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  1. This putter is really nice, had one before, then went to a scotty and now BACK!
  2. I've been Playing Golf for: 2 years My current handicap index or average score is: 4.3 My typical ball flight is: Draw Here is a video I took while playing a new course for the first time, shot a 78. It looks like my 3 and 4 iron is in the middle of my stance but its because of the angle my phone was propped up against the tee marker. Let me know of some suggestions. Lately after getting another set of VR Pro Combo irons, I have been hitting the ball very nicely . Videos:
  3. I'll chime in! I have these wedges and have been playing them for about 2 months now and have found that they perform very nicely. One thing that I like about these clubs is that they have a fantastic sole grind that is very versatile in all conditions; firm, soft, tight, fairways, sand. Some people have complained that these offer no spin compared to the older groove patterns that were very aggressive to begin with but these offer great spin. I am coming from the VR Forged wedges that played the same in terms of sole grind and turf interaction but the Vrev wedges don't chew up g
  4. What is your take on them? Only pros, scratch golfers, amateurs, or shouldn't be used at all? Since I ride all the time and I like having a lot of space for stuff like rain gear, sandals, gloves, balls, 910 wrench, tees, etc I finally got one and I only paid $99 for it! I think anyone can use these just like anyone can go out and buy all brand new TMAG or Nike gear or use 30 year old clubs but dress like Ricky Fowler. Anyways if you have one post a pic and why you bought it!
  5. Just picked up this wonderful piece of equipment.. I love this thing, ALMOST as much as my 910 D3!
  6. Hey guys I'm in some dire need of assistance. I recently changed my posture and grip, posture is taller, arms closer to my chest and body and my grip is like the hogan left hand grip and the right is more towards the right shoulder. I have heard that my right hand grip should be the way it is to help square the club face at impact. I usually miss right... I have also been having some trouble with my impact on my driver and its the only club I am catching the heel on quite a bit which is forcing more balls to the right as well. Let me know of some things I can work on at the rang
  7. I went from a number of shafts. The ones I have benefited from the most are the Diamana Blueboard in my 3 wood and hybrid and of course the RIP Alpha shaft in my 910 D3. Gained about 25 yards consistently with my driver and with my 3wood and hybrid I have gained more accuracy in my shot dispersion. The feel I get from loading these two shafts are great and I won't switch until something can out do these shafts for me.
  8. I had a chance to hit all of them and I really enjoyed hitting the 310. If I didn't play my current driver with the RIP alpha shaft cut to 44.25in. I would be hitting the Cleveland. My numbers were almost similar and the ball flight was great. I really liked the feel and sound of the 310 also and I prefer a smaller head driver to begin with and it really fit my eyes. If you really like the driver, I say go for it. I did get to demo the CG 16 Tour irons and I might switch to them next season, I may ask for some money for Christmas and my birthday. They felt amazing, similar to a forged c
  9. I have played a Z star before and really liked it, it felt like the ProV1 in all aspects but it felt a little better off the driver and that is because I use Titleist woods.. I currently use the Zstar XV and really love it. Distance is very good and a couple of times I have to take it easier on my SS because this ball goes. Durability is alright, since it has the thinnest cover in golf, it will get scuffed. Overall I think... I switched to Srixon!
  10. That seems like an odd find to me as well. Not too bad of a combo, the STR8 model didn't do too well with me but it was the shaft, it felt too board like. Hope it goes well!
  11. Just picked up the older 4.5 version of this putter and I must say, I've always been attracted to the anser style head but the slant neck works a little better with my eye at address. Anyone play one of these putters? I think they're great for the price, I picked mine up for 70 at Golfsmith..
  12. Here Here! For someone to go forward and tell the group that may not know about some course etiquette would be a good thing to do. I'll keep that in mind although I haven't had any situation like this.
  13. It's easy for people who have an understanding of the game and etiquette that the game carries but its one thing to assume that a group ahead of you understands the etiquette in golf. I think you just have to have an open mind and not come the the assumption that others know the game and all it possesses. I've been behind a small and slow group before but they did say sorry and it was their first time to play the course after getting numerous lessons, plus they were from Japan and so the language barrier was there and all but I had respect for them still because not only are they trying
  14. I recently got hired on at a local course in Austin and I can't wait. I am wanting to go into golf management after school so me gaining experience and a good course is going to be great. I'll get to practice all I want and play when I'm not working which my HC is going to go down the more and more I practice and put that into play on the course. Just curious on how many of you work at a course or resort and what are your benefits? Do you guys enjoy it?
  15. I got fit for these balls after playing a ProV1 at a Bridgestone fitting event and I must say I am one who did NOT enjoy the switch. I played the B330-S for one round, 1st - ProV1- 82, 2nd - B330-S - 88(NO fun). Anyways, here is a quick overview. 1. Playability - I will probably award it 3 out of 5. I was able to work the ball but for some reason could NOT get the ball to check even when I had shavings of the ball in my wedges. Distance was pretty similar to the ProV1.. 2. Feel - 3/5 here, Not hard but not soft, there was a weird feeling compared to even cheaper balls that didn't
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