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  1. Looks a bit like my distances. Looks like a different shaft would solve that problem(equipment wise). How are your launch angles looking with the longer clubs ? Do you have enough swing spd for using stiff shafts ? Whats you carry with the driver ? Mine are too low(ball flight, longer clubs) and thus not enough distance. I am going for a new set with NS Pro 95 R shafts which increase my swing spd and some more lessons off course. Succes
  2. I tried that came with NS PRO 95, but i would like to see a ball fly. Used a sim last time indoors, went to the range, did not look the same at all..
  3. Dear fellow golfers. First real post and already question I am from Amsterdam and looking for a new set of golfclubs. For work i need to go to SFO and i am planning buy a new set of Mizuno MX-200 or MX-200. Hcap is 26.9 but steadily going to a lower figure. They need to be about 0-1 inch longer and 1-2 lie up. Does anybody now a good store where i can get a proper fitting and a decent price(in Holland its expensive). I stay only for 2 days, so that might be a problem. I saw a Golfsmith, but i would prefer a session with a trackman or computer/ range. Looking forward to my trip to
  4. I guess it depends on your skill level. I prefer draw and try to make it. Sometimes a slice appears, but since i 'start/ aim' with a draw i minimize that.
  5. For me Tiger, i hope he gets his stuff together.
  6. A 20ft put in Malaysia 35 degrees cels. Never played in that heat, but a beautifull course.
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