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  1. I love walking, I play better when i walk because i get loosened up faster, clear my head after bad shots, and i am able to view the course and plan my shots better. I walk 36 holes a day at my club on the weekend, I found the easiest way to not get fatigued is to be constantly snaking on power bars, granola bars, and/or fruit. I also play in walking gangs and the group is mostly older people, there are even a few women that are in their late 60's with a power push cart that walk a hilly course in 3:30 with no problems.
  2. I try to hit straight most the time, and i plan my shots so i dont have to put myself in that position. Why is everyone so worried about "working" the ball, there are so many more important parts of your game you should be working on if you are a bogey golfer.
  3. Ha Ha Ha, I went through a year and a half of physical therapy, It still gets a little sore when i play more than 6-7 rounds a week. I tried multiple hybrids all fall and through out the winter, I just cant hit them like i can my long irons. I think is is a mental block i have. Well now i carry driver and then 4iron, i cant hit all the par 5s in two but i will be close and in the fairway.
  4. Well last year i hurt my thumb and i gave it 3 months to heal, so i went out today for the first time this year and it started bothering me. I think i damaged some muscles where my thumb joins my hand. I am looking for a golf glove that will support my thumb, any suggestions?
  5. Me too, I tend to be more "in tune" with the course when i walk. I score better when i walk i think because it keeps me loose throught the round.
  6. I just hate it when a course requires you to use a cart for no reason, many of my favorite courses are very walkable but carts are required. A few weeks back i was playing and my buddy and i were in a cart, so by the 3rd hole i decided to unstrap and walk. By the 6th hole the ranger pulled up and told me to get back in the cart, I tried to explain to him that walking was faster than riding but he didnt belive me so i got back in. I do realize that some courses are very hard to walk because of the distances between holes so i can see the reason for carts and i have no problem with this. What i would like to see is a course that is walking only and carts are only availible for handicaped people and obesity is not a handicap. Or maybe some courses should have a walking only day and i bet that the average time for a completed round would decrease. I golf with my dad alot and he is 63 years old and he loves walking, ( he walks about 4 rounds a week) and he also plays with a group of 8 seniors and they all walk. He calls me a bum when ever he finds out that i took a cart. end of rant...
  7. I have one and i LOVE it, it locks on quick and it is very easy to use. the ergonomics are good and the rubberized cover is very nice. I am able to get the yardage to the pin within a second or two. I just wish that i did not wait so long to get one, I have nothing bad at all to say about it.
  8. last week it was a 490 yard par 5 with the wind at our back, i hit a great drive and it hit a yardage marker in the middle of the fairway. I was 137 yards out with a PW, my ball hit 2 feet behind the hole and went in, that was my first double eagle.
  9. I had the same exact problem when i started hitting it, but then it all came together and it has been amazing.
  10. I have on and i love it. It is the longest and most accurate driver i have hit IMHO, i will be holding on to it for a while.
  11. the Fli-hi looks very nice, that is exactly what i am looking for, thank you so much.
  12. Well i have never really liked hybrids or fairway woods, most of the time on tight par 4's i like teeing off with my 3 iron. It is very acurate for me, i am at 95% fairways hit with it this year. And i can hit it very good from the fairway on long par 5's. Well i want a 2 iron now but unfortunatly my set doesnt offer one, so are there any you would reccomend? I am thinking mizuno
  13. Thanks, do you think i should should bring my hips or sholders around a little faster?
  14. Recently i have been pushing my irons recently about 10 yards on my mid iron shots here is my 7 iron, 185 yards with a 10-15 yard push. Am i moving my body too much on my swing or am i not clearing my hips too much or too little. Any help would be appreciated. There are two views in this video, If you stop it at the bottom of my down swing of my last shot ( between 1:06 and 1:07) is my shaft flexing too much? I am using a flighted X 6.5
  15. I have an app like that for my andriod phone, but you cant use phones in tournaments. I like to practice the same way i would play competitively I copy the hole from google earth, then i paste it to MS paint. I then cut the hole out and add my yardages and print.
  16. Download google earth (it is free) and zoom into your course, i can get very close to each hole with very good detail. Google Earth has a ruler on it that you can change to yards, then just draw a line from the tee box to any area on the hole and it will give you the exact distance in yards. It is very usefull on courses with alot of doglegs, rivers that go through the fairway, and fairway bunkers.
  17. Make yardage books for courses they are going to play? I use a laser on the course when i play but sometimes alot of courses have valleys and blind spots that you cant laze. So when i am work i create yardage books useing the scorecard and google earth. then i print them out, bind them and laminate them. I had a gps at one time but i like the laser better and i dont feel like carrying both around because i always walk. And then i use a grease pencil to make notes on the card for future reference, I do this alot because i am always playing different courses and I think it helps me out on tournaments.
  18. I went to Golf Galaxy last week looking for a driver so i was trying out a few and an employee told me to try a different driver and it was amazing, i looked down at the price and it was 100 dollars cheaper than the drivers i was looking at. I was suprised and happy that the employee talked me into a cheaper driver. Then he told me they dont work on comision and he was just trying to get a good fit for me.
  19. overrun balls are just extra logo balls a company has produced, they are exactly the same as regular balls. X-outs are balls that the manufacture has produced that are not up to the manufactures standards mostly cosmetic, IMHO they are perfectly fine to play with. Refurbished balls are used balls that are cleaned and resold, you are able to buy them in different grades. Usally they are sold at great discounts and are fine to play check out lostgolfballs.com . WARNING DO NOT buy refinished balls. I do not know about practice balls, i have found a few taylormade practice balls and hit them but they did not feel quite right almost like range balls.
  20. I have been gaming some callaway and titleist drivers this year and they were good clubs really no complaints. But i went to golfgalaxy early this week and tried out a used Superfast TP and i was hitting it with very little dispersion, i was averaging 117 clubhead speed with a ball speed of around 167. Well today i took it out on the course and it was amazing 10 of 14 fairways hit and they were averaging 290 and GPS close to 10 yards farther than my other drivers. This is the first TM driver that i will using EVER, i am not jumping on the bandwagon but i am impressed with this one.
  21. Well the temp here is dropping and a few weeks ago i played in 40 degree weather.it has been nice lately but the temp is dropping fast. I normally play the prov1x, tp red, and just started with the penta. I noticed that i had to club up between 1 and 1.5 clubs for all of my mid iron shots. My buddy gave me a womens ball to play with and i only lost about a half a club length over my original distances, So now i am considering going out and buying a couple dozen womens balls. Has anyone else done this?
  22. I created this thread just to say that i thought i stayed cooler with long pants in the sun than i did with shorts. I was not trying to say that pants were more appropriate than shorts. 90% of the people i play with wear shorts and i have no problem with it.
  23. I am the same way, the only practice swings i take are small pitch/chip shots around the green to visualize the the speed and feel out the rough.
  24. I threw my driver out of the bag today and played the entire round with my fairway wood. I hit every fairway today, it is much easier to hit 1 to 1 1/2 clubs up in the fairway than behind trees in deep rough. I am going to try this again tomorrow
  25. Just shot 71 on a par 72. I was playing a very boring round today all pars through 17 and then on the 18th hole i made a 20 footer for birdie. My 2nd sub par this year.
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