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  1. Yep, and it happened a little over a month ago. I've always struggled with my balance and hitting the ball thin. Then, I saw a member video on here about shoulder tilt at address and realized by shoulders weren't tilted at all. Viola!! I've had consitent ball striking with my long irons ever since. Also, my finish is much more balanced. Its amazing how one little thing can change everything.
  2. I'm intrigued to see how the pros will do on Dye's Ocean Course at the PGA. I've heard that course is pretty comparable with PGA West.
  3. So what's the most difficult course you've ever played? I recently played the Prince Course on the island of Kauai during a vacation and it was near impossible. The wind was blowing a steady 15-20 mphs and gust were 40+. Most of the par threes on the course were unprotected so club selection was VERY difficult. At the end of our round, the club pro told me the all-time low score from the tips was only 68!?!?! I've never played Sawgrass but have heard its also a nightmare for the average amateur.
  4. Although I can hit it longer sometimes, my averages are as follows: D: 265 (10dg) 3w: 240 (15 dg) 2h: 215 ish (18 dg) 3i: 205 4i: 195 5i: 185 6i: 175 7i: 160 8i: 150 9i: 135 PW: 120 Of course, these distances can vary wildly depending on conditions. I had the luck of playing the Prince Course on Kauai last week during a vacation and you could throw those distances out the window. On the first hole, which was downhill and downwind, I smoked a 3 wood 280. On the finishing hole (about 410 yds), which was uphill and against the wind, I hit a
  5. I'm a 32 year old 12 handicap golfer and haven't ever taken a lesson. Recently, I decided that maybe lessons would make me a better golfer and bought a package from a reputable local pro. After buying this package, I'm completely frustrated. I have a VERY steep swing but its always worked for me and I'd say one of my stronger traits is iron play. During my lessons, the pro identified this as my number one fault and tried to get me to "flatten" my swing out. The results have been disastrous. I can't hit any club worth anything and can't really even go on a course right now. I'm complete
  6. Nuck81. That's exactly what I'm thinking. This guy was trying to tell me that my game would radically improve if I made these changes. The thing is, I've always been a decent ball striker and can't imagine I get that much better with the changes he suggested. I think I'll spend my time on the practice green...
  7. I'm a self-taught golfer that can shoot in the 80s when I'm playing well. Tee to green I'm pretty consistent but my chipping and putting need a lot of work. Recently, I went to the driving range and was hitting some balls when a pro approached me and asked if I wanted to look at my swing on video. I took a few swings with the pro watching and then we looked at my video. He found two major flaws in my swing. 1st, he noticed my head moved downwards during the backswing and was not steady. Second, he noticed that my downswing was overly steep and I was not dropping my hands into the slot.
  8. This easy. Birdied, and nearly holed out, on the Par 3 7th at Princeville's Prince Course in Kauai. Hole was playing 205 into the wind and I absolutely NAILED a three iron.
  9. Getting the ball on the fairway. I've not had a bad round yet where I was hitting fairways.
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