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  1. Every single post you've made here has been Tiger Woods bashing. Plus you didn't pay up on your wagers. You have no integrity. Shame on you. :) Here! Here!
  2. The physical act of smoking is not addictive what so ever. It's simply nicotine addiction. Have a cigarette then straight away have another. 9/10 for most people the second one tastes disgusting. Simply because the body already has it's nicotine fix. You just have to unstifle all the pyschological bullshit that you think smoking gives you. Like it eleviates stress or boredom or gives you more confidence, etc. "Allen Cars Easy Way" is what did it for me. Give it a read or listen. I've tried the gum and it didn't work. Gums and patches are a load of bollocks imo. It's
  3. Thanks mate. I signed up to NHLvault for 5 bucks a month. It gives me 10min highlights of current games and full games of classics from the past. If I become a super fan I will buy the season package for 120. As for not being a penguins or caps fan. Too late :P
  4. I'm not looking for an argument on why one is better than the other. But if anyone can point out the differences between the two swings or give any insight into the Morad swing that would be awesome. From what I've seen both swing methods are very similar. Here's a look at a golfer with the Morad method.
  5. Ok after watching HBO 24/7's awesome series of the Penguins and Capitals road to the Winter classic. I'm now a hockey fan. Unfortunately there is zero coverage of the sport in Australia. Anyone know where I can get NHL streamed online? Kind of like what they do with the NBA?
  6. Wasn't a big fan of Jeff Overton until his reaction at the Ryder Cup.... So American. It's so hilarious it's awesome. :D
  7. Alright Billy Graham that's enough preaching from you.
  8. I know Charli Wi's swing is probably the best SnT model at the moment. But god damn Grant Waite's swing is awesome.
  9. I shouldn't of used "cupped" but what I mean is from the top of the backswing my wrist hinge is hopefully at 90 degrees. From there I simply move my hands down (push the hips forward too), I make no conscious effort of unhinging my wrists as the weight of the club does that for me.
  10. Yeah some of the ideas in his book are extreme but his diet regime is not. He recommends a diet he calls "The slow carb diet." In a nutshell he gives you 5 rules. 1. Don't eat white carbs or anything that could be a white carb. (No rice, no bread and yes that includes Brown rice and wholemeal bread.) 2. Don't drink calories 3. Don't eat fruit 4. Eat the same meals over and over again. 5. Have a cheat day. I would also add don't eat any sugar. The thing with grains, starches (such as fruit) and sweets is that it gives your glucose levels a nice jolt and decreas
  11. Whatever "feel" works for you best, stick to it. For me, what works is holding that cupped left wrist from the top of the backswing all the way to impact. Driving the butt of the club to the ball. There's no need to release as the weight of the club does it itself. If you're a lefty you should focus on the right wrist hinge. Not the left.
  12. There's a great book that Tim Ferriss just released "The 4 Hour body." Read that book and follow the guidelines and you'll lose the weight. None of that calorie counting shit.
  13. Sorry, my bad. I was looking at the driver swing. It's hard to see the flip though.
  14. Now that's an aggressive swing. I like your position at impact, you don't flip at all. Nice!
  15. Richie3jack posted an interesting article about GI's vs Blades. http://3jack.blogspot.com/2010/02/blades-vs-game-improvement-irons.html Personally I'm all for game improvement irons, especially for the weekend golfer who just wants to have some fun. I got a set myself but I want to get good at this game and as I improve I intend on getting better clubs tailored to my handicap. GIs can make the game easier but I think it shouldn't be at the expense of masking bad habits in your swing.
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