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  1. Hydrochloric Acid can probably remove the Chrome of your club, but I would not recommend that! The Chrome Finish has an oxide layer because it had contact to the normal air. This means the dilluted Hydrochloric Acid ( 0.1N - 1N ) is to weak without any additional Treatment of the Chrome. Perhaps you can strip the chrome with higher concentrated Hydrochloric Acid, but this acid is one of the strongest acids out there, so I would be very careful with that! Use Protection Gloves / Glasses / Overall and strip the chrome outside in fresh Air if you really want to work with 10N HCL. I am not sure if you can buy it without problems. In Germany where I come from it is classified as "Dangerous Good" and only available in a Pharmacy with a lot of bureaucracy involved. What you could try is: Scratch the Chromsurface with Sandpaper (take a fine one, you dont want to scratch the steel) then when the fine Chrome (IV) oxide Layer is gone put it into dilluted Acid (Sulfuric, Hydrochloric but not nitric acid) this should "solve" the Chrome problem, but you have to get rid of the oxide layer first. Try Vinegar or Acetic Acid on the scratched surface it could be strong enough for that purpose. Second: Although the Acids are dilluted, they are still very aggressive! You should use the Protectiongloves etc. as well.
  2. Driver paint chip

    I know my answer comes a little bit late, but I have repaired these "sky" or "idiot marks" myself with a lot of success. The First thing you need to do is buy spray paint in a can, in the colour you like. It is important, that you buy synthetic resin paint, otherwise it is possible that the old finish is starting to dissolve under the new paint which looks really ugly. Now get some fine sandpaper (I used 240) and scratch the old paint on your driver but not until you see the bare metal, all is needed is a scratched surface. The next thing is taping all the parts you dont want new paint on clean the wood very carefully so that no dust or fingerprint remains on the surface and spray the paint according to the instructions on the can. Spraying isn't that easy and you should try it out first on some worthless piece of metal, you should also spray outside when it is warm and not in the direct sunlight you cant see bad sprayed parts when everything reflects and the paint smells a little bit. It is also important to spray several layers of paint and to let the last finish dry for at least 3-4 Days. Synthetic resin paint is very shiny in comparison to acyrlic or nitro paint but drys very slow. If it isn't dry even the headcover can scratch it! If you want it really professional, strip the whole wood of the old paint, buy yourself an airgun and a compressor, and then go for it with a primer and a scratchresistant two komponent paint. But that was to expensive for my taste It also looks better if you scratch the whole wood and spray it completely in the colour you want otherwise you will have a tiny line on the wood where the old paint ends and the new one starts Hope that helps! (Oh and by the way I am doing my idiot marks myself so I cant sell the club )
  3. Chapter One: The Grip, Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf, Ben Hogan... All that you wrote is right if you are more of a Pitcher than a Puncher... (Do these Terms exist in English?) What I mean with it, if you have a very step swing angle, your Grip should be the way you described it, but what about tiny, strong people with more of a sweeping swing? They dont want to push down I suppose
  4. It's the golfer not the golf club

    A Friend of mine is an ugly Putter, he has a terrible stroke. But he is rich and works at the local Golf Store (means he gets new equipment very cheap) and so he turns up with a new putter every week. His putts remain ugly though, doesnt matter if it is the "Odyssey Two Ball" or the Newport, but he does not learn anything from that. I suppose he has more then 15 Putters at home which "all didnt work for him"
  5. 7 Wood

    Can a 7 wood really replace a 3 or 4 Iron? When I hit my 3 Iron well it is going nearly as far / farther then a 5 wood... I would go for hybrids if I were you, they are not as beautiful but much easier to hit from semi rough or even rough than a fairway wood. The Ben Hogan Hybrids are very nice, from an asthetic point of view and the result.
  6. One Thing I always do in a terrible lie is: "punching" the shot out. That means: weight to 60 or 70 Percent on the left foot (if you are right handed) Ball more in the middle of the stance and then just a powerful Halfswing with a short follow through. This results in a low ball flight often shorter then a full swing. In terrible roughs all that counts for me is getting the damn little ball out! never try to get a 150 yard shot out of 1 feet high grass
  7. Hi everybody! I filmed myself today on the range just to find out, that my hands are a little bit slow for my "weight shift / hip turn" move in the downswing. I have two options now, slowing my hips down (that is sth i am not able to do... I tried it, but it feels to good the way it is right now and i have memorized that move to much) or increasing my forearm swing speed (that is sth i can do ) Do you have any good advice for me on how to do that? Is dumbbell training ok (this will only train my bizeps i suppose) or is there anything better for a golfer? Thanks in advance
  8. Spinning out.

    I have this Spinning Disease too I am slowing my swing speed down at the moment like mad, just focusing on my hips and impact position. This shortens my ball flight but the irons are a lot more accurate now and the hips are not swinging around so fast anymore. A good drill is the "Feet together Drill". Stand with your feets together and make a full swing. If your hips turn you will immediately feel it.
  9. It is also possible that you release your wrists to early and therefore increase the loft of the club. If it isn't your release it could be the way you tee up the ball. Tee up low: low ball flight, more spin. Tee up high: higher ball flight, less spin I wouldn't move the ball away from your left feet, this works for an iron punch shot but it gets difficult with the driver and can result in a slice. I am not sure if it is a shaft problem. The diffrent clubs you used probably had all different shafts on them, (although they were all regular) so you should have seen some difference in the ball flight.
  10. I love my 3 Iron! I could not play golf without it. I use it as often as possible on the course. But as Parker0065 allready posted, it is very hard not to put to much force in the swing or grip, when i do that the 3 Iron is only flying as far as my 5 Iron and that is sth I really hate
  11. Hi there! I have a special question for all those clubmakers out there. I have played my wedges and some of the shorter irons very often on the range. The range i go to is very sandy and after a few thousand balls the chrome finish is gone now. Is there a way of rechroming the clubs? I suppose it could be possible with some sort of electrolysis but i am not sure if a normal clubmaker is offering such services. Am i doomed to play with those dark "non-chromed" clubs? I dont want to buy new irons, i love my MP60 to much. Second question I have: my wedges are "Spinmilled". They have not only lost their chrome but also a lot of their tiny "spinmilled" grooves. I know they are only legal without those grooves but can i get those back? Thx in advance
  12. Your Dream Foursome

    My dream foursome... Very easy: Gisele Bündchen. Kate Moss. Heidi Klum. some nice and hot golf course at the beach, and then I give them some private lessons in: how to swing the big stick smoothly after the small ball... Oh god sorry for that. Why would I want to play with a pro?! Just to see how bad I really am?
  13. Odyssey Black Series

    The feeling of the Black Series is awesome, but i tested them with some older lake balls (the ones i use on the round ) and i dont like that feeling so much. I think you should play a high quality ball with the BS and thats sth i dont do. XG #9 is heavier in the head. It is a toe weighted blade / mallet mix, and good for my hand position (slight forward press)