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  1. Wondering if anyone can help me with a few questions. On my backswing when the shaft becomes parallel to the ground, should i consciously rotate the clubhead to perpendicular to the ground? When i do this i make noticeably better contact with my irons but have no idea why. Doesnt seem to affect my driver. Ive had a teaching pro tell me not to do this and keep the clubhead semi closed at this position. At impact and right through impact, should i be turning the wrists/forearms over, or just let my body's rotation take care of everything?
  2. Six Weeks to Breaking 80?

    Quote: where the hell can I go to practice 80-160 yard shots and measure how far i'm hitting it with any accuracy? Any better ideas? This was one thing that stood out to me as well as I browsed the worksheet. When I'm at a driving range its hard to get a good read on how far a shot went. Especially my range that has no green grass and irons just roll and roll. So I focus on ballstriking and alignment instead. For distance I go to a golf course on a late afternoon..say 5 or 6 pm. I can usually get out as a single so I have a good 2 hours of daylight to putz around with no other golfers to contend with. I pick yardages and drop a couple balls down. Yesterday i worked the 100 yard markers with my gap wedge. Thats how i find my distance numbers. I definitely believe any player can score a round in the 70s if they put the effort into their game. Im going to use the worksheet and see how it goes. i love the structure of it. Ben Hogan said it best that anyone is capable of building a repeatable sound golf swing and breaking 80 with it.
  3. I dont wear any hats or shirts with golf logos, but all of my woods have headcovers with Nike Swooshes you could see from the space station, so I guess im guilty of it.
  4. My Swing (Damian)

    Thanks for checking my swing out. 9 out of 10 times my misses will be right. And most of my shots too. I think it has something to do with what you said about extending my right arm out toward the target. The downswing as a whole I've never really been good with. Do you know of any drills to work on my right arm through impact? The driver I will straight pull sometimes, but not on a consistent basis. Sometimes straight and sometimes right. Never really any pattern there.
  5. Baltusrol

    Nice shooting with the 87! Back in high school we played Baltusrol once a season against Springfield High..it was their home course. Talk about winning the home course lottery. I'll never forget my senior year match against them. We played the Lower Course which starts with a manageable Par 5. Our foursome tee'd off first. With my entire team, Springfield's team, and various club members and reps watching, I proceeded to shank my drive dead left....50 yards, into Baltursrol rough on a rainy day. I was mortified, and caught my coach giving me this deer in headlight look like what was THAT?! Needless to say, I couldnt get off that teebox fast enough!! Funny thing was I ended up parring the hole. Anyway, thats my Baltusrol moment My memory has faded since then, but I remember the course beating up on all of us pretty good each time we had the privilege. I would jump at the chance to play there again... just an incredible course and facilities.
  6. What'd You Shoot Today?

    Shot my season best 78 yesterday. Played my local course, Par 71 - 6500 yards. It was my first round with my new Ping i15's..they felt great. I had 31 putts in all which is a miracle for me. Played the 4 par fives in 2 under par and stayed out of trouble off the tee. All in all I'm stoked about it and cant wait to get back onto the putting green to try to get the putts average down even more. Fairways - 53.8% GIR - 38.9%
  7. What has Golf Cost you this past year?

    So far in 2010: $800 - membership (like the posts above its been my best investment) $700 - new Ping i15 irons (picking them up today! Been playing with oversized graphite shaft Calloway irons since HS) $90 - Ping Anser putter $60 - lesson ~ $200 - range expenses ~$400 - golf outing and other course fees.
  8. best golf courses played

    My favorite three are in my home state of NJ. Grande Dunes in Myrtle Beach makes my list too 1. Plainfield Country Club 2. Baltusrol (was lucky to have it in our high school rotation) 3. Galloway National 4. Grande Dunes (Myrtle Beach)
  9. Your 2010 Golf Goals Official Thread

    1. Learn how to putt. Develop a technique and stroke on the greens for some consistency, rather than my putt and pray strategy. 2. Work on better ball striking with my irons. I tend to hit long irons thin and shorter irons fat. 3. Gain some distance off the tee. if i really get a hold of one, im usually out about 260, 265...would like to see myself at 275, 280. 4. Be able to score in the high 70's on a regular basis. 5. Golf as much as i physically can this summer!!!!
  10. What Do You Do for a Living?

    I'm an IT Support Tech who recently took the game back up again after a few years off. I forgot how much i missed golf and pretty much everything about it. Im looking forward to a great 2010 season and hoping to get consistent enough to play some amateur tournaments by next summer.