of the actual ball unconsciously making me hit down on the ball. Maybe adjusting your focus moving the image of the ball closer to your body causing you to unconsciously move your swing in. Just a thought.
  3. I understand your theory, but at what time does golf lose its mantra as a gentlemans game and become just a game? Having some rules and regs on the course should always be. It is nice to be around some people that are clean, well dressed and altleast understand that it isnt just a game, and have some desire to better themselves. Dont get me wrong, there are some well dressed guys that should not be on the course by way of their langauge or alcohol intake.
  4. By tee shirts I mean, no band shirts or work shirts ect. Not a collarless dress shirt. Same line as your skate hall thing.
  5. No jeans, no t-shirts, no holding people up while on the cell phone. I am in favor of cargo shorts though. I dont wear much for pants besides jeans so I will golf into the winter as long as I can in shorts, they are cargo shorts. If I were a private club board member I'd be more worried about the attitudes of the older "rich" members then the clubs future generations in cargo shorts.
  6. My local muni courses absolutely suck. Terrible fairways, rocky rough, hard pack sand ect ect ect. They also cost about the same. I pay 27 for 9 with a cart at my local muni, but pay 29 for 9 with cart at my local semi private/public home course thats 100x better. For that kind of money, I would rather support a local guy that enjoys and takes care of his establishment then the useless next city over big city govt establishment.
  7. The rule is a direct quote from the nfl rule page on there site. If its wrong then their site is not updated. I also have no stake in this matter, but how long is long enough to maintain possession of the ball after the feet are in and touched. Everybody keeps talking "process" yet I see no mention of process in any rule on their site. Just the above quote, if someone can post a link or the new rule I would be much abliged.
  8. I have a maxfli 14 slot bag, top row is driver, smaller driver, hybrid (if I feel I need it). Middle 3 holes are the 3,4,5 irons. Then at the 3oclock position and on clockwise is the 6,7,8,9,p,54* Putter is in putter well on side. I do okay with getting stuff in and out.
  9. Here is the clip, you can clearly see him catch the ball, land in bounds on his arse, slide back a bit, then roll to his knee and put the ball in his hand down to the ground to get up. His feet had touched the ground, his arse did also. The ball then touched the ground. All the rules say is the player must remain in control of the ball after being grounded. Which he did. Forward pass rule as per rulebook on nfl.com "A forward pass is complete when a receiver clearly possesses the pass and touches the ground with both feet in bounds while in possession of the ball. If a receiver would have
  10. When I got fitted for my driver at the golfers warehouse they sold me a closed face 2* offset driver. It did nothing for my slice then and it does nothing to help the wicked pull I have now. I have to hold the face extremely open to hit a nice straight shot now and I am going to look into a new one over the winter break. I wish I never bought it. I decided to fix the swing flaws that were causing the slice.
  11. I dont understand the cockiness part? If the official has signaled td, then he simply rolled over and got up. He set the ball down on the out of bounds line at the rear of the endzone and got up. Then proceeded to celebrate with team mates. I personally feel it was a bad call. I understand the rule because you need to have complete control of the ball for it to count even on a regular play to make the yardage gain count. He did have complete control and had landed and rolled with complete control of the ball. I am not a lions fan never was never will be, but this ruling was bogus.
  12. I started doing this every drive and have noticed along with s&t; practice a much cleaner drive. It still isnt perfect but losing a bit of length helped alot. Everybody commented on how I would technically lose distance....Its hard to lose distance when you never knew what that was to begin with:) I am a consistent 225-250 yd drive now. Sometimes I'll flub a shot, but its the percentages have definitely flip flopped from the beginning of this year.
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