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  1. A mixed bag really, some holes have nice and wide, others can be tricky buggers. 6th Hole, some nicely placed bunkers make it a bit harder to drive the green ;) 11th Hole, Fairway breaks round to the right which is not very wide, again well placed bunkers means you have to be carefull 15th Hole, Slope (Upwards on the left, deep drop on the right, very narrow fairway roughly where the marker is on the picture, probably only 10-15 yards wide.
  2. Closest thing i could find im afraid. The hole in question though is the 4th hole (top left), the water comes into play on 2 occasions.
  3. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/golf/4398586.stm
  4. A bit different to everybody elses choices. But judging by what clubs in my bag i hit my best shots with, i would go with the La Jolla knife series. I have the 3 & 5 woods, and these i hit shots i could never dream about with my old woods. To be fair though, ive not tried titliest irons and woods, well besides to 260.04 Wedge i have. The feel of this wedge though is great, and i look forward to saving the money to be able to have a go with a set :)
  5. Only started playing in Febuary. My target for the year was to break 100 This so far i have managed 3 times, so im more than happy. Going to set myself some good targets for next year, and i will probably join my local course which IMO and a few others is very difficult. If i can play well here (102 my best) theni think it will but me in good shape to play lots of other courses well. http://www.beaconparkgolf.com/ for anybody would would like a look :)
  6. Play every shot where it lies. Even if nobody spotted me, i would just feel like i was cheating myself.
  7. It may annoy people, but im sorry to say this is what ive just started doing and it has helped me a lot. Im rigid in my pre shot routine now, i take 3 practice swings, pick a marker 1 ft ahead of my ball, line up and hit the ball. Since i started this, ive managed to make a indent on my handicap and have got to 27...Woo Hoo ;)
  8. Saint_Viper


    When i 1st started playing earlier in the year, we used to allow ourselves mulligans if we fluffed the tee shot 10 foot or similar. Now though i play what i hit. I feel its improved my game a lot.
  9. I have a strange putting style. My left hand takes the same position as when i use any other club, but my right hand is a strange lol. The thumb and the next finger go around the club and the rest of them run down the front of the club. My right hand is just used to keep the club steady, while my left is what i produce the movement with. Probably explained it badly. I started using this after seeing 1 episode of playing with the pro`s on the UK Golf channel. Cant remember who the pro was, but i give it a go and have stuck with it ever since.
  10. Ahhhh. So the name of the shot when opening the face is a flop shot, ive heard that mentioned a few times on various tv programmes. What i dont understand though is how by opening the face gives the blub more loft.
  11. What does this achieve? Whenever i try to open the face when chipping onto the green etc, i more often then not mishit the ball and see it scoot of the green. Sorry for a silly question, but hey we where all new to the game one day ;)
  12. Looks hot in the picture though ;)
  13. What i do to line up my putt is actually use a bit of the text on the ball as a line and aim that where i want to hit the ball. Then all you have to worry about (As long as you line it up correctly) is how much power to use in your putt. Worked for me, and knocked approx 10 shots off my round 1st time i tried it.
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